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The Strategist Bundle

Digital Decks + The Vault Includes Miro Templates + Video Tutorials

Strategy Tactics & Innovations Tactics. Lead your organisation with effective strategy and innovation methods. This is the ultimate combo for any CEO, consultant or leader wanting to up their game (and stop winging it).

Strategy Tactics

Ditch vague nonsense. Make clear decisions.

Decades of experience distilled into a practical toolkit of frameworks, prompts and exercises that help you understand what is going on, and what to do about it.

✅ Lead with confidence
✅ Make clear business decisions
✅ Influence your org from the inside-out

Innovation Tactics

Ditch the guesswork. Make things people want.

Decades of experience distilled into a practical toolkit of prompts, methods and exercises that guide you through the messy process of bringing new ideas to market.

✅  Find product-market fit, fast
✅  Invest in new products with confidence
✅  Remove guesswork from your product strategy

How it works

Pip Decks are practical toolkits containing decades of distilled knowledge. They help you get important work done with your team, and put an end to pointless meetings.

Become a confident and inspiring leader

A curated set of tried and tested tactics means you can confidently run a workshop or deliver a presentation. With Pip Decks, you are set up for success – because they’re built upon timeless techniques.

Best of all, they’re shareable instead of hidden away on a website. You can’t beat the power of giving someone a beautifully designed, 400gsm matte finish card packed with valuable, practical wisdom.

The right tactic at the right time.

How do you know what tactic to run, and when?

You’ll always choose the right approach with each decks’ Strategy System. A simple set of questions helps you find the most useful category of tactics.

It’s the perfect tool to help get unstuck if you feel lost in the middle of a project or presentation.

Clear step-by-step instructions. No jargon.

There are a lot of long-winded and confusing workshop guides out there. You just need the concise steps to run the workshop. Not a wall of text.

Each workshop exercise fits on the back of a card, so you get straight to the point..

The jargon-free instructions are easy to follow, for novices and experts alike.

Never get stuck when following up.

You’ve just finished a great workshop and someone asks “so what‘s next?”

The answer is on the bottom of each card.

Like a choose-your-own-adventure, it points to the suggested tactics to run before and after – so you never get stuck.

A tactic for every stage.

The secret sauce to our Pip Decks is the logical system in which the cards are organised. You’ll never feel lost as the Strategy System guides you through a process – a process that gives you career confidence.

Timeless content

The tactics in the deck worked fifty years ago, and they’ll work fifty years from now. They stood the test of time because they are simple, yet effective.

Repeatable process

The Strategy System helps you find the right cards quickly – depending on which stage you’re at.

The power of physical

Pip Decks are designed so that its physical qualities reflect the power of its contents.

It’s weighty. It’s big. It’s smooth to touch. No detail has been overlooked.

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