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Earn a Starting Salary of $80,000 or More – or Over $100,000 Per Year As a Freelancer

As you can see from the screenshots above, email marketing is an incredibly lucrative field.

Obviously salaries vary by company, industry, and seniority…

But it’s not at all unreasonable to expect to earn AT LEAST $80,000 a year as a full-time, professional email marketer.

The earning potential for freelancers could be even higher, since there’s practically no limit to your ability to attract new clients willing to pay you $100+ per hour to write email campaigns for them.

(That’s the equivalent of a $208,000 full-time salary.)

Now, this may come as a surprise to you.

You may be under the impression that email is past its prime. That it really isn’t that important anymore.

After all, wasn’t Hotmail released like 25 years ago?

It’s true that email isn’t a shiny new object…

But don’t let that fool you!

Email marketing is still critically important for businesses today. In fact, email marketing may be more important now than ever before.

Let me explain.

The Boom in Email is Causing Companies to Hire Writers like Mad

With so many different kinds of digital writing and marketing out there, why am I so focused on email in particular?

First of all: email marketing is extraordinarily profitable.

Email is the single most profitable marketing channel online, with an average ROI of $40. That means for every $1 a company spends on email, they generate $40 in revenue (!!).

Think of it like an ATM where you put in a $1 bill and two $20 bills come out.

And here’s the best part…

Unlike other marketing mediums—like SEO—email’s profits come within days or even minutes… not months.

You can demonstrate your worth to clients nearly instantly. You send an email, and boom, sales start flowing in.

So, given the massive potential for email marketing to generate almost instant profits, you can imagine that smart businesses are willing to spend good money for high-quality emails.

Because they know it’s almost guaranteed to earn a hefty profit.

The other highly desirable thing about email marketing is that there’s an ENORMOUS amount of demand.

We’re talking billions of emails sent per day, every single day.

This means there’s a LOT of work out there for writers who are able to craft good emails.

And let’s not forget how much the COVID-19 pandemic shook things up in 2020.

As a result of all the shutdowns, quarantines, and social distancing, there’s been a dramatic shift toward ecommerce and online selling in general.

Millions of struggling businesses need help finding ways to successfully sell their products online…

Which means email is poised to become even more critically important than it already is.

But there’s a catch…

The Competition for Attention Is Fierce

As you just saw, over 300 billion emails get sent every day.

That’s a lot of competition in the average person’s inbox.

So it should come as no surprise that poorly written emails get deleted without a second thought.

Now, this may seem like a daunting fact…

In a weird way, though, it actually works out to your benefit.

Think about it like this: if email marketing were easy, business owners would just do it themselves.

But the vast majority of these people lack the skills and training to write effective emails that generate opens, clicks, and sales.

That creates even more demand for highly trained email marketers.

And when you put all these things together—the huge demand, the high competition, and the potential for huge profits—you’ve got the makings of an extraordinary opportunity.

Now at this point you may be thinking…

“Great. I’m sold. I’d love to be an email marketer. How do I do it?”

Well, there’s a problem.

Digital Marketing Is So New (And Changing So Fast), There’s No University Degree

Being an email marketer isn’t like being a doctor or a lawyer.

You can’t just go to school, major in it, and expect to have companies scrambling to hire you after graduation.

Why not?

Because in a nutshell, email marketing is way too new, and it’s changing too fast, for academia to keep up.

Digital marketing in general is one of the world’s most rapidly evolving disciplines. And that makes it a bad match for academic learning, which tends to be s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w to adopt current best practices and put them into a curriculum.

Heck, by the time the new email marketing curriculum was reviewed and approved, it would probably be out-of-date already!

That’s why real-life email marketers—the kind of experts earning $100,000 or more as an employee or freelancer—have to get their education in a different setting.

They have to learn the ins and outs of how email marketing works from someone who’s actually DOING it out in the real world.

Someone like me.

9.3 Million Reasons You Should Listen to Me

I don’t normally talk about how much money different marketing tactics have made me. But in this case, I don’t have a choice.

I say that because I know the only way for you to trust me is if you understand that I know what I’m talking about.

Hi. My name is Jon Morrow.

Years ago, I helped grow companies like KISSmetrics and Copyblogger into some of the biggest and most well-respected marketing brands in the world.

Eventually, I started my own business, Smart Blogger, where we specialize in training people how to be world-class writers and marketers.

Email marketing is a big part of what we do at Smart Blogger.

We’ve sent upwards of 10 million emails over the past three years.

As a rough estimate, I would say those emails have generated at least $9.3 million in revenue.

I’ve run every type of email marketing campaign under the sun: flash sales, webinar emails, mini-courses, welcome campaigns, you name it.

And like I said, I didn’t learn email marketing from a school. I had to learn the hard way:

By sending actual emails to actual customers, learning what works and what doesn’t, and iterating over time to get the best results imaginable.

So when I talk about what works in email marketing, I’m not just spouting theory. I’m speaking from personal experience and real-world results in the form of cold, hard cash.

I’ve been thinking about email a lot over the past year.

And I’ve realized there’s a big hole in the marketplace when it comes to training.

See, email is as close to a sure thing as there is in marketing. Good email marketing is almost guaranteed to provide a solid ROI (as you just learned).

And yet there are NO email marketing courses, certifications, or training programs that offer you the same certainty!

This really bothered me, so I decided to create a new kind of email marketing training.

A program that puts its money where its mouth is by promising to pay for itself.

So that’s what I did.

Introducing an Email Marketing Certification That Guarantees You Work After You Graduate…

Picture this future scenario:

You get an email from a friend of a friend who needs a new email campaign.

They have a few thousand people on the email list, and they want to do a special sale to generate a burst of new buyers, but…

What should they say? How many emails should they send? How long should the sale last?

They aren’t sure, so they ask the expert:


After pausing to think for a moment, you say, “I can handle the whole thing for you, if you like. I’ll write the emails and send them over to you in a few hours.”

“How much would you charge us for that?” the client asks.

“How about $500? ”

The clients smiles and agrees.

You pop open Google Docs and go to a template specifically created for “flash sales” exactly like these. It’s literally generated millions of dollars of sales, and it works for every company in every industry. You just have to fill in the blanks.

It takes you about 30 minutes to fill it out and complete the entire campaign.

You think about sending it over to the client but then stop – they might be offended if they knew it only took you 30 minutes. So you wait a few hours and then send it out.

Three days later, the client has $12,000 in sales, a payment for $500 shows up in your PayPal account.

You smile. You just worked 30 minutes to make $500. Not too shabby.

Soon, you’ll send over a proposal for other kinds of campaigns you can write for them. Webinars, minicourse campaigns to educate prospects, upsell and cross sells – you can do it all.

They’ll make money. You’ll make money. Everybody will be happy.

And better yet, you’ll go to sleep at night knowing you are helping small businesses make money, pay their employees, and stay in business.

Sound good?

Well, it’s not just a fantasy. Assuming you’re willing to put in the work, Smart Blogger will train and certify you as an email marketer.

You’ll be one of the best trained email marketers in the world.

You’ll also have a library of email templates that have already generated over $7.2 million in sales.

And unlike every other email marketing course out there, we’ll actually show you how to find clients willing to pay the big bucks for well-written emails: where to go and what to say.

All in one package.

A package that contains literally everything you need to start earning $100+ per hour working from home writing emails that help struggling businesses.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce to you…

The Smart Blogger Email Marketing Certification Program

We’re taking a group of writers under our wings and teaching them the ropes of email marketing.

You’ll learn how to…

Write spellbinding emails.

We’ll show you what to put in your subject line, how to keep their attention during your email, and what to say to turn those emails into sales.

Create powerful campaigns.

After you’ve learned the basics of email marketing, we’ll show you how to create campaigns of emails that produce an avalanche of sales. You’ll learn about welcome campaigns, webinar campaigns, flash sale campaigns, and much more…

Where to find clients

You’ll learn where to find part-time and full-time gigs, working from the comfort of your own home, transforming the skills you’ve learned into a lucrative side hustle or even a new business.

The bottom line:

By becoming a Smart Blogger-certified email marketer, you’ll be able to make $100+ an hour writing email campaigns that put money in the pockets of small businesses.

And I’m so confident in the effectiveness of this training that I’m willing to make this ridiculous promise:

This Certification Will Pay for Itself Within 6 Months – or I Will Refund Your Tuition

Yes, you read that right.

After graduating, I guarantee you’ll make back your entire tuition within six months (or less). If that doesn’t happen, I’ll give you a full refund.

You can search for email marketing courses on Google until your index finger is numb from clicking, but I promise you won’t find anyone else willing to make a guarantee like that. ☝️

In fact, I think you’ll find that this is where every other email marketing program falls short.

They all claim to teach you how to write emails…

But when it comes to finding clients who will actually pay you to do it, they suddenly leave you on your own out in the cold.  They don’t teach you what to do!

When I realized how big this problem was, I knew we were in a position to do something about it.

I knew we could do better.

So my team and I put our heads together to create a program that not only teaches you how to write emails that work—it also teaches you everything you need to find paying clients!

For instance…

You’ll Get an Endorsement from Smart Blogger

Worried about how you’ll stand out from all the other copywriters out there, fighting for business?

We’ve got you covered.

When you complete this certification, you’ll get our official stamp of approval – a certification badge that proves you’ve mastered email marketing.

Put this badge everywhere: your website, resume, writer.me portfolio (more on that in a moment), even in your email signature.

It will instantly set you apart from 99% of other writers who have no such third-party endorsement.

Here’s why:

With over 4 million readers, Smart Blogger is now the biggest and most trusted writing website in the world.

And we have rigorous standards. Simply put, the only way you can get certified by us is to prove you know what you’re doing. Not only is there a comprehensive exam, but we will also require you to write example email campaigns that our team will review for quality.

Because our standards are so high, many businesses are beginning to trust our certifications as a mark of quality.

And that makes it easier for potential clients to trust you with their marketing campaigns.

Step-by-Step Training in How to Find and Talk to Clients

If I were in your shoes, here’s what I would be thinking:

“Sure, you’ll teach me all about emails, but how realistic is it for anyone to pay me to do this?”

You might wonder if this will be another one of those courses where you invest a lot of money but never making anything back.

The short answer?

No way in hell!

Like I said before, we are guaranteeing this certification pays for itself, or we will refund your entire tuition.

Granted, you have to do the work to qualify – go through the lessons, take the quizzes, pass the exam, and yes, make an effort to get clients – but if you do the work, we believe you deserve to get paid.

That’s why we’re going to great lengths to teach you…

  • Where to find clients who actually appreciate the value of your services (hint: it’s NOT local businesses)
  • How much to charge for different types of campaigns, starting at beginner rates and slowly working your way up.
  • What to say to clients – everything from the initial pitch to interviewing your client for important details that go into your campaign.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll know how to find, approach, and quote prospective new clients with confidence.

And that confidence level will only grow with time as you get more and more clients who agree to pay you a hefty sum to write emails for them!

An Exclusive Listing in Our Directory for Writers

In the past, I’ve received countless requests from companies who desperately need someone to help them write effective email copy and other content.

Of course, I’m way too busy running Smart Blogger to take freelance jobs like that anymore.

So we created writer.me as a directory to help connect trained writers like you with the thousands of businesses who need help creating high-quality blog and email content.

Keep in mind, this directory is ONLY for writers who have graduated from one of our Smart Blogger certification courses…

…which will keep the number of profiles (AKA competition) low, helping to maximize the number of high-paying email marketing jobs you get.

Put all these things together, and you can see you’ll be in a great position to find and attract new email marketing clients.

For most people, the hard part is getting started…particularly when you’re looking for your first paying client. Many freelance writers spend several frustrating YEARS trying to figure out how to find clients—myself included among them!

But not you.

Because when you sign up for the Email Marketing Certification program with Smart Blogger, you’re going to fast-forward through the years of just barely scraping by and skip right to the good part:

The part where the client says “YES.”

Here’s What You’ll Get with the Smart Blogger Email Marketing Certification

We’re going all-out for this program and doing absolutely everything we can to guarantee that you’ll be successful—as long as you show up and do the work.

Here’s a list of everything you’ll get access to all this when you sign up today:

Email Marketing Course

We’ve created what will become the gold standard in email marketing courses. You’ll learn the most important copywriting principles and marketing fundamentals for email marketers, the critical components of achieving high open and click-through rates, how to get new clients on a regular basis, and much, much more.

Along the way, you’ll learn from loads of examples from a variety of industries, to make sure each lesson is applicable to different types of clients. Plus, you’ll complete exercises designed to help you grasp the most important concepts and put them into practice.

Email Template Library

Think of this as the ultimate email swipe file. We’ll provide you with templates for the most common types of marketing campaigns, including flash sales, webinars, and many more.

These are the same email templates I spent years perfecting that have generated over $7.2 million in revenue for Smart Blogger.

So when I say that these email templates *work*, I mean it. And I can prove it.

These templates are going to save you hours of hard work with all your future projects. Anytime you take on a new client, all you have to do is find the right template, duplicate the file, and fill in the blanks to personalize it.

Depending on the situation, you may need to make a few additional changes so the copy fits your needs. But even then, 90% of the work is already done for you.

Certification Exam Including Written Work Graded By Instructors

The certification exam for this program is no joke. After all, you need to live up to the high bar that’s been set by the Smart Blogger brand.

But I promise that if you do the work throughout the course, you’ll have what it takes to pass.

I also promise that your work will be read and graded by real instructors who are expert email marketers in their own right. This is something that almost no other programs offer…which is sad, because it’s by far one of the most important elements in learning to write email campaigns clients are willing to pay for.

Writer.me Profile And Badge

When you pass the certification exam, we’ll set you up with a free profile on writer.me so that companies looking for email marketers will have a way to find and contact you. From that point forward, it will be your source of free email marketing and copywriting leads.

You’ll also get a Certification Badge that you can—and should—put everywhere you can: on your website, resume, even in your email signature, to let people know that you’re a highly trained copywriter capable of writing campaigns that deliver real results for real businesses.

As you can see, you’re getting a LOT from this program. It’s natural that you’re probably wondering…

How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me?

Before we talk about the cost, I want to make sure you realize how much this is WORTH. To do that, let’s fast-forward to you, one year in the future.

You’re now a Smart Blogger-certified Email Marketer.

About a year ago, you took the class, passed the certification exam, and got your first client about three weeks later for $500. You got your second project about two weeks later for another $500.

Since then, your email marketing business has steadily grown thanks to referrals and repeat clients. You’re now getting 3-4 clients per month, bringing in over $4,000 on average.

This year, you’re thinking about pursuing your work entirely online. No commute to the office, no strict schedule. You attend the occasional meeting by Zoom and are otherwise left in peace to write your emails.

The pay?

And you still plan to continue working with freelance clients on the side, boosting your total income over $100,000.

Now, obviously, those numbers represent what you could make, not what you will make. You may earn less…you may earn much more. Your own hard work (or lack thereof) is a critical factor.

The important point is that there’s clearly the potential for you as a Smart Blogger certified Email Marketer to earn tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars writing emails to clients.

So with that in mind, how much would this certification be worth to you?

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