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[Group Buy] The Seo Checklist ( Get your website on the first page of Google)


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Get your website on the first page of Google (even if you’re not sure what you’re doing). The SEO Checklist is a step-by-step guide to every important SEO action you need to take to optimize your website and get more organic traffic.

Imagine a constant stream of customers flowing to your site

That’s what can happen when you use SEO to optimize your website.

Get to page #1 of Google and your business (and life) might never look the same again.

But people will tell you SEO is complicated and hard to do.
The truth is, SEO is actually really simple. If you know what you’re doing…


Introducing The SEO Checklist

The SEO Checklist is a step-by-step framework to help you take action and climb the Google rankings faster. This is the comprehensive SEO guide you need to get your website to page #1 of Google.

Free-flowing organic traffic is a beautiful thing

To really appreciate the power of SEO, think about what your prospective customer is doing when they’re using Google…

They’re NOT scrolling mindlessly through social media.
They’re NOT reading gossip about their friends.
And they’re NOT busy doing something else.

No. It’s the exact opposite.

They have stopped what they’re doing. They have typed (or spoken) a search query into Google. They’re actively looking for your help.

SEO is all about getting your website to show up in Google, so YOU can provide that person with the help they need (which sooner or later will be your product or service).

Being on the first page of Google is worth your hard work

  • 91% of adults use search engines to find information (they should find your site).
  • Google dominates search with over 90% of the market (that’s roughly 5.8 billion searches a day)
  • About 95% of searchers only look at the first page of Google (let’s help you get there).
  • The top organic search result in Google gets clicked over 30% of the time.
  • Moving up one position in the search results can increase click through rates by over 30%.
  • 46% of all searches are looking for local info (if your customers are local, this is a big deal)
  • People view highly ranked sites as more authentic and trustworthy (and trust leads to higher conversion rates).

Here’s what you get (hint: it’s a lot) THE SEO CHECKLIST

It’s a comprehensive checklist of all the important SEO steps to consider if you want your website to climb to the top of Google. You get the exact steps you need to take. And detailed guidance on how to execute.

  • Assess your website and identify what needs to be done
  • Get a Google sheet containing over 100 key SEO action steps
  • See recommended tools that will help you get the job done
  • Make the checklist part of your SEO process so you cover all bases

As well as this Google Sheet version of The SEO Checklist, you’ll get access to a useful interactive version within SEOBUDDY. The SEO Checklist is super useful (worth the price on its own).


This is a series of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for you to follow. We’re talking idiot-proof detailed instructions you could give to your granny to make SEO progress (no offense to your granny).

  • Walk step-by-step through a process with screenshots and tips
  • Follow proven SEO procedures that have worked in the real world
  • Find the exact instructions you need for a specific SEO task
  • Learn the basic steps as well as the more advanced procedures
  • Save weeks training new hires with ready-made processes

Sales Page: _https://seobuddy.com/seo-checklist


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