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[GroupBuy] The News Flash Channel Framework


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Do you want to start a cash cow channel but are intimidated by the high price per video? If so, allow me to introduce you to the world of news flash channels…

What the hell is a news flash channel?

News flash channels are channels that post a style of video that have taken the news space on YouTube by storm over the past year… These videos are short 1-minute news clips that give the viewer exactly what they clicked for in a short period of time, this results in very high viewer retention and we all know how much the algorithm loves that.

But if my video is less than 8 minutes long I’ll earn less, right?

On paper yes, one cash cow channel video will earn more per 1000 views than one news flash video. This is because the RPM (Revenue Per Mille) of a cash cow channel is on average, double what a news flash video’s RPM is.

But considering we get roughly 10 news flash videos for the price of 1 cash cow video, the earning potential for news flash videos is actually a lot greater.

Why would the algorithm favor a 1-minute video over an 8-minute video?

If you’re asking yourself this, great question. The optimal length of a video relies heavily on the niche. For example, a fitness video is fine at 8 minutes, and a podcast is fine at 60 minutes.

But since our channel is in the news niche, our viewers are clicking for the headline. If the title is “Doja Cat Responds To Central Cee”, the viewers want to see what Doja Cat’s response is, they don’t want to watch the video for 8 minutes to see what they clicked for.


  • Introduction
    • Preface
    • What even is a “News Flash” channel?
  • The YouTube algorithm
    • How videos go viral on YouTube
    • How to read your analytics and which metrics matter?
    • Why news flash channels have an extremely high chance of success
  • The news flash video creation process
    • Setting up your Notion workplace
    • Finding topics
    • Creating a title & thumbnail
    • Writing a script
    • Recording a voiceover
    • Editing the video
  • Hiring the right team
    • Where to find the right freelancers?
    • What to look for in each position?
    • How much will it cost?
    • Hiring existing teams

What will you learn in this guide?

  • What a news flash channel is and why they’re optimal for the niche
  • The in’s and out’s of the YouTube algorithm (how videos go viral)
  • How to craft the ideal title & thumbnail
  • How to create the perfect news flash video
  • How to build systems to manage a team of freelancers
  • Where to find freelancers & how much to charge them

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