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The Marketing Method that Makes Everything Else Work

How The Five Lightbulbs is Helping Entrepreneurs Finally Get a Handle on Marketing

Dear entrepreneur,

Billy Broas here, and over the past two years, I’ve been testing my Five Lightbulbs framework with a small group of entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have great products, but struggled to market them.

A leadership coach in our program told me:

 “We know our — and our feedback tells us — that we have something special. But marketing it has been frustrating.”

As you’ll read in the stories below, our Five Lightbulbs methodology has made marketing significantly easier for these entrepreneurs, including that coach.

Today, we’re making our approach more widely available. Equipped with this new DIY training, you’ll:

  • Never write from scratch again when creating marketing content
  • Create a core messaging you can keep referring back to
  • Get a plug and play system for creating authentic marketing

There’s nothing fancy here. This isn’t about hype, big promises, or shiny objects. You’re tired of that, and so am I.

Others are tired of it too, and that’s why The Five Lightbulbs, which gives you the solid foundation you need, is growing in popularity.

But a couple years ago, I never dreamed I’d be writing you this letter.

It all started when Tiago Forte gave me a nudge

Tiago is the founder of Building a Second Brain. He started as my client, became a friend, and was even a guest at my wedding in 2022.

Over the past two years, I helped Tiago grow Building a Second Brain from a solo-operator side hustle into a seven-figure business with full-time employees.

Tiago’s audience, witnessing his success, began asking him for marketing advice. He encouraged me to teach a program.

By then, I’d been in this game a while and was growing tired of being a marketing consultant. I was exploring other career options. Plus, for this introvert, the idea of coming out from behind-the-scenes wasn’t all too exciting.

But I mustered the courage and told Tiago “Let’s do it.” I created an eight module cohort-based course and named it The Keystone Accelerator.

This is where the story gets strange…

I’ll never forget that moment sitting in my office, overlooking San Diego Bay, creating the Keystone curriculum.

Colored pencils in hand (I’m a visual thinker), I drew a bridge. Nothing unusual there. But then, an idea struck me. My hand grabbed the yellow pencil and sketched five lightbulbs over the bridge.

With that, the Five Lightbulbs was born.

(Yes, I get the irony of having a lightbulb moment about lightbulbs.)

Even I was surprised by the power of this thing

The entrepreneurs in that first cohort. Out of the eight modules, every person except one named it their favorite.

You know how everyone says, “Double down on what works”? I found myself in that position and, thankfully, followed that advice.

The Five Lightbulbs is like a well that never runs dry.

I could have never predicted the use cases, such as:

  • A woman with auditory dyslexia who finally found a marketing training she could follow, thanks to The Five Lightbulbs’ visual approach
  • A small business owner who has his entire team speaking the language of the Lightbulbs
  • A media buyer who is using The Five Lightbulbs as a testing framework for his Google ads

Before Tiago gave me that nudge, my creative fire was fading. Now, it’s burning in full force. Each day I discover new uses for the Five Lightbulbs.

But it wasn’t enough to have the framework. To be useful, I had to turn it into a methodology.

For the past two years, we’ve been refining the methodology

To recap, we’ve been using The Five Lightbulbs methodology with two groups:

  1. My 1-on-1 clients
  2. Participants in our cohort-based course, Keystone

We’re talking just under 100 people — a relatively small group of people. You can see some of them below.

We’ve now field-tested The Five Lightbulbs through:

  • 125 breakout rooms
  • 42 writing sessions
  • 100 Messaging Maps

Plus, over 130 hours of me teaching on Zoom.

After 15 years in online marketing, I’ve seen how many products are rushed to market. That’s the last thing I was about to do.

But working closely for two years with these 100 people to implement The Five Lightbulbs has paid off.

It’s finally ready for a wider audience

I’m only one guy. And as much as I love getting my hands dirty with people’s marketing, I can’t do that for everyone. Plus, because there’s only one of me, I have to charge high fees.

Not everyone has the budget for $5,000 for a seat in Keystone or the time to commit to a live cohort.

That’s why we’re rolling out this DIY version of The Five Lightbulbs: To bring it to a wider audience.

But that’s the beauty of a framework. You don’t need me to be successful. Put your trust and effort into the framework and it will handle the rest.

Why adopt a messaging framework?

The Five Lightbulbs is new, but messaging frameworks are not. StoryBrand or Jobs to Be Done are great ones, for example.

This framework-based approach is opposed to a tactics-based approach, like hosting webinars, using Instagram hashtags, or running Facebook Ads.

The two are different.

Sure, you can plug your StoryBrand or Five Lightbulbs messaging into a webinar or a Facebook Ad. But a framework and a tactic are two different things.

The Five Lightbulbs is a framework.

Now, most business owners know about tactics like webinars, Facebook ads, and posting to Twitter. But most neglect their core messaging. And if you don’t get your core messaging right, none of those downstream tactics work.

That’s why StoryBrand became so popular. Donald Miller didn’t say, “I’ll show you how to run Facebook Ads.” He said, “I’ll clarify your message.” And that made all the difference.

Compared to StoryBrand, I believe The Five Lightbulbs is more practical. Of course, I’ll need to prove that. You’ve gotta walk the walk. And Donald Miller has certainly done that.

Yet, I’m confident that in a few years, we’ve got a real shot at being as popular as StoryBrand.

No matter what you choose, whether it’s StoryBrand, The Five Lightbulbs, or any of the other messaging frameworks, I recommend you adopt one. Make it your best friend.

Because if nothing else, it will focus your attention on what matters most — your marketing message.

If you’re on board with that, let me tell you about our framework-turned-methodology.

10 Features of The Five Lightbulbs Method

Here are ten features of our Five Lightbulbs methodology and how they’ll help you with marketing.

1 – Centralizes Your Core Messaging
Disjointed messaging leads to confusion. Our 5L method centralizes your messaging, ensuring it’s clear and aligned across your website, social media platforms, and team members.

2 – Gives you a Framework for Testing
As the saying goes in marketing, “Always be testing.” Now, you have a framework to guide you.

3 – Plug & Play
Create marketing material faster. With our method’s plug & play nature, you’ll never create marketing material from scratch again.

4 – Built for Collaboration
Copywriters, social media managers, web designers, and salespeople now have a place to collaborate on messaging.

5 – Platform Agnostic
Text, audio, or video. Facebook Ads, emails, or websites. It doesn’t matter the medium or platform — The Five Lightbulbs can handle it.

6 – Fun and Visual
A bear, an owl, a storybook landscape — what’s not to love? Our method has a powerful operating system at its core while remaining fun and approachable.

7 – Built on Storytelling

Everyone knows the best marketing tells stories, and storytelling is woven into the fabric of The Five Lightbulbs method.

8 – A Universal Marketing Language
“Great job with the Lightbulb #2 email!”

“We need an LB3 story!”

Speaking the same language will make your team more efficient.

9 – Advanced Copywriting Concepts are Baked-In
Get the persuasive power of advanced copywriting techniques without spending years becoming a professional copywriter.

10 – Reusable
Once you learn the process, send new products and services through it. Create multiple messaging maps. This reusability will save you hours each week.

Here is a high-level visual of our methodology:

Now it’s time to package our system, which has been stress-tested and refined over two years, into a Do-It-Yourself program anyone can do, and at your own pace.

Introducing: The Five Lightbulbs Method

The Five Lightbulbs Method is our new DIY training. It’s available at a much more affordable price than hiring me 1-on-1 or a seat in our cohort-based program.

As you’ll read about in a minute, you’ll follow the same process those entrepreneurs follow.

Here’s what is included:

  • The full DIY, self-paced training program
  • Step-by-step videos
  • Text instructions if you prefer reading
  • Worksheets, templates, and examples
  • Lifetime access
  • One year guarantee
  • Presale pricing until the training gets released in June 2023

Now, let’s walk through the process you’ll follow.

First, pick an offer you wish to sell more of

The first step is to choose an offer. Ask yourself:

“What do I want to sell more of?”

You likely have more than one product or service.

Choose one, but don’t worry about locking yourself in. You can always go back and send another offer through the process later.

Next, you’ll create that offer’s Messaging Map

Got an offer in mind? Great. In this program, you’ll create a messaging map for that offer.

What’s a Messaging Map?

Think about it like a brand manual, but for your product’s persuasive messaging.

Branding agencies will charge you $20,000 (or more) for a document that contains your logo, fonts, and colors.

I asked, “Why don’t we have the same thing for our persuasive messaging?”

So think of The Five Lightbulbs Messaging Map like a brand manual, but instead of your fonts and colors, it contains the best words to sell your product. You’ll then spread these words across your website, emails, social media… everywhere.

In Keystone, we joke that you need to schedule dates with your messaging map. It’s that important, and our entrepreneurs do just that.

In The Five Lightbulbs Method, you’ll learn:

  • Our favorite tools for creating your messaging map
  • The two key phases in building a messaging map
  • A workflow for turning your messaging map into finished sales pages, emails, and more
  • 3 ways to fill out your messaging map
  • How to handle having more than one ideal customer (a common issue)
  • When you should use multiple messaging maps
  • How to collaborate with team members so everyone is on the same page, messaging-wise

The first step in creating your Messaging Map is nailing down who you’re talking to.

Then, you’ll fill out your offer’s Five Lightbulbs

This is where the magic happens.

The Five Lightbulbs are special because they map to the human experience of making a decision. In this case, it’s a buying decision.

The Lightbulbs represent the things you must say if you want to turn on the lightbulbs in your customer’s head that makes him or her say, “Ah, this is for me.”

When you turn on your five Lightbulbs, you’ll light the path to your product.

With your Messaging Map ready to go, you’ll then fill in its Lightbulbs, along the way, learning:

  • How to do customer research using The Five Lightbulbs
  • The importance of internal logic when completing your Lightbulbs
  • How to know when you’ve done Lightbulb #3 correctly (that’s the one that helps you differentiate your product)
  • How to pair Lightbulb #1 with Lightbulb #5 for maximum conversions
  • How to find the Lightbulb you most need to turn on
  • Our favorite ways to capture customer quotes for each Lightbulb
  • Our top 20 questions for filling your Lightbulbs with golden messaging opportunities

After this section, you’ll have so much confidence, clarity, and excitement. Then, there’s only one step remaining.

Finally, you’ll put your new messaging into action

Completing a 5L Messaging Map is like getting a Ferrari. You can’t wait to take it for a spin.

The final step is to put your new messaging into action. The good news is you’ve already done most of the heavy lifting. Now, it’s a matter of plug and play.

Enjoy the thrill of speeding through your next content creation session — with energy to spare.

Here’s how we make it happen:

  • You’ll learn how to sequence your Lightbulbs when creating marketing material
  • Learn the 5 traits of good Lightbulb content
  • A Call-to-Action menu so you never again ask, “How should I wrap up this email?”
  • Instructions for using The Five Lightbulbs to create sales pages, email sequences, and webinars
  • Templates for Twitter, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more
  • Get 25 writing prompts, tailor-made for each Lightbulb
  • Ditch the prompts and use our formula for coming up with your own creative writing ideas

Reap the benefits

The most common thing we heard in the cohort was, “I’m updating my website RIGHT NOW.”

You’ll discover the same thing. In just your first lesson, you’ll begin surfacing messaging you never knew you had. You’ll hit “pause” on the video to rush off and update your website, sales page, and whatever else contains outdated messaging.

Just make sure to return, as there’s even more good stuff waiting.

Use the process again and again

The Five Lightbulbs is a reusable process. Pay once for this training and use it again and again.

  • Got an idea for a new product? Run it through the Lightbulbs
  • Want to upgrade your entire product catalog? Run each product through the Lightbulbs
  • A friend needs help with her idea? Run it through the Lightbulbs

Whether it’s a product, a service, an invention, a speech, or a book — if it demands persuasive communication, it’ll benefit by being run through the Lightbulbs.

Join now and get presale pricing

When the DIY training gets released in June 2023, the price will be $500. But purchase today and you’ll get the training for half off, just $250. That’s a one-time payment that includes lifetime access.

Click the red button below to lock in the lower pricing and access to the training.


We know this system will work for you so we’re happy to give a generous guarantee. Try The Five Lightbulbs Method for one year. If you try it and it doesn’t improve your business, let us know and we’ll happily refund today’s payment.

Is this for you?

You’re probably asking, “This sounds good, Billy, but is it a good fit for me?”

Let me help you answer that question. Here are five scenarios where sending an offer through this new DIY training make sense.

1) To prepare for an upcoming product launch or relaunch
This was a common use of The Five Lightbulbs in our cohorts. It’s not surprising, because you want to put your best foot forward when it’s time to unveil a new product.

We recommend running your offer through the process 3 – 6 months before a major product launch. We recommend this much leeway because dialing in your core messaging should take place first, and before getting into the details of planning your launch, lining up partners, building landing pages, etc.

That said, if you’ve got a launch next week, you’ll still benefit from a quick run-through.

2) Give your marketing material a refresh
Maybe your website messaging looks old and weathered, like the cracked paint on window shutters. Is it time for a fresh coat? This program is the perfect way to eliminate eyesores and make your website more visitor friendly.

3) Explore a new product idea or customer avatar
We had a business owner repeat our cohort for this very reason. She’d been doing well in her business, but within her existing audience, she had identified a new type of customer. This new customer avatar represented a major opportunity.

She ran her offer through The Five Lightbulbs again, creating messaging for this previously neglected — but potentially lucrative — new customer.

Do you have a potentially lucrative new customer avatar? Run them through the Lightbulbs.

4) Align your team on your marketing messaging
Do you work with team members or freelancers?

There’s an old saying: Every employee in your company is a marketer. Sure, you the business owner know who you help and why people buy from you. But do your employees know?

Creating a Messaging Map together is the perfect way to get everyone aligned on who your company serves — and why.

5) Prepare for upcoming press
A successful older friend of mine has a saying: “Don’t take opportunities — master them.”

When it comes time for press, like a media push, or a book release, make sure to master these opportunities.

This program will help you by giving you the best things to say when that opportunity arrives.

Change your relationship with marketing

It doesn’t need to feel heavy. It doesn’t need to feel like a chore. You don’t need to dread it.

I’ve been where you are. I come from an academic background and only got into this marketing thing because I wanted to leave my career and strike out on my own.

Yes, most marketing is tasteless, hype-filled, and overly complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

We’re proving that marketing can be fun, creative, and simple. We’ve started a movement — will you join us?

Click the button below to get started.

Sales Page:_https://fivelightbulbs.com/5lm/

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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