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The Art of Astral Projection – Jade Shaw – Mindvalley


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The Definitive Guide To Astral Projection:

Now Everyone Can Fly

The Art Of Astral Projection is a landmark program by altered states luminary Jade Shaw: in collaboration with Mindvalley and The Monroe Institute, the organization credited with bringing out-of-body experiences to the West.

Through an optimal balance of Western psychology and Eastern tradition, the program guides you through an easy-to-follow four-level process for experiencing and mastering astral projection.

Throughout the program, you’ll focus on the two key areas of astral travel:

  • Outward exploration and discovery: embarking on astral adventures to places, planets, dimensions, and people (both alive and deceased), beyond the constraints of space and time.

  • Inward growth and healing: gaining key guidance, personal growth, self-awareness, and clarity of purpose, while also healing grief, overcoming fears and emotional pain, and finding inner peace through astral travel.

In addition to its 28-day daily training curriculum, the program also includes 3D gamma synchronization sound technology: engineered by The Monroe Institute to guide your mind quickly, smoothly, and reliably into the necessary state for astral travel.

The Art Of Astral Projection gives you everything you need to embark on a lifetime of astral journeys – and experience all the benefits of this life-changing practice.

The Art Of Astral Projection is an easy-to-follow online program that empowers you with the fundamentals of astral projection: followed by the ability to embark on your own self-guided astral journeys.

Every day for 28 days, you’ll join Jade Shaw for 15 – 20 minute micro video lessons designed to gradually and consistently grow your astral projection knowledge and ability.

The curriculum is divided into four distinct parts, each with its own focus and goals.

With Jade as your guide, you’ll experience all the dimensions and possibilities of astral travel. You’ll learn how to navigate both the astral planes, and your own mind for the best experiences. And you’ll emerge with a lifelong practice you’ll use for many decades to come to explore, grow, and transform to your fullest potential.

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