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The 7-Day Secret to Landing Clients


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What you’ll learn

  • Define your freelancing niche and sub-niches. This helps you target the right leads for YOU.
  • Build your niche declaration so that you know exactly who you are, who you help, and how. These details are pivotal in lead generation and client acquisition.
  • Copy my proven cold email templates for landing clients, learn why they work so well, and learn how to customize them so you can sell your freelancing services.
  • Start sourcing and reaching out to leads, tracking your work in my custom spreadsheet template that you can copy for your own freelancing business.


If you’re a freelancer and need help landing clients, this course applies to you, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced.


What if you could start connecting with potential freelancing clients in just one week?

With The 7-Day Secret, there’s no need to take whatever work you can get, hunt on job boards or bidding sites, or work with freelancing clients who won’t pay you what you’re worth.

You’ll learn the right way to target new prospects, connect with leads, and get real results in just seven days.

Tell me if this sounds like you.

You feel desperate to accept any client, any work that comes your way because you don’t know when you’ll land another gig.

You spend hours on freelance job boards and bidding sites, competing with hundreds of other professionals willing to charge next to nothing… and crickets.

You have a couple of freelance clients who suck up a bunch of your time, and yet, they don’t pay you anywhere close to what you’re worth.

What if there was a way to land more clients, better clients, quickly and consistently?

That’s exactly why I created The 7-Day Secret.

In this mini-course, you’re going to learn the essentials for narrowing down potential clients that make sense for you, and I’ll show you exactly how and when to communicate with them. And here’s the best part: You’ll start seeing results within a week.

In The 7-Day Secret, you’ll learn how to:

  • Zero in on the exact type of clients you should be going after.
  • Design and send cold emails that are proven to get results.
  • Track your progress for heightened efficiency and effectiveness.

Right now, you’re struggling with finding freelancing work. You’re struggling to make the money you want. You’re struggling to build a business on your terms, even though you know you provide an amazing service.

Imagine if you had the exact steps you need to connect with the clients of your dreams.

Guess what? The steps have already been laid out for you.

Let’s make this your reality.

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