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With InstaGod’s Passive Attraction System:

  • You’ll have an unfair advantage over even the best looking guys, without having any followers.
  • Your Instagram does 75% of the heavy lifting for you, without you having to do crazy stuff all the time or even having to post something every week
  • Girls will get warmed up for you after you’ve gotten their IG on a dating app or in real life (while you’re working or playing video games)
  • You’re building attraction with girls your chatting with, even if you’re not talking to them
  • You can’t accidentally f*ck up because you’re following a step-by-step system
  • You’re continually impressing her without having to brag through text or being online all the time
  • She will be charmed by your awesome Instagram life every time she opens the app
  • You’ll start having fun with this, as we make sure you convey YOUR character online in simple-to-use formats
  • You have to spend way less time on dating and texting apps while still increasing her attraction to you
  • Simply reel in the date and have more girls in your life.


Module 1: The Passive Attraction System

  • 3 Photo archetypes EVERY profile needs to attract girls
  • 20+ Examples of the best IG photos of Louis Farfields, his friends, and his coaches
  • How to casually stay on a hot girl’s radar without being needy
  • 6 Fundamental story templates to rotate to make anyone HOOKED on you
  • 10+ Examples of stories on teasing your friends (the essence of male friendship)
  • My favorite funny Instagram filter to joke around with friends
  • Easy 2-step story format to use when you’re meeting a friend
  • How to make a night out even better with a simple story format
  • 1 Very easy stealable format that’s flirty and makes girls slide in your DMs
  • How CNC creates feelings of deep connection with you
  • Quick setup-punch structure for IG stories in the gym
  • Music trick to make everyday situations instantly funny
  • The dick pic is passé: but women MELT for this subtle variation
  • The art of polarizing: How to make her LOVE you FAST
  • The ONLY way to do follower interaction (without being a wannabe influencer)
  • The non-obvious way to make any picture funny
  • If you see anybody running in the gym or the street: a simple format to use for Instagram stories that make her laugh
  • Using the Mood-format in a cute way (don’t be an ‘Instagram cool guy’ all the time)
  • “You’re so much hotter now I know you’re also into art” – Hot girl in my DMs. How to show some culture the RIGHT way!
  • A simple story format for ANY time you’re in a restaurant or coffee place with a friends
  • How to show you’re cool with your sexuality without being weird (girls LOVE this)
  • 3 Rules that get you dates through social media content
  • The “Who did it best” story format that makes girls react to your content
  • 50+ of Louis’ BEST stories over many years of dating
  • How the perfect Billie:Hottie Ratio makes her equal amounts aroused as comfrotable
  • The subtle Dick Trick™ photo that actually makes girls horny without being vulgar or creepy
  • How to look hot online: The male equivalent of no bra or cameltoes

Module 2: Sexy First Impressions

  • Warning: Why you REALLY shouldn’t use AI for bios
  • 5 Subtle bio mistakes that unknowingly ruin your attraction
  • The technique Mark Manson uses for attractive writing (Casestudy)
  • Special bonus: Lingerie model’s opinion on Instagram bios!
  • Easy trick to make your social media’s aesthetic better (great for professionals too)

Module 3: The Fundamentals Of A 10/10 Instagram

  • The ultimate guide to shooting your own godlike photos
  • When, how, and where to shoot 10/10 pics (also great for Tinder!)
  • How to set up your phone for quick photo results women will love
  • Posture tips that makes you stand out from most men on IG
  • Tips from a top model that lead to coach Dan’s BEST photo ever
  • How to find your best angle (girls ALL know this, and you’re missing out if you don’t!)
  • The 3 different angles you need to look your most attractive self
  • Why most photoshoots are a WASTE OF TIME & MONEY (and how to overcome this)
  • How to finally stop worrying about your pose or hands during a shoot
  • The #1 look to exude more confidence in your photos
  • Bonus trick to get enhance your jawline MASSIVELY
  • How you get professionally edited pics in under 3 minutes with only your phone
  • Live demonstration by Louis editing a new photo
  • How to look your absolute best self without becoming a nasty catfish
  • Everything you need to know about the best photos to shoot (with many examples)
  • Very practical tips so you’ll easily get great photos
  • Louis on lighting, background, technique, posing, mindset: perfect for IG but also for dating apps
  • How to ask what women think of your social media without being cringe
  • The secret of Louis’ BEST photo that got most reactions from girls
  • How to write great captions
  • Why girls HATE it when you’re posing with ‘laptop lifestyle Bali cigar club bullshit’
  • The best time to post so you max out the comments & likes
  • The secret to Louis’ best 3 photos
  • Funny captions that make girls laugh (Steal These!)

Module 4: Making Her Addicated To You Through Stories

  • How to turn old content into stories she loves
  • Live demonstration of Louis creating a highlight reel (what to select and what ignore)
  • The mindset, things to watch out for, and technical details of a perfect highlight reel
  • The 3 step fill-in-the-blanks format to make girls slide in my DMs (a popular IG girl actually stole this format from me lol)
  • Smartly placed memes you can copy-paste that get A LOT of reactions
  • The ‘1 word + video’ formula that is guaranteed to make girls laugh over text
  • Simple trick to stand out in her DMs (especially when you have a lot of competition!)

Module 5: Sliding & Texting (Advanced)

  • 4 Infield clips from 3 TextGod coaches getting Instagrams from girls IRL
  • The mindset to easily get her Instagram without making it awkward
  • 5 Lines for easily asking for her contact info
  • What to say when she suggests you should follow her (but you’re not sure whether she’ll follow you back)
  • Infield bonus clip demonstrating the social freedom of advanced daygame
  • The art of reacting to her story (real example)
  • How Louis keeps the conversation going when her texts are short
  • How to push your teases & sexualization to the a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e max
  • Creating contrast: This is how you stand out in her DMs
  • When to tease, when to sexualize, and when to be normal over text
  • Advanced case study filled with humor, lines, and texts that turn her on

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