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Tejas Rane – Scaling Niche Site with SEO & AI-Assisted Content


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Do you want to scale your niche site with SEO & save 1/10th the cost of a writer without compromising on Quality?

If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. I know you must be thinking, well, Google hammers AI content, and it has no future.


No! Wrong!

Google does not hammer AI-assisted content.

It only hammers those with low-value, spun articles and mass-produced content.

Infact, Danny Sullivan from Google has clearly mentioned that AI content is not bad as long as it is helpful.

Google has officially stated that they are not against AI-content.

Think about this for a second: If your article is unique, adds a lot of value and perspective compared to the Top 10 results on Google, do you think you won’t rank?

On top of that, you target only low-competition keywords!

Now combine this with high-quality, creative and unique AI-assisted content.

You will have a magic wand in your hand, where you can rank articles and still adhere to Google’s guidelines and algorithm.

Why does it work?

  • You are not polluting the Google SERPs
  • You are actually adding more value to the SERPs
  • Unique, valuable content that users would like to consume
  • Doesn’t use extensive automation to spam Google
  • Adheres to Google’s Helpful Content Update


Scaling a niche site with unique & smart SEO strategies & AI-assisted content.

Let’s talk about Hiring a writer vs AI-assisted content

This is a great topic to discuss. I know many people who want to get into blogging but are reluctant because they don’t know how to write or just can’t write quality content.

That is where AI-assisted tools can help.

I am not at all saying writers are bad. They have their own place. I am all about leveraging the latest technology that we have without abusing it (& adding more value to the Google Search Results)

Believe me: Almost all my published articles are so unique and creative that many professional writers in my niche could never imagine that type of content.

The GPT model by Open AI has opened up many possibilities, and one such powerful thing about AI-tools are how “CREATIVE” they are.

And I want to use that creativity and uniqueness to publish articles and provide value to the users.

Hire a writer if you have money and want to outsource everything.

But having AI-assisted content + Human Edits can be a total game changer for your niche site.

Benefits of AI-assisted content?

  • You save a lot of time on publishing blog posts
  • Save a lot of $$$ in hiring a professional writer
  • You add more quality to the Google SERPs (never publish low value content)
  • Add unique perspectives and ideas with AI-content (that humans could only fathom to imagine)

The real example is me. I am doing it as we speak.

I have published over 250+ posts and getting organic traffic of 50k/month and making $2000/month as I write this.

So I am not talking this out of thin air. I know what I am doing and wanted to share it with you.

Learn Unique SEO Strategies for Niche Sites

Did you know how I could scale my niche site from 0 to 50k organic users per month?

I used unique SEO strategies on my low-authority niche site. Absolutely no-link building involved.

These AI-assisted content work like a charm with these unique SEO strategies.

Just a game of pure and smart keyword research & strong on-page SEO.

On Twitter, I constantly share value bombs with my audience. You can read some of my threads here.

I will be explaining each of these strategies in detail step by step in this course. You won’t even find those strategies on Google because I developed them from scratch.

You can try replicating these SEO strategies on your niche site.

I recently coined a term called “SERP Quality (SQ)”

You can check the tweet here (read by 42k people)

I will be explaining SQ in the course too.

Why should you trust me?

In the left hand side, you will see a screenshot of my own niche site.

I grew it from 0 to 50k users per month in just 12 months with unique SEO strategies & AI-assisted content.

I am proud that each of those articles are not spam (not even 1%, extremely unique (0% plagiarised)

How I acheived this growth?

  • Unique SEO strategies
  • Targeting low competition keywords
  • Focused on high quality content
  • Used AI-assisted tools to help scale my efforts
  • Proper human edits to make sure everything is top-notch

Expenses? Hardly 1/10th the cost of hiring a professional writer.

About your course teacher

Tejas Rane is an Entrepreneur and a T-shaped Marketer specializing in SEO Growth. He is currently the Founder of Affiliate Corner (A Done-for-you Research Solution for Affiliates)

He has published 2 books on SaaS SEO & Quora Marketing. In the meantime, he also runs an authority niche site with SEO & AI-assisted content.

He grew his niche site from 0 to 50k users per month in less than 12 months.

He is also active on TwitterLinkedIn & also runs a Facebook group.

Course Contents

  1.  Introduction & how this course will help you
  2.  Picking a niche for your niche site.
  3.  Unique SEO strategies (that goes with AI-assisted content) (Very Important)
  4.  Common SEO problems and how to tackle them
  5. How to scale a niche site with AI-assisted content (Very Important)
  6. My thoughts on AI content & Google Algorithm (Things to take care of)
  7. What’s the future of AI content, and what should be your strategy?
  8.  Exit strategy for your niche site.
  9. Concluding the course


  • The video course length will be around 3.8 Hours Long
  • You can watch it anytime.
  • You can ask me any queries (answered within 24 hours)
  • English Subtitles Available
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Price is inclusive of any taxes.

Pros and cons of AI-assisted content

Some pros:

  • If used smartly, you can generate interesting, creative, and helpful content for your topic.
  •  No need to hire an extra freelance or professional writer: You can do your edits once you generate them. You can hire a VA for this to save more time.
  •  Saves a lot of time: Almost 3-4 hours per blog post. An average writer would take almost 3-4 hours or even more write on 1 topic. You can do this in under an hour without compromising on quality.
  •  Saves a lot of costs: 1 article could cost roughly just 62 cents as compared to $500 for 1 article (If you hire someone for 50 cents per word) (Depends on the type of writer you hire & their rates)

Some cons:

  • If you do not use AI content properly and do not tap the right keywords, you won’t get much results.
  • Simply copy-pasting AI content wouldn’t work. You need to put some effort into editing and rephrasing (Grammarly & Copyscape can help here)
  • It will go against Google’s guidelines if you automate or publish low-value articles. So the right kind of AI tools are necessary along with human edits (which is what I will share in this course)


You can use AI-assisted content for your niche site, given that you handle it smartly and tap the right keywords.

This entire course is about that: Helping you with unique SEO strategies and publishing content with AI-assisted tool.

Enroll Now & Get Lifetime Access (111+ students already enrolled)

I will share all the secrets and techniques I use to scale my niche site with SEO & AI-assisted content.

You get:

  • 3.8 hours of video content
  • Lifetime updates (If I add any course material, it will be updated and notified)
  • Email support for 30 days (if you have any queries)
  • 7-day money-back guarantee (Yes, totally risk-free)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Is this recorded or a live session?

It’s a series of recorded videos. You can watch it anytime you want.

  • Who can take this course?

Absolutely anyone who wants to know the ins and outs of how to run a niche site with SEO & AI-assisted content (& want to save cost without compromising quality)

  • Is there any refund policy?

Yes. You are backed by a 7-day risk-free refund policy.

  • Why should I trust you with this course?

Good question. I have experience running a niche site with AI-assisted content and SEO. I have been in this industry for the past 5 years now. You can check my Twitter for more content on SEO, Niche Sites.

  •  I am having issues with the payment

Please email me at [email protected] and I will look into it. Also, If you are an Indian customer who wants to pay via UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe, just email me

  • Do you guarantee that my site won’t be hit by Google’s Algorithm?

Google has officially stated that they are not against AI-content but against low value content. So while publishing, just take care of that.

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