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How to Ethically (and Quickly)
“Duplicate & Install”
Taylor’s HIGHEST YIELD, Proven Marketing Strategies

A private, exclusive invitation from Taylor Welch. 

Nashville, Tennessee
August 21, 2022

Dear expert,

Just a few months ago I embarked upon the scariest transition of my life. I “exited” a business that I’d spent 7 years of my life building from the ground up.

Now if you know me, you know that my companies have touched the lives of millions and millions of people. But I knew deep down for me to reach my true potential, I had to move into some new things.

Over the last 7 years I’ve generated quite literally hundreds of millions of dollars in cash.
I’ve procured business interests, equity portfolios, and real assets all over the world. I’ve learned business structures, tax secrets, hiring lessons, and more. My brands have learned (and cloned) the PLAYBOOKS from some of the most successful, profitable consulting brands in the world.
The online world is small, and relatively untapped.
To put it in perspective, Boston Consulting Group does $12B per year in revenue. Twelve billion dollars.
There are ways to multiply, enhance & increase your revenues that you didn’t even know were possible.
Part of my mission, is to teach them to you.

On Friday, August 26th — I’m Going to Open
Up the Floor for the First Time and “SHARE ALL”

  • How to organize your business entities for TRUE ENTERPRISE VALUE from day one
  • ​Why “buying” businesses is the worst idea in the world (if you’re aiming for cashflow)
  • ​How to multiply your LTV by 7-15x using “Outbound Sales” strategies nobody’s ever heard of
  • ​Think you’ll ever want to “take a break” and retire? I’ll show you how to guarantee complete & total financial independence in just 4 years with my wealth & asset plan (designed for consultants & experts)
  • ​What’s working the best for getting clients right now (it’s the exact opposite of what worked 3 years ago… simple is beating complicated by large margins… we’ll go over what’s working and how to deploy in your business quickly)
  • ​Under $1M/year in revenue? I’ll show you how to run your capital & cash compensation in a way that PUSHES you over $1M in the next 12 months
  • ​Over $1M/year in revenue? I’ll walk through my asset allocation & asset protection system that simplifies my interests while enhancing my protection and diversification (this uses a series of C-Corps and S-Corps together that is frankly way beyond what anyone in ‘this space’ knows how to teach)
  • ​Are your lead costs rising? Good… that’s a competitive advantage if you know how to offset it. I’m not going to show you how to get cheap leads, my friend Joey is going to share how to drastically improve the revenue each lead produces so you can pay the higher lead costs
  • ​Why you should have a sales team (but only if you manage them correctly… you might already know this but mismanaged sales teams will drain your bank account and ruin the quality of your entire life… our system for managing them is undefeated and VERY very profitable)

…A quick note on the management of sales teams…

Our system is actually so profitable, that companies like Agora Financial and Dean Graziosi have repeatedly attempted to hire me to teach & manage for them.

I have repeatedly turned away the business, instead referring them to my protege and absolutely brilliant student Cole Gordon (who now manages their accounts). Why turn away the business?
Because the amount of money I make by doing it DWARFS the amount of money I could ever make by teaching it. Here’s what this means: I don’t ever teach half of the stuff I’m preparing to teach you on Friday. 
Which begs the question you’re probably asking now: “Why are you teaching it now?”
It’s a worthy question so I will answer it for you. My retirement showed me something about myself that I did not like and have since fixed. It showed me this:

For the Last 7 Years I Was
Chasing the Wrong Thing

Let me explain, then I’m going to give you the investment for this exclusive event and you’re going to lose your mind. I’ve priced this invitation at such a low price for one reason: I want it to sell out.

Anyways — retirement showed me that I don’t really care about being famous. I don’t really care about having a billion dollar net worth. On Thursday, our VIP ticket holders will wine and dine with me and our guest speakers at my house in Franklin, Tennessee.
It is a beautiful 5,500 square ft home on a 5 acre farm right outside the city. There is a pool and a giant fire pit in the back that will be raging. Cigars and drinks will be there in plentiful supply, and we will share business secrets amongst friends that will not be shared or published anywhere else.
P.S. There is ONE VIP ticket left. I don’t care if it sells or not, the crew that is RSVP’d is extraordinary but if you want to join for Thursday, you must email us right now to get a ticket.
All of this I have written to share with you one simple truth: I have everything I want already. There’s nothing else I’m looking to buy, pay for, or accomplish. From here on out it’s all bonus territory. This reality FLIPS around your motivation and makes you really think about what you want in life…
I thought long and hard about it, and I came to a conclusion. You should do this, too… by asking yourself repeatedly, “Where am I most happy? What do I enjoy the most?” When I asked myself this question, here was my answer:


This was a huge realization for me.

In 2014 I had no business and no staff. By 2020 I had two-hundred staff, 3 eight-figure businesses, 4 seven-figure businesses, and a sprawling real estate portfolio. Things can happen VERY quickly when you know the things I know…
The point of this event Friday is for me to crack open the secret vault and, once again, begin teaching. If you are in the business of selling information, expertise or intellectual property — this will be a wildly profitable use of time for your business.
A bit more context and then I’ll give you a link to secure your livestream pass. This is limited to FIFTY passes and I am a notorious hard ass for locking things down when I say I will lock them down. Marketers who say “only 10 left” then proceed to sell 100 — those marketers are cowards and don’t deserve to be studied or modeled.
Fifty means 50 and in the nature of transparency we are already up to 22 tickets sold… that means this page will only transact another 28 passes then it will shut down. So behave accordingly and follow through if you want to attend or get the recordings.
Sales Page:_https://wealthyconsultant.com/misc-559441771661005014890
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