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****READ FIRST*****************************

The Limitless Financial Abundance Mp3s are more than enough for you to see incredible financial success. However for some people they need a limited time pressure cooker. These are people who really want to go beyond just financial abundance , and into a life mastery. For those people this program is perfect, for everyone else I recommend using the Limitless Financial Abundance Mp3


This Offer is only available for month of December. Classes Start Jan 1st, 2023.

This is a 12 Week Program.

Many people don’t realize this, but 10 years ago I was broke and living in my sister’s bedroom in my parent’s house. In desperation, I began applying principles I learned from hypnosis to change my desperate financial situation. Within 6 months, I broke through the 6 figure income gap and was running my own successful hypnosis business.
There is a reason that 99% of all self-help and work-at-home programs don’t work. But before I explain, let me share a little story with you.
Have you ever seen a fly or an insect try to reach the outside by going through a window? It will literally spend hours and hours and hours trying to get through that window. And it thinks if it just tries a little harder, somehow…it will get through that window. But it never does. It ends up dying on the window sill. Have you ever tried to help the fly by opening up a door or another window? Then you know it does not work. The fly just keeps slamming into the window. The only way to help it is to open the same window out of which it has been trying to escape.

Why does this happen? It is because nobody ever told the fly what a window is. Nobody ever explained that it is an invisible barrier that needs to be removed or circumvented.

You too have an invisible barrier that nobody has ever told you about. This is why no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, you cannot seem to reach those income goals that you have. You are constantly coming up against this barrier. This barrier is called your SBS, or subconscious belief system, or, in most of your cases, subconscious BS, because most of our beliefs systems are based on absolute B.S.

Everyone has a subconscious belief system about how much wealth can be made, what is possible, whether or not they are worthy of money, whether or an income increase is a difficult or easy thing to do. All of these beliefs form an invisible barrier. It is not until you remove this barrier and open the window that will you be able to move into freedom.

It is inevitable. It is a basic law of the universe. Once the beliefs have been changed, the reverse will start to happen. They will become a barrier that prevents you from ever financially struggling again. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to stop attracting and making more money. Your SBS system will have a new direction, a new purpose: keeping you wealthy.

What is included in the download?
You will be contacted and interviewed to find out what your concrete financial and life goals are. It is recommended that, at the very least, you wish to double your existing income.

You will also get access to a special account on harperhypnosis.com where you will get:

Think of it this way, with this program
I am your PERSONAL COACH. You’re buying my time and all the tools at my disposal
to help you. This means I am going to be on your ass which means

1 Mandatory weekly updates via email
2. Customized Mp3s if needed ( these are the same I offer in the store )

3. Higher Self readings/diagnosis to ensure you are staying on track. These are using the psychic readings
to diagnose you if you have any sticking issues at any point . its like a cheat sheet to just see what your issues are
instead of spending hours trying to analyze.

4. Select products from the store as included as a foundation
5. Wealth is addressed in terms of health, sex life, life purpose.

6. Coaching will be on the exclusive group coaching so you can others can benefit from the answers and the guidance. This is the only way I can offer the program at a discounted price. Otherwise I would be overwhelmed.

7. Personal Quantum Psychic Healing on Zoom for Negative Belief removal

8. Personal Keyword to access and clear negative beliefs instantly instead of waiting 21 days using subliminals

9. Group accountability and higher frequency group healing sessions on zoom/FB to speed up your prosperity

10. This is a 3 month fast track coaching program to get you immediately reprogrammed for a better life. I need to get you at your goal asap so if you do this there is no whining, no excuses you just do what i tell you to do or you’re out of the program, no refunds.

There is no deciding to procrastinate or wait,
or come back to it. There is no time for analyzing for hours or pontificating “why” you have issues or why you’re stuck.
We just identify them using the tools, clear them out and get you on your way.

No disrespect or assumptions toward you is intended.
I have to be clear about this because our time is valuable
Obviously I could easily charge 5-10k and it would be worth it
based on what you’ve read on the testimonials.

We hit the ground running. It will be uncomfortable and at times scary as everything is when we
go outside our comfort zones. But you will have the tools and the power of your subconscious mind to guide you.

You need to have a good reason WHY before doing this, as in the pain of your current existence is too much
and you need to change, even if you don’t know how or what direction yet. We can determine that for you but
you need to have a burning desire to change. You don’t have to know how, you just need to know something
has to change.

I encourage you to really really think about this before deciding to buy. You’re making a choice to change because
the pain of staying the same is greater than the discomfort of the unknown.
Kind regards and respect as always.


What is the best way to maximize effectiveness?
Follow my instructions and guidelines I specifically create for you..

What is the expected outcome?
Version 2.0 has been updated with focused coaching and customized MP3s for you to reach a minimum of 100k in 6 months. I am hoping though that you will set your goals much higher than that.
1. You will reach your income goals within 6-12 months.
2. You will find that your habits and belief systems radically transform, allowing you to consistently produce a higher income.
3. Any and all financial goals will be reached within 6-12 months.
4. Your life will transform like magic, in an easy, and fun manner.
5. Health, Love life, financial goals met
6. Clarity in what you want and WHY you want it
7. The tools to continue your success even without my coaching

What commitment do you have to make?
Listen to your custom MP3s, follow my instructions and commit to the program for 6 months.

What if I have more questions on how to use it?
Once you begin the course you only have 6 months of coaching. This is to prevent people from wasting my time by sitting on the course for years and it is to encourage you to take immediate action. By this time you should have enough wealth flowing in that you can easily purchase 6 more months if needed at the original price you paid.

What kind of money back guarantee do I get?
Your payment is as commitment to me, to yourself, and to the program. There are no refunds.

Where can I get more information?

there are no coincidences, but I found it ironic that one of the books I brought with me while traveling was added as a reference!

A quick update: I am feeling incredibly blessed and grateful right now. Over the weekend my net worth reached an all time high from the crypto investment I made out of inspiration on March 17th. With the heavy risk on this early investment, I essentially made a 75x of my initial investment.

As a background of my financial situation, I had been unemployed since I graduated in 2019, grew up to ~20K in a fortunate stock recommendation from last June to February, and lost ~80% in an overly emotional trade. I used what I had left to enroll in this course and the rest has fallen sychronistically in place.

It has been so humbling and dreamlike to watch myself go from relying on my parents to being able to start planning on paying for a down payment for a home of my own – or at least my Mom’s dream beach house as a token of gratitude (I’ve had her practice manifesting it, so maybe this is all her manifestation coming to fruition ?).

All said, I’m aware there is still work to be done and lessons to be learned here. Yet another sincere thank you is overdue for Talmadge, Michelle, and the rest of you for your teaching, healing, and support: Thank you all!

– Dana 9/9/2020

Talmadge- I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to getting testimonial to you for wealth and good fortune. When I purchased Wealth Vibration April 2015 I had just been told my company sold my Region territory to another company and while I was going to be working for the new company my role was one level down and my income was likely going to be a little less as well. For reference my W2 during the previous year was $400k and ranged from $350k to $600k over the previous 10 years. The future was definitely uncertain but Wealth Vibration kicked in quickly and I wasn’t ever concerned or in panic but stuck to faith, journaling and kept reading positive books on wealth and self help.

Things started to quickly turn. Just one month after starting Wealth Vibration an old mentor of mine reached out and said there was an opportunity that was coming open and he introduced me to the leaders of another company for a Region with an income opportunity that was in the $600k range. I landed the job and made $550k that first year. Twelve months later the national leadership role opened up unexpectedly and I was promoted to that job and made $750k. Also unexpectedly the company had a change of heart for our division and began to wind down that business line. But by now I was using your other products – luck, Midas touch, ultra depth healing and I never worried.

Quickly word was out that our company was winding down and doors were opening quickly. I had 5 offers to join other companies within 30 days and was about to make a decision when unexpectedly a CEO of a company called me directly and was referred to me by someone else in the industry. We met and quickly came to an agreement and this was an opportunity even better than the other 5. This was 3 years ago and over the last 3 years my annual income with this company went from $750k to making $2M this year. I had $100k in taxes and misc credit card debt that I have cleared up. Unexpectedly a new home came on market that we always admired and two offers before ours fell out so we were now moving to a new home. We listed our existing home right as COVID hit and it went under contract in a week and closed 30 days later which now also net us $250k. So within 2 years we went from $100k in debt to now having $1M saved.

There are so many coincidences and inspirations along this journey that are too many to expand on but to name a few- I was led to books that resonated at the right time on wealth and abundance. I was led to investment vehicles and opportunities. And of course the jobs and income levels were definitely right time right place unfolding in very fortunate ways. Along the way your products have instilled a deep sense of faith and focus. And, the alignment of Fortunate situations and opportunities had been amazing and beyond anything I could have ever planned or anticipated.

Going back to my second product purchased with you – Wealth Vibration in 2015 – the last 5 years have been unbelievable as you can see and in addition- my spiritual awakening and expansion has been as incredible and as abundant as the jobs, income and new home opportunity.

Thank you for all of your work- they have led me to better health, wealth, happiness, peace and relationships. ??❤️

Please keep this anonymous if you decide to use this as you always do.

– Dan T.


Man, you have no idea how my whole life has been driven ultimately by fear. It’s interesting that the same Friday that you wrote to me, I had a pivoting moment in the shower. I woke up to go to work and I took a shower and while I was in la la land I said to myself: “fuck it! I’ve had enough. I’m done with being a little fearful bitch”! Itwas so intense and full of resolve. It was liberating, to be honest.

That Friday I closed $8k in sales alone. I believe that cathartic moment in the shower was kind of like opening the Floodgates of possibility and abundance again. I hadn’t sold barely anything all last week because of my internal conflicts created by my old fears. As of today, I’m a hundred dollars away from $50k in sales for this month and the month closes on the 18th. So that’s awesome.

I’ve decided to let go of fear like you suggested. I can’t thank you enough. Also, I’m learning so much about everything. For example, I can sense when I’m going to get a sale. It’s like a new upgraded sense of intuition. I can seriously feel it. I tell my co workers that and they can’t believe me. But I know you will and you can probably tell me all about it. Lol

Another important distinction between me and my coworkers is that I do not push back or do not fight objections. My sales are effortless. They just happen in natural and in a “tension less” way, if you will.

I can also sense if I’m going to reach my daily sales goal depending on the mind state of that day. If I’m stressed out or if I’m a little anxious about getting the sale, can’t close anything. The more relaxed I get and the more I just enjoy my day, the more I sell.

There is just so so much that I’d like to share with you about my daily realizations but I’m going to stop now. Lastly, I want to tell you that I put a stop on my memory audios goal and I’m doing the find your purpose hypnosis every other night instead. I’ve realized that my priority should be to define which direction I should go in life. Then, I’ll go back to that goal. Do you have any guidance or tips for the Life Purpose audio?

I bought the inner genius awakened gifts 2 on the weekend because I’m super curious to see what would be my WTF experience with that. It’s almost like a positive Russian roulette and I’m beyond excited about it. Do you have a client story or a personal story with that particular audio? I’d love to know about it if you can share.

Again, thank you for your guidance!

Shugo F.


Hi Talmadge,

I saw your email and offer for the discounted price for the Wealth Omega Program, and I wanted to take a moment to send over an update and testimonial for the Program. I started the program towards the end of December, 2018. My main goal was to “Turn My Annual Income Into My Monthly Income”, so have a 12x growth in gross revenue in a year. I was going to do this through growing my existing business, as well as creating new business opportunities in other industries.

Using my average month in 2018 at the starting metric, and comparing it to January 2020, basically one year later, I missed the mark. We only experienced 9x growth! We had been at 10x, although chose to part ways with a client due to a difference in ethics. It felt great to be in a spot to be able to do that and not worry about it!

The remaining part of the increase was missed in large part to fear and beliefs that I hadn’t worked out yet. Fear of failure in a new area. Lack of belief in myself, and my being deserving of that “type of success”.

After identifying that, and consulting with you, I started this year with the Trifecta of Power, and have added in Unleash Your Infinite Power, Magnetic Charisma & Leadership, Unbreakable and just started the Absolute Courage Mp3.

I believe that with the growth that I have had this year personally, I will finish up the 12x goal.

I know these results may not be typical, although there is no reason that they shouldn’t be. I didn’t do anything that anybody else couldn’t do through this process, I just used the tools… and I don’t care what you are currently making, I know very few people who wouldn’t benefit from doubling their income in a year, little lone 9x-ing it!

All the Best and Thanks for All the Tools!


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