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In the dating scene today a lot of men are making some fundamental mistakes when they take women on dates, mistakes that are dramatically impacting their ability to “seal the deal” at the end of the night.

While dating coaches today teach men a lot of high level concepts and psychological principles that help them build stronger happier relationships with women, they aren’t teaching them the nuts and bolts of how to get laid more often from the matches they get on dating, from the numbers they get at the bar, from the connections they make online and this is leaving guys frustrated.

In this book I teach you all the tactical information that men need to know in order to 10x their close rate on the first date. I’m going to teach you how to set the date up properly to begin with, how to smoothly transition the interaction back to your place and how to escalate effectively towards sex once you’re there.


A Tactical Guide To Getting Laid On The First Date:

An Exclusive Reveal On The Timeless Wisdom, Lost To The Sands Of Time – For How To Date, Escalate & Close The Deal With Sex For Any Women You’re Seeing!

As a man…

Being able to pick up, chat with, date, and have sex with new women in your rotation?

… Well, it’s one of the most empowering, enjoyable experiences you can have.

Knowing, for a fact, that you have the ability to:

– STRIKE UP engaging (potentially sexual) conversations with attractive women,

– VIBE & CONNECT with women you’re interested in, getting her more invested in you, and

– CONFIDENTLY TRANSITION into a romantic, bedroom setting with these women,

… is something not enough guys are “unconsciously competent” at.

This means they’re not yet at the “natural” level of being able to do it without thinking too hard, getting stuck in their heads, or completely f*cking it up.

And I am on a MISSION to fix this for men… Why?

Because this is such a GARGANTUAN source of frustration, depression, shame, and embarrassment for millions of men the world over!

And if men were better at this skill, they’d have MORE balanced lives, MORE harmonious relationships, MORE confidence, and perhaps even more SUCCESS!

But first, let’s address the burning question in your mind:

“Who The Hell Are You?”
“Why Would I Trust You To Tell Me How To Do This?”

Well, my name, for those who don’t know me yet, is Stirling Cooper.

I’m an award-winning pornstar.

An ex-male escort (in Australia – where it’s legal, mate).

I even used to get paid to come f*ck wealthy women!

I’ve had sex hundreds of times on and off set, as a young philanderer, and as a swinger!

I’ve had copious women, and insanely high amounts of sexual experiences and lessons I wanna share with you…

… to shortcut your years of toil, frustration, and failure.

Because in the modern world, with all the available information, there’s simply NO reason a guy should be stuck at home, depressed, with his dick in his hand watching porn.

MEN who are committed to their success, best life, growth, and evolution, should be getting results with women consistently.

Point blank, period. And me?

I Wanna Reveal To YOU My BEST Methods
For Dating, Escalating & CLOSING Deals
With The Women In Your Life…

So you can go from lackluster results in your rotations (if you even have one now!) to the push-button, POWERFUL ability to pull women you date into your bed and have sex with them.

Simple as that.

Unfortunately, most guys only understand bits and pieces of the whole dating interaction process.

Maybe they know how to flirt online, but don’t know how to get a woman on a date.

Or maybe they get her out on dates, but suck at keeping the conversation going in a flirtatious, innuendo-packed way.

Perhaps they’ve done all the above, but when they get her home, they fail to make her comfortable, get her in the mood, lead like a dominant man, and seal the deal!

Well, over the years I’ve been getting paid to have sex all over the world.

All the time I’ve spent coaching men about sex, intimacy, and taking 1-on-1 coaching calls or “call-ins” on my channel…

… I’ve encountered the SAME common issue for men of all races, shapes and sizes! It’s all the same!

But once you actually fix these issues, your sex life TRANSFORMS for the better.

And that’s exactly why I’m…


“How To Seal The Deal:
A Tactical Guide To Getting Laid On The First Date”

If you need help in any of the main areas of chatting up, dating, and banging new women in your rotation consistently…

This book is going to be an absolute linchpin for you.

First, I cover basic dating, sex, and escalation principles.

Next, I’ve outlined the concepts into three, brilliantly simply categories for you:


I discuss the most important concepts, like:

– Attractive HYGIENE principles,

– Mental calibration & PREPARATION,

– How to NOT be beta in your text game,

– ENGINEERING your home for success & much more


I cover the 80/20 of dating:

– HOW to make her comfortable, establishing early-touch,

– OPTIMAL seating arrangements on your date,

– RAMPING UP her ‘buying temperature’ via conversation, body language, and

– PRE-FRAMING your eventual pull from the date,

– Places to touch her (and how) and those to AVOID,

… and much more that you need to know now, to avoid screwing up your chances with her.


Once you’ve done the above, there are a few things you need:

– To RELAX her in your home & make her feel welcome,

– HOW to steer the conversation & interaction towards sex,

– My Red/Yellow/Green light methodology for gauging her compliance & attraction to you,

– HOW TO play a very POWERFUL game of push/pull dynamics (with a secret technique I’ve used over and over with great success)

… and so much more!

This is your tactical guide to getting everything you want out of your dates, reliably like clockwork.

All you have to do is click NOW to get instant access:

If You’re Still On The Fence…
Here Are A Few POWERFUL Reasons
You NEED This Tactical Guidebook:

This book will NEVER be anything lower than you see right now.

If you’re familiar with a few of my other products, like my flagship E-book, How I Grew My Penis, or my flagship sex course, Sexual Dominance Escalation

Then you’ll know, I always over-deliver and pack my products full of life changing information, the tactics contained in this book make this price an absolute steal.

I do this so younger guys can take advantage of all my teachings in one place (even if they haven’t got a huge bankroll just yet).

So that’s the first reason…

Secondly, this SINGLE product can take you from a guy who fumbles around on dates, trying to get laid unsuccessfully…

To a Chad/Tyrone who INSTANTLY gets classified into the “Alpha Fucks” category – as soon as you greet the girl on the date.

This is about frame. DominanceCONFIDENCE!

This is about becoming “that guy”, who effortlessly bypasses all of her logical “Anti-Slut-Defenses” (ASD) and “Last Minute Resistance” (LMR) …

So YOU can easily progress things forward, be smooth about it, and get her taking off her soaked panties in no time.

Here’s What My Customers
Are Saying About It:


“Bought your book a while back. It’s a BLOODY GEM of a book mate! Started kegels, and trying to apply everything else I’ve learned too. Tryna be a sex beast like you, haha!”


“The book was AWESOME – changed my bedroom game for the good. Will be getting your course as well.”


“Just wanted to say I find your materials extremely beneficial. The value I’ve received from your books is INSANE. I appreciate your work!”

Still Unsure About The $49 E-Book
To Getting Laid More Consistently From Dates?
Here’s More Hidden Gold Within:

There’s so much more than meets the eye in my compact guide…

For instance, in it, I reveal:

– The 11 SUBTLE techniques you can try on your dates, which massively reduce her LMR (and make her more likely to come home with you),

– 5 PRE-DATE techniques you can apply, to pave your future pull with success & compliance,

– 11 PRINCIPLES you can apply, when you get her back to your place, which will ease her tension, make her feel comfortable (and horny) so you can escalate!

– Old school PUA knowledge that’s been lost to the sands of time (whereas most teachers reveal high-level Red Pill concepts only) – NOT “boost-on-the-ground” technique,

– How to CONVERT all those positive matches and messages on Tinder/Bumble/Hinger to actual dates, and actual “sexcapades” after the date,

– The QUICKEST, easiest way to transform from “unconscious incompetence”, to “unconscious competence”, so you can become a NATURAL!

… plus so much more. This is a book you NEED in your arsenal – and I’ve purposely kept it brief, punchy, and to the point!

This way, you can soak it up, implement it, and start improving your game and success ratios immediately.


If you’re similar to me, you just wanna know what’s up with this product, and fast.

Fair enough. Here it is:

I’ve been traveling the world for years, having sex as a professional pornstar, Aussie escort, and a swinger (not to mention getting paid by wealthy women to come fuck them).

Over this time, as well as a young philanderer, I’ve had countless lays which’ve taught me a SYSTEMATIC way to meet women, prepare for dates, go on dates, and get laid…

… Reliably as the rent’s due each month!

I’ve carefully boiled down my MOST impactful tips and techniques any guy can use, to get far more successful with women.

It’s no-nonsense, 0% filler. It outlines the 3 main areas of successful dating and sex life:

1) Pre-Date

2) On The Date, and

3) Back At Your Pad

It will NEVER be this low again – and if you know me, you know I mean it!

So if you’re sick of floundering around, wondering what to say or do on dates…

And how the hell you’re supposed to smoothly get her back to your place…

And exactly HOW to begin escalating sexually…

Then my tactical field guide has it ALL!

You can grab instant access below.


I trust you to make the right decision…

It’s time to say ENOUGH.

Enough guesswork, enough unnecessary failures! Enough feeling like a boob, when you don’t succeed with pulling.

Grab the tactical guide TODAY, and start leveling up your systematic game approach, and start experiencing:

– MORE dates,

– MORE pulls,

– MORE lays, and

– LESS time & stress spent guessing your way around…

Yours, in stress-free dating and sex life,

– Stirling “Your Surrogate Big Brother” Cooper

Professional Award-Winning Aussie Porn Star

Sales Page: _https://stirlingcooper.com/products/how-to-seal-the-deal.php


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