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What you’ll learn

  • Master the Law of Attraction to manifest an amazing life including, manifesting money, better health and loving relationships, effortlessly
  • Learn self hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind with the latest neuroscience and create your own unique empowering affirmation
  • Happiness: Learn how to be more fulfilled as well as being happier overall – which will in turn, help you manifest more of what you want!
  • Eliminate your toxic beliefs so that you can live the life you dream of having where anything is possible
  • Allow abundance and prosperity to flow into your life with greater happiness and ease. Reprogram your mind for money-making opportunities
  • Attract the right and fulfilling relationships for you. Attract great people into your life and have more rewarding, feel-good relationships
  • Manifest vibrant health, fitness and wellness to become more energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic
  • Use self hypnosis as meditation and mindfulness to reduce harmful stress so you can feel more calm and relaxed
  • Get a completely free bonus course on how to quit smoking permanently, called Quit Smoking with Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis!
  • Get a free certificate and an amazing free gift on completion of this life altering course


  • No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, however this course does require you to have an open mind and enthusiasm to learn about the law of attraction, self hypnosis, mindfulness and latest neuroscience.
  • Be willing to complete practical exercises to manifest more money, better health and loving relationships
  • Have a genuine desire to transform your life
  • Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials online to complete this life changing course
  • Be able to download, view and listen to PDF and MP3 files- To learn Self Hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind


Hi, my name is Chris and I am a bestselling, author and course instructor, with 45,000 happy students. Do you have something you want to manifest in your life? If so, then get this bestselling course, Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Effortless Manifestation now, because, you deserve everything you want. Just hit the buy now button.

Also, if you are interested in how to quit smoking permanently, I am also providing you with a complete free bonus course called Quit Smoking with Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis!   Find out more at the end of this page.

Recent Testimonials.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Hello, I myself am an instructor on Udemy. I taught more than 50,000 students on Udemy alone and I bought countless courses on the platform. This course is by far, the single most important course on this platform. It is absolutely mind blowing. Your subconscious brain is powerful, 95 to 99% of our thoughts actions and habits on a daily basis are driven and governed by our subconscious brain, and being able to rewire and change your subconscious beliefs will help you change and transform your life. Great job Chris, you did an amazing course right here!”

Bestseller Instructor Udemy. Noah Merriby

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The BEST!!!!!!! — Definitely the best course of LOA — Excellently well explained and simple — Very well designed with specific themes — Scientific support of the LOA — PDF of each lesson to facilitate the translation to other languages (Google Traslator) — Excellent teacher — Definitely 100 rating — The teacher answers the questions that same day Very good person and human quality, is a teacher who is there for you. Thank you very much Chris for your passion to help others improve their lives!”

Erika Kings

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“As a Master Hypnotherapist and LOA Expert; I have learned a great deal from Chris and this course. I am always a student in this world, and was guided to this course for a reason, just like everyone reading this review. You are here for a reason. The true value of this course could not be put into numbers; just to say that it has been designed to change lives all over the world, for those ready to take that leap. I HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone! It is easier to direct my clients here, and then work with them on building the new foundation, and healing/clearing whatever stands in the way of it.”

Joshua Weightman

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “WOW,wow,wow. I read the reviews before purchasing and decided to buy it. So glad I did. This is a life changing course with very practical life changing benefits. I binged watch the course and really have been applying the yoga Nidra, did my changing believe, and well as my personal power affirmations. Amazing stuff. I can already tell the changes happening are at the fundamental level. Already, I have been able to control urges of some bad addictive behavior. I did do the yoga Nidra twice a day for about 3 weeks as well replacing my morning meditation with it since it gets me in the alpha and theta which is basically what I try to achieve with my morning meditation. This is the key to directly change thing at the subconscious level, and I be applied myself on this material for about a month now and I am now identifying even some belief I didn’t know where there. Life changing for sure”

Moby Mpems

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Thank you, Chris, for this course. This is easily one of the best courses in Law of Attraction I have ever taken. I have been following Abraham Hicks for years and I find that this course puts everything so clearly. For me, the Guided Self Hypnosis/Changing Limited Beliefs is a game changer. I have never been able to visualise so clearly before. As Abraham puts it, I now feel like a Deliberate Creator!”

Michelle Louw


“At last, an EFFORTLESS breakthrough system that eliminates your toxic thinking and ATTRACTS your Magical life…NOW”      

                       The wait is over! 

Now you can fulfill your dreams such as manifesting; money, vibrant health and loving relationships. 


I was like you before I discovered this unique way of manifesting a life I had previously only dreamt of. I struggled for many years trying to find the right relationships and the prosperity I wanted.

But when I discovered this amazing tool and used it in conjunction with the law of attraction, I have been able to transform my life where I now have financial freedom and am living with the love of my life.

There is no one else that I am aware of teaching these specific methods to help you create the life of your dreams.

Will you choose a new life for yourself?


Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why most of the self-improvement programs or books on the market or even on your bookshelf never work?

Have you noticed that there are some tools that might seem to work for a few people but not for you?

Have you watched the movies “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, “The Secret”, studied the “Law of Attraction”? Have you attended numerous seminars on self-help and positive thinking? Yet, have you been able to achieve permanent & radical transformation in your life?

The Self-Development field is a multi-billion dollar industry and bookshelves are loaded with self-help books. Then why is it that there are millions of people struggling with health problems, financial insecurity, unfulfilled relationships, etc?

Breakthrough your struggle!

Have you wondered why you have worked so hard to make your life work, and strive so hard to manifest more money to pay your bills, to make your relationships more harmonious, and to gain better health, but you just can’t make that breakthrough?

Is there always something missing?

You wonder why, but never find the answer!

Let me make something very clear for you right now:

Here is why…

The majority of popular books or programs on self-improvement only touch the surface of your challenges or frustrations, NOT the subconscious toxic beliefs that cause the problem to begin with!

For example, if you have financial problems, you will be advised to take the expensive wealth building seminars that teach you a bunch of money making strategies. BUT, the fact of the matter is that your financial problems are not solved by tools or techniques to make money, but by something deeper and more fundamental.

If you have relationship problems, people will advise you to go to relationship experts who can give you tons of tips and strategies to improve your relationship. BUT you will find that the fulfilling loving relationship that you have dreamed of is still out of your reach.

That’s because your relationship problems are only symptoms, not the fundamental causes.

Spread your wings and fly …. Effortlessly

When those fundamental issues are resolved in this course, EVERYTHING CHANGES!

✅  Your financial situation starts to change; you start manifesting money and abundance into your life.

✅  Things that you’ve always wanted start to show up in your life EFFORTLESSLY.

✅   You start to feel true joy from your work.

✅   You start to attract the right and fulfilling relationships.

✅   You find yourself more healthy, energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic.

✅   Life will seem so easy and effortless; everything will flow naturally.

If you wonder how you can align yourself to live an amazing life, you have come to the right place.

Make magic happen!

This program is the result of over 30 years studying psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness practices. Unlock the hidden thought patterns missing from your sub-conscious mind to create the life you truly desire.

Discover the MISSING LINK that allowed me to effortlessly manifest the love of my life, my dream home off the coast of Australia, a multi-million-dollar property portfolio, and change THOUSANDS of people’s lives all around the world doing what I love! I really hope you get in and get this course now.

I know you will love this life altering program but if you don’t get all the benefits I promise and more, simply contact Udemy within 30 Days, for a full refund, no hassles, no questions asked.

Join me on this journey of exploration and manifestation by hitting the “Buy now” or “Add to cart” button above.

Start transforming your life now, because, remember, you are worth it.

See you inside.

More reviews from my wonderful students....

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I reviewed my statement/affirmation at the end of the year. I am reminded how much has manifested since I completed my personalized affirmations. I am in a loving relationship. We have purchased a home together. I am no longer working full time which has given me much freedom to pursue the things I want to do. I highly recommend working with Chris.”


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“From the science to the practicality of application, this course develops an inner-mind shift quickly to develop a positive only inner voice. I am thrilled to be learning so much and am in awe of what I am already doing. Chris does such a phenomenal job of explaining such an abstract concept while teaching easy to implement application strategies. The universe wants us to have our deepest desires, and I am so blessed to have found this path!”

Kristen Mannta

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“One of the best course I found on Udemy. This course really has all you need, both theory and practical demonstration of self hypnosis. The more you put your heart into this course, the more you will notice that your life starts changing. I even gave up some bad habits once I stared Yoga Nidra mentioned.”

Avinash Sahel

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“This course is a great blend of spirituality, science, and practical experience. At its heart is the law of attraction…. Chris has enriched our experience of the law of attraction by bringing self-hypnosis into the mix. This practice allows us to create affirmations at a very deep level and manifest our desires much more easily. He gives us effective tools that we can use in our daily lives…..”

Sonja Kaleski

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Excellent course with the best exercise I have ever done to clarify my personal power affirmation. I am using Chris’s guided audio which for me has been like a very deep meditation. The instructor is very kind and thoughtful. He responds to questions almost immediately. Highly recommended.”

Susan Hara

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Chris, thank you for creating this course and sharing it with us! There are so many hyped up LOA courses charging in the tunes of $1000’s which probably doesn’t deliver a fraction of what you teach in this course. I am looking forward to applying what you teach in my daily life and open to receiving the delicious goodies the universe has in store for me!” 
Belle D




Just suppose there were a MAGIC METHOD of stopping smoking which enables any smoker, INCLUDING YOU, to become a non-smoker in 2 weeks:

  • ​Without needing willpower
  • ​Without weight gain
  • ​Without scare tactics, pills, patches, or other gimmicks

What if when you used this method:

  • There is no initial period of feeling deprived or unhappy
  • You feel more confident and better equipped to handle stress
  • ​You can concentrate better
  • ​You do not spend the rest of your life having to resist the occasional temptation to light a cigarette

And… you not only find it easy to stop,
but can actually enjoy the process and become more empowered.



Chances are you would. This simple unique method is just like magic. And what makes it seem like magic? It has been designed after listening to many smokers and utilising the amazing mind tool, hypnosis and self-hypnosis in a pure positive way to deal with the subconscious habit that you have around smoking.

Your mind is like a computer that runs many programs. These programs run on autopilot and help you do things quickly and automatically.

Most of these programs are helpful and useful – like driving a car or breathing.

Some programs, aren’t.

Smoking is a destructive program installed in your brain.

It runs automatically because it’s been part of your daily routine for many years.

How does Hypnosis work?

Some of you may have already experienced or tried hypnosis before but unless you have been taught this particular method of self-hypnosis you have not experienced the full power of what hypnosis can do for you.

Hypnosis is a process of relaxation and self-control. During this process we use the part of the mind which controls our habits and emotions (also known as the subconscious mind) to influence our thoughts and habits.

Through direct and powerful communication with the subconscious mind, hypnosis allows us to communicate with our subconscious mind to re-program our habits and thoughts about smoking.

Hypnosis is an incredibly relaxing experience. It is designed to help you gain control of your smoking habit and provide you with a new healthy life as a non-smoker.

In this course I will teach you three methods to help you become a happy non-smoker.

Firstly, I will teach you how to relax for power

Secondly, I will help you take control of smoking and

Thirdly , I will teach you how to say goodbye to smoking once and for all.

At Last… This uniquely designed stop smoking success system will help you stop smoking within two weeks without withdrawal symptoms or craving cigarettes.

The wait is over!

It will help you take back control of your life and easily become a non-smoker. This breakthrough system has helped thousands of people become, non-smokers.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anybody who is aware of the Law of Attraction or has seen “The Secret” and who would like a simple and effective tool to improve what they think and therefore what they attract into their lives.
  • This course is for you if you are aware that you have negative thinking and negative limiting beliefs and want to replace these beliefs with positive empowering thoughts and beliefs.
  • I designed this course for anyone who has been struggling with the Law of Attraction, and is tired of relentlessly trying to change their mindset or manifest their heart’s desire and getting no results.
  • Anybody who wants to get clear simple to follow steps on how to manifest more money, vibrant health and loving relationships
  • This course is for you if you want to totally transform your life and become a better version of yourself.



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