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“Try Our Genesis Mentorship Program… And We’ll Give You ALL The Expert Training, Direct Copy Feedback, Proven Client-Getting Strategies, And Crucial Mindset Shifts To Make A Full-Time Copywriting Income… While Unlocking The Freedom To Enjoy Life!”

Genesis By Copy Accelerator Is The FIRST Ever FULLY Customized Copywriter Mentorship Program That Hands You A PERSONALIZED Roadmap For Rapidly Improving Your Copy Skills… Booking Yourself Solid With Quality Clients… And Smashing The 5K… 10K… 15K+/Month Mark As A Copywriter!

Keep Reading If You’d Like To…

Get Mentored By Stefan Georgi, Luke Mills, Mario Castelli, And Our Other A-List Copy Coaches

(Who’ve written multiple controls for Agora, Primal Health, VShred, Modern Millionaires and other direct response giants)

“Borrow” PROVEN Strategies And Outreach Templates For Landing Dream Clients And Building A Thriving Freelancing Career

(You’ll work with HIGHLY-successful copywriters earning multiple 6-figures a year consistently. And they’ll share ALL their best secrets for booking yourself solid with ideal clients… no matter how early into your journey you are.)

Use Our Proprietary ORACLE Precision-Feedback System That ENSURES Your Copy Gets Better Week After Week 

(With this TARGETED feedback from world-class copywriters, you’ll quickly surpass writers who spend all their time hand copying 40 year old sales letters or listening to unproven theory.)

Receive PERSONALIZED Copywriting Road Maps… Outlining The EXACT Steps To Take RIGHT NOW To SHORTCUT Your Path To The Copywriting Promised Land!

(Our Genesis members get bigger wins in WEEKS than they used to get in YEARS… because we get you OUT of “Learning” mode and INTO “Earning” mode ASAP.)

Access The FULL Copy Accelerator Training Library… with HUNDREDS of hours of ADVANCED lessons on VSLs, Sales Letters, Ads, Emails, Advertorials… and anything else you’d ever be asked to write. 

(This library is LITERALLY worth over $100,000.00. And it’ll make you a LETHAL WEAPON for any client you choose to work with as a copywriter/CMO/or CRO.)

Get A FREE Virtual Ticket To Our Famous Copy Accelerator LIVE Events!

(These events are regularly attended by the BIGGEST companies in direct response, eCom, and web3.0… and many of them are ACTIVELY looking to hire copywriters.)

Plus so much more! 

EVERY Single Aspect Of Genesis Has Been Carefully Designed… To Help Our Members Generate LIFE-CHANGING WINS In The Fastest Amount Of Time Possible!

Because unlike some “copy coaches” who may have had a few good months here and there…
The three of us (Stefan, Luke, and Mario) know what it’s like to start at the absolute BOTTOM of the copywriting world…
(Working for FREE)
And rise ALL the way to the TOP of the mountain!
In other words…

Genesis Is A Mentorship Program Created FOR Copywriters By 3 Of The Most Successful, Highest PAID Copywriters Active Today!

Not to sound douchey… but that’s an important point to make.
Because you don’t want to put your copywriting CAREER in the hands of someone who BECAME a coach because they couldn’t ever cut it as a copywriter…
(You’d be shocked at what we knew “behind the scenes.”)
Or someone who MAY have been great once… during THEIR time… ten+ years ago.
Because things change FAST in this industry.
And those who step away from the game…
Fall out of touch quickly.
Yet that’s not the case with us.
Because we’re all still ACTIVE in the trenches.
  1. We regularly work with clients who pay us upwards of $50,000.00+ UPFRONT to tackle their projects.
  2. The 3 of us combined have literally helped generate MORE revenue with our copy than the annual GDP of 15 whole COUNTRIES. 
  3. We also regularly HIRE copywriters for our OWN offers… and for offers we have rev share and equity stakes in.

So we have a FULL understanding of the current copywriting/freelance climate.

We Know EXACTLY What You Need To Help You Rise Up The Copywriting Ranks… As Quickly And Smoothly As Possible!

And equally as important… we know what you DON’T need.
You don’t need another copywriting course that’s going to sit on your hard drive unopened.
You don’t need some overpriced swipe file that you barely dig into.
You don’t need to hand copy 5000 letters.
You don’t need to listen to 47 different copywriting podcasts.
You don’t need somebody to lie to you about your current skill level… so that you “feel good.”
We aren’t here to string you along… and create the ILLUSION of progress…
We’re here to help you get REALLY fucking good at writing copy… 
And to make sure you get paid accordingly.
To put it simply…
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