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SSL Sniper – Get Ready for The Google Massacre


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Not 1 out of 100 of your future clients even knows this Google SSL requirement is coming and the few that do have NO CLUE what to do about.

Google will be massively punishing websites lacking SSL certificates.


Google, never known for subtly, keeps ramping u

p the warnings.

Talk about KILLING a business!…This is the massacre we’re talking about.

Tons of local businesses will get hit with the worst of these and not be prepared.

Starting in October of this year, the Google Chrome browser has started frightening website viewers by showing them the above in their address bar on pages with any forms if you don’t have a secure (SSL/HTTPS) website.

Over the last couple of weeks many of the local businesses in your area have already received an email that looks like the following, letting them know how serious Google is about this:

Just A Part Of What You’ll Discover

  • ​The secret structure to setting up your SSL business that’ll have prospects begging to sign up!
  • ​Exactly Where to Find the ideal client for your business style
  • ​How to perform and deliver the SSL service and charge for monthly maintenance.
  • The Misunderstood Secret Of Why Google Is Pushing SSL So Much
  • Caution! Why people fail with just SSL software
  • The simplest, easiest way to close a Client with NO PRESSURE
  • The WORST mistakes you can make with SSL Marketing
  • How to pay a little to get others to do the ‘dirty work’ for you.
  • The clever way we go from ‘little starter sale’ to bigger and bigger sales.
  • What SUCKS And How To Avoid It
  • The sexy way Google will FORCE all your clients and prospects to sign up with you.
  • Believe it or not there are ways to NEVER meet or talk to a client.
  • Why the public’s brainwashing by Google Only helps you make money

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