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Learn The Exact Pinterest Strategy Sophia Uses To Get Over 600,000 Monthly Pageviews + Earn Over 7-Figures a Year.

An extremely in-depth course showing you exactly what Sophia does to receive over 10+ million monthly impressions on Pinterest which directly helps her earn 7-figures annually.

Want to skyrocket your Pinterest account? Want to learn how Pinterest can lead to over 600,000 pageviews a month on your blog?

This course goes over exactly what Sophia does for her Pinterest strategy. Sophia takes you through every step of her strategy from the specific ways to set up your Pinterest account and Pinterest boards, to the secret way she designs and schedules her pins. She teaches you everything she knows about Pinterest so you can replicate her strategy on your own blog.

These Strategies Really Do Work

People just like you are starting their blogs and achieving their dreams every day.

Unlike other courses, I actually show you my methods by going through each step with a real blog, using the exact methods I teach in the course.

I show you everything step-by-step so you can follow along and implement our exact strategies. Trust me — it doesn’t get any more straightforward than this.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Perfecting Pinterest Master Course!

  • Welcome to Perfecting Pinterest!
  • What You Need For This Course
  • Who is Sophia?
  • Facebook Group!

Perfecting Pinterest: The 4 Things You MUST Know About Pinterest (and what I wish I knew before starting my Pinterest account)

  • The Importance of This Section
  • It’s a love/hate relationship…
  • Prepare for this…
  • How My Pinterest Strategy Only Takes 1 Hour a Week
  • How We Have Started Implementing the Pinterest Scheduler Into Our Strategy

Perfecting Pinterest: You NEED To Be Doing This On Your Blog To Rank On Pinterest…

  • Why My Pinterest Method Is Different
  • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
  • What Content Is Worth Using + What’s Not Worth Using
  • The Different Parts of My Blog Posts I Always Think About for Pinterest (SUPER IMPORTANT)

Perfecting Pinterest: How To Set Up A Pinterest Business Account + The Steps You Can’t Forget

  • Why You Need A Pinterest Business Account
  • How To: Properly Set Up A Pinterest Account
  • This Can Be Scary But It’s an Absolute Must…

Perfecting Pinterest: My Method For Creating Pinterest Boards

  • How To Appropriately Set Up Pinterest Boards
  • Everyone Has This…and you need it
  • How I Organize My Boards In Tailwind
  • The Difference Between What We DID and What We Do NOW
  • Boards List Sheet – Google Sheets
  • Boards List Sheet – Printable Version
  • What Pins Do I Add To Boards?

Perfecting Pinterest: How I Actually Create My Pins

  • It Costs $0 To Use This
  • How Many Pins I Create Per Blog Post
  • The NO-NO’s To Pinterest Photos
  • The Extreme Importance of Pin Titles
  • You DON’T Want To Do This When Making Pins

Perfecting Pinterest: My Secrets To Uploading Pins To Pinterest

  • Make this secret…
  • My Specific Way To Titling + Captioning My Pinterest Photos
  • My Exact Pinterest Scheduling Method
  • My Exact Pinterest Scheduling Method for the Pinterest Scheduler
  • The Breakdown of My Tailwind Strategy
  • The Breakdown of my Pinterest Scheduler Strategy
  • Let’s Clarify This…
  • How I am Dealing With The Pinterest Update

Perfecting Pinterest: You Need To Keep It Fresh

  • My Method For Making Old Blog Posts Go Viral On Pinterest
  • This is what I Discovered This Year…

Perfecting Pinterest: That’s A Wrap

  • You Need To Remember This…
  • This is sad I have to do this…


  • Intro To Bonus Section
  • The Truth About Pinterest Impressions and Followers
  • Do I pin to every single board every day?
  • My Unpopular Opinion About Idea Pins
  • There’s been questions about this for scheduling…
  • Videos on Pinterest
  • Tagging Products on Pinterest
  • Insta Stories on Pinterest??
  • Our Strategy For Uploading Instagrams and TikToks to Pinterest
  • Do we still use group boards?
  • Do you ever delete your old boards/pins?

Perfecting Pinterest: Affiliates

  • Want to become an affiliate for Perfecting Pinterest?

Hi, I’m Sophia!

I started my blog back when I was a sophomore in college, and by the time I graduated I was making over 5-figures a month. It definitely wasn’t easy, but it (clearly) was possible.

Pinterest is the reason I have seen so much success on my blog. I SWEAR by Pinterest and wouldn’t have a business without it. Now, I’m showing you my exact strategies so you can see huge success with your own blog.

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