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Access For The Life Of The Course

The entire Social Bank course, including video and text lessons, 10 done-for-you Action Packs, and a fillable workbook so you implement (Value: $2,991)

7 Bonus + Advanced Trainings To Catapult Your Results

Everything from selling in the DMs plus 12 scripts, to 102 caption starters, to 5 Reel types that’ll sell. These 6 bonuses keep the momentum up! (Value: $2,182)

Pay-In-Full Bonus: Email Vault (not available anywhere else)

Email Vault gives you direct access to the written words and templates that have generated 7-figures in online sales and help to nurture an audience of 80,000+ active subscribers. (Value: $197)

It’s 9AM and Instagram is whispering your name.

These all-too-familiar nudges tickle your anxiety.
You know that Instagram is an amazing (free) tool for business, but your to-do list beyond social media is already massive.


(This is coming from an Instagram marketer who’s spent almost a decade on the platform. That’s approximately 305 billion hours – and it’s still not enough.)
Since 2013 when I started out as a social media marketer, I’ve seen Instagram evolve from a basic photo app with funky filters, to a powerful sales tool for business owners.


Social Bank Is An Industry-Leading Online Course For Busy Business Owners Who Are Ready To Attract Their Customers On Instagram – Without Spending Hours Each Day In The App.

It’s a “take action!” kind of course designed specifically for Coaches (health, life, business, relationships – you name it), Service Providers (from freelancers and agencies to in-person businesses like real estate agents and doctors), as well as Product Creators (physical and digital – hello, my fellow course creators!).

Inside, you’re not just getting boring videos of me droning on about how to use “XYZ-latest” feature. Nope!

Unlike any other program on the market, you’re getting how-to trainings AND done-for-you content so that you can implement your newfound learnings on your account today.

And no, you don’t need to be Insta-famous to make sales back to your biz.

In fact, most of Social Bank’s star students and case studies earn 5-figures or more from Instagram, even with less than 1,000 followers.

The key is to convert as you grow.

Social Bank breaks down how to use Instagram efficiently, based on what your business needs the most right now, whether that’s:

  • Visibility in your industry or niche so that your customers are finding, following and freaking out about your offers.
  • Engagement on your posts, resulting in two-way conversations with your ideal customer, and posts that get shared with audiences you’d love to get in front of (#winwin).
  • ​Lead generation so that your followers become email subscribers and your call booking calendar gets booked out.
  • ​Sales of your programs, services and products. ‘Nuff said.

With the Seasons Method™ framework applied to your Instagram strategy, you won’t be wasting time on the app again, trying to make a feature work that your business simply does not need.


The Seasons Method™ Framework To Help You Make Bank
12 Comprehensive Modules of Video And Text Lessons (value $997)

Overwhelmed with all the many features of Instagram and how to apply them to what your business needs the most right now? Let’s make social media for your business bearable and efficient with the Seasons Method™ framework.

  • Video trainings with me, Elise (increase the speed or show captions as I talk)
  • Step-by-step tutorials (broken down in mostly text-based lessons)
  • Up-to-date visuals, demos and GIFs (so you know exactly what your next step is)

Don’t Just “Learn”… Take Action & See Results Right Away
Done-For-You Action Packs For 10 Niches (value $997)

Designed for you to take immediate action on your new learnings, Action Packs do not exist in any other “Instagram for business” course outside of Social Bank.

Inside every Action Pack, you’ll find 100 done-for-you topic ideas that you can use to create any type of content, 50 sourced-for you images that you can post to your feed or Stories, and one virtual community hangout where you can meet other business owners in your niche.

The 10 Action Packs cover a variety of unique niches, including:

  • Art
  • ​Beauty
  • ​Coaching
  • ​E-commerce
  • ​Health
  • ​Network Marketing
  • ​Real Estate
  • ​Services
  • ​Spirituality
  • ​Travel

Taking The Short Cut Isn’t Cheating… It’s Just Smart!
Workbooks, Cheat Sheets and Templates (value $997)

You’re not getting fluff in this course (you know, the usual things people stuff their courses with to justify their value). You’re getting the straight-up goods that’ll get you from “starting” to “selling” as fast as possible.

  • If there’s something you need to work out first on your scratchpad before making it “live,” a printable, fillable, PDF-style Workbook is provided.
  • ​If it’s worthy of being summed up for you, cliffs-notes-style, then you’re getting it in a readable, skimmable Cheat Sheet.
  • ​And if it’s a template that works in my business, you’re getting it. Plain and simple.


Watch Over My Shoulder (In A Non-Creepy Way)
Instagram Account Strategy From Scratch (value $497)

Watch over my shoulder in this 2-hour training as I build out the Instagram strategy for a brand new client account. As an agency owner for 7 years (with some clients with me for 6 of those years), this training is perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants to be an Instagram marketer in their client-based business.
  • Anyone who just wants an inside look at how to create a long-term Instagram strategy that gets results.


Sell Your Low, Mid and High-Ticket Offers With Ease
Selling In The DMs + 12 DM Scripts (value $497)

Struggle with closing sales, for fear of looking pushy or manipulative? You can sell your low, mid and high-ticket offers in the Direct Messages (also known as the DMs) on Instagram (in a non-pushy, non-icky way). With this bonus, get:

  • A 30-minute video workshop sharing proven sales methods to close deals directly on Instagram
  • ​12 copy-and-paste DM scripts (that you’ll edit to match your own voice) to put your learnings into practice


Never Wonder Which Hashtags To Use Ever Again
437 Done-For-You Hashtags For Business (value $297)

If you’ve ever felt stuck on which hashtags to use, check out this 16-page resource where my team and I have done the hashtag research FOR you. This time-saving bonus will ensure that you’re never at a loss for ideas on which targeted hashtags to use in your feed posts or Stories.

Choose from a variety of hashtag categories like:

  • Entrepreneur
  • ​Coach
  • ​Digital Marketing
  • ​Holidays
  • ​Blogging
  • ​Positive Vibes


Never Wonder How To Start A Caption Ever Again
102 Captions For Catapulting Conversation (value $297)

This 17-page resource has 102 caption prompts that you can use whenever you’re stuck on what to say in a caption. Each caption prompt is designed to get the ball rolling for you and include prompts for you to add in your own story and voice. The caption ideas inside cover a range of topics, including:

  • Typical business activities, like working from your home office
  • ​The holidays, like Halloween, Easter and Christmas
  • ​The seasons, including fall, winter, summer and spring


Never Wonder What To Make For Your Next Reel Video
Reel Money: 5 Types of Short Videos That Sell (value $297)

While Reels for business are covered in-depth inside Social Bank (don’t worry – I’m not leaving you hanging on all the how-tos of video creation), this bonus is an advanced training on five types of 15-second videos that’ll help you sell more of your coaching, services and products. In this 30-minute video, you’ll get:

  • A breakdown of the five types of short-form videos
  • ​Why they work for business
  • ​Three examples of each covering a variety of niches so that you’ll be left feeling inspired and amped up to film your next video for business.


Make 1 Video… Post It On *Multiple* Platforms
The Glitch-Free Video Marketing Workshop (value $297)

In this workshop, I’ll show you all the behind-the-scenes of how to make 10+ short-form videos in one session – while avoiding glitchy apps.

I’ve simplified the process and made it as effortless as possible so you can make just one video – and post it across multiple platforms, like:

  • Instagram​
  • TikTok
  • ​YouTube
  • ​Pinterest


Join Forces With Other Business Owners Who *Get It*
Community Group Of Business Owners (value $297)

Inside the private group for Social Bankers only, you’ll gain access to:

  • Live challenges hosted every quarter (some for 5 days, some for 30 days, but they’re all designed to give you a motivational boost into taking action).
  • ​24/7 connection to other business owners in your industry as well as a variety of others where your ideal customer may live.
  • ​A safe place where we celebrate your wins, encourage you to give, and support you in your asks.

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