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Sixty Skills – The Master Course ( 29 Course Bundle)


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The Master Course with Sixty Skills

The Master Course is an 18-Month Curriculum leading to Magical Independence.

If you intend to take this training as far as you can and actually experience what so many can only read about then the Master Course is a rare opportunity to access everything you need. Regardless of your experience, if you follow the instructions in each course and invest the recommended number of hours into your practice then in 18-Months you will be pleasantly surprised with what you are now capable of.

Read on to get more information and please send any questions you have via the contact form.

The Master Course

The Master Course allows you to purchase ALL of the courses in the 18-month curriculum, the reason to do this is to obtain a big saving and secure access to everything you need to take you from zero experience to a level of proficiency where you can generate your own Akasha and Non Dual Light (See the importance of that here), as well as invoke and evoke with a full understanding of the underlying mechanisms leaving you free to explore the magical universe. You will know how to wield the elements, create rituals, charge objects and magical spaces, perform evocations and so much more…you will know how to do these things and you will know why it works.

The Master Course is the best option for serious students, as it provides a generous discount. If you were to buy each course separately, it would cost you $1,050. However, by purchasing “The Master Course,” you can get access to all the courses at a discounted price of only $600. This means you save $450 by buying the master course. Additionally, with inflation, the price of individual courses is likely to increase in the future. By purchasing the master course, you secure access to everything you need to learn magic at a lower cost and avoid paying more later on.

It contains the ENTIRE 18-Month curriculum, 30 separate courses giving you everything you need with structure and clear communication to bring success. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to unlock your full potential – sign up for the Master Course today!


The curriculum comprises 10 levels that span over a period of 18 months, providing students with a comprehensive set of skills (numbered 1-67) necessary for the development of their Physical, Astral, and Mental bodies. The entire curriculum, along with links to each course, has been listed in this post. Please note that some courses are repeated across multiple levels for the sake of efficiency as multiple skills have been combined into one convenient course. Prior to enrolling in a course, please ensure that you possess the necessary required skills, which are provided on the courses page. Additionally, we recommend viewing the preview videos to gain insight into the course’s content. If you have any inquiries regarding the suitability of a course or where to begin, please do not hesitate to contact us. However, we suggest following the curriculum sequentially or purchasing all courses through the “Master Course” for optimal learning.

Here are all the products that are included in your bundle

  1. Learning How To Concentrate
  2. Building The Chi Ball
  3. The Secret Smile
  4. Electric & Magnetic Lines of Force (Static)
  5. Autosuggestion (AKA “the mala method”)
  6. How to Breathe Astral Energy
  7. Developing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Claireaugstance
  8. Training the Electric/Magnetic Lines of Force with Movement
  9. How to Generate Mental Energy
  10. Creating Your Life’s Movie
  11. Training the Four Elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth)
  12. Room Impregnation: Filling Your Sacred Space
  13. Resistance Training for Magicians: The Yoga of Strength
  14. The Three Transformations: How to Convert Your Energies
  15. Establishment of Equilibrium: The Four Elements and Magic
  16. Transference of Consciousness and the Grain of Sand
  17. Astral Walking
  18. Power Walking with Weights: The Walk of the Magicians
  19. The Zero Point: Out of Body Projection for People Who Can’t
  20. Creation of Elementaries
  21. Walking with the Elements
  22. Mental Wandering: Intelligence Gathering and the Real OBE
  23. The Void Meets Infinity: Akasha and Non-Dual Light Breathing
  24. Rebounding: Fah Jin, Empty Force and Fascia Development
  25. How to Learn Kabbalah from the Spirit World Via Evocation
  26. The Chi Circulation Method
  27. SixtySkills Extra: Advanced Clairvoyance Training
  28. Volting: Expressing Your Will in the Universe
  29. How to Construct a Ritual

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