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Want steady income and rapid gains without taking big risks? The Stacked Profits Strategy. How Danielle Shay targets 50% to 1200%+ returns within days using her “hybrid” stacked Butterfly strategy

This strategy is designed to achieve at least a 3:1 profit to loss ratio on every trade…

If you trade stocks or options then you’ll appreciate why this simple strategy is such a breakthrough (especially if you have a smaller account).

You’re about to discover a new low-risk way to hit consistent doubles, triples, and even home runs like these:

MSFT 200%
LULU 300%
ADBE 100%
MDB 246%
BYND 617%
AMZN 1200%
Danielle Shay, the Director of Options at Simpler Trading, figured out how to ‘triple stack’ the traditional Butterfly strategy to combine the best features of conservative income strategies with the exponential profit potential of buying call options.

Are you looking for a way to profit in trending and choppy market conditions?

Want to know how to turn each $1 of risk into gains of $4 (or more)?

Then Danielle’s Stacked Profits Strategy is just what you need. This is what earned her the nickname “Butterfly Queen” in our online trading community.

Learning how to trade options in a strong bull market transformed Danielle from a struggling single mom into a successful swing trader. But when the market turned volatile in 2018 she had to find a new way to generate consistent income and profits. So she drew inspiration from different strategies and ran exhaustive tests with her own money. She didn’t quit until she reverse engineered a process to ‘rinse and repeat’.

The secret to the Stacked Profits Strategy success is Danielle’s ‘hybrid’ Butterfly. It’s designed to achieve at least a 3:1 profit to loss ratio on every trade.

It’s a ‘hybrid’ because it combines the lower risk features of an income trade with the leveraged profit potential of a long call option.

Like many, Danielle used to believe the Butterfly was a complex strategy. But after being inspired by Simpler Trading’s Vice President, Henry Gambell, she developed a simple 7-step checklist that’s easy enough for newer traders to follow.

This is just one of the many case studies in the Stacked Profits e-Learning Course.

Whether you have a little or a lot of capital, “Stacked Profits” aims to help you take advantage of opportunities for consistent income and extraordinary gains with limited risk.

  • Danielle’s Stacked Profit Formula (including her Watchlist, Checklist, and Scans)
  • How to hit regular home runs without striking out (even if you’re new to trading)
  • Learn the secret to turning $1 into $3 (or more) in under two weeks
  • How to quickly and easily adapt to trending and choppy market conditions
  • How to strictly limit risk and enjoy rapid returns with confidence

The Stacked Profits Course includes step-by-step e-learning modules so you can go through each lesson at your own pace and truly absorb Danielle’s ‘triple stack’ Butterfly strategy (even if you’re new to trading).

  • The Method Behind the Madness
  • Seven Steps to a Perfect Fly
  • Identify Your Directional Setup
  • Overlaying Support and Resitance to Identify Targets
  • Using the Options Chain to Perfect Your Trade
  • Building Your Perfect Fly – Putting it All Together
  • Butterfly Management Tips and Tricks

The Elite Package delivers a next-level training and trading experience for traders who want to learn all they can.

You get access to the Stacked Profits Mastery Program that includes live-trading sessions with Danielle Shay (membership renews at $597 per quarter.)

This is your opportunity to learn while watching Danielle personally apply this high-reward trading strategy. Live trading guidance every month is a way to learn in real time and elevate your trading skills to a higher level.

At Simpler Trading we believe that interacting with Danielle during market hours and watching her live searches for low-risk setups can rapidly grow your mastery of trading. Learn how to apply the “Stacked Profits” strategies in real-time market conditions and participate in live, interactive question-and-answer sessions with Danielle.

The Mastery Program includes Push Alerts between monthly sessions signaling Danielle’s trades in real-time.

Mastery members also receive Weekly Watchlists and a Trade Spreadsheet to follow Danielle as she stalks and tracks trades. Members get to collaborate with fellow member traders on current trading topics.

You’ll also be signed up to receive the Five Star Trader Newsletter that delivers weekly updates from Danielle on market analysis, tips, tricks, and special bonuses.

In addition to the Mastery Program, trending and choppy conditions are covered in the “Stacked Profits” recorded Strategy Class. The strategy is designed to catch precise up and down swings relative to any direction the market turns.

With the Elite Package you can take advantage of Danielle’s previously recorded popular live-trading sessions. All these extra recorded sessions help bring together everything you learned in the Strategy Class by following recordings of Danielle’s trading during market hours. Make this strategy your own by quickly turning your new knowledge into action.

Following Danielle’s examples in the recorded live trading sessions will show you how to create winning trades. So come back and revisit them after the fact, to understand HOW they play out. Danielle explains these trades, along with a final trading plan review and psychology session.

Each day of recorded live-trading multiplies your learning experience and profit potential. With the Elite Package, you give yourself the chance to maximize this exclusive opportunity.

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