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Find out why this is one of Danielle’s most profitable strategies

With most strategies, traders are at the mercy of the markets, watching and waiting for their favorite patterns to appear.

However, earnings season repeats around four times a year and covers 10 weeks out of a quarter. This makes it a predictable time to identify opportunities.

Using her time-tested formula, Danielle nails quarterly gains, no matter what goes on in the overall markets. All she does is wait till stocks on her watchlist enter the “Hot Zone”, like this…

During pre-earnings season, you’ll see moves like this – multiple setups at one time, all coming through, which leads to large percent gains. You can focus on that as well.

Since earnings season comes around every quarter, it’s one of the most reliable things in the market…

And with Danielle’s proven formula, you’ll discover there’s opportunity everywhere.

Why is earnings season so predictable for Danielle’s formula?

While we may not have any idea of when a major world event will occur or when the market will rally or pullback – that’s not the case with Earnings season because it repeats without fail four times a year.

This is the system that let Danielle become a full time options trader ten years ago. Today she’s the Vice President of Options at Simpler, but back then she was a struggling single mom with a dream. Being her most lucrative time to trade every year, this is just one of the reasons why it’s one of her favorite strategies.

Because so many traders in our community wanted to learn how Danielle generates consistent gains each quarter, she decided to teach the complete strategy (including how she identifies “Hot Zones”).

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

  • Case Study: Danielle’s 75% winner in John Deere (that continuously repeats itself)
  • The secret to Danielle’s most lucrative time to trade
  • How Danielle exploits 3 Earnings patterns every quarter
  • 5 key numbers to know if you’re going to trade Earnings season
  • Each Earning’s quarterly patterns that repeat themselves again, and again (and how to trade them)
  • Case Study: Danielle’s 110% winner in PLTR

ELITE / $1,597

Includes Strategy Class + E-Learning Module + Earnings Hot Zone Indicator + 3 Days Premium Recorded Live Trading + 3 Days Elite Recorded Live Trading + Stacked Profits Mastery Quarterly Rate
During these three additional days, continue to watch recordings of Danielle as she manages, watches, and adjusts her trades accordingly.

Having all six days of recorded live-trading is a fantastic opportunity giving you the chance to dive deeper into each individual trade as you’ll watch her setups over a longer period of time.

If you know how much you can learn and grow as a trader during just ONE recorded session, imagine what SIX could do?

Plus, if you’re still wondering why this package is the best choice for you, the Elite Package also includes…

Stacked Profits Mastery
Danielle’s “Stacked Profits Mastery” program where she shares her trades in real-time is only included in this package. Worried about missing her trades? With the Mastery, trades made by Danielle can be sent via push notifications to your mobile device so you won’t have to worry about missing a thing!

When you join “Stacked Profits Mastery” (Quarterly Rate) you get access to all of this:

Case Study: Danielle’s AMZN trade that made 1,200% gains

Know exactly how to design 3 to 1 profit opportunities

The secret to finding low-risk trades that are also high-reward

How to optimize setups with Danielle’s fool-proof checklists

Dependable ‘triple’ strategies for trending and choppy markets

And so much more…

With “Stacked Profits Mastery,” you get to follow Danielle’s trades without even watching the market if you choose. The overall goal is for you to master Danielle’s strategy at your own pace while following her trade alerts. Why go at it alone when you can follow an experienced trader in real-time?

Simpler Trading – Quarterly Profits Formula ELITE

1 – Earning Strategy Class

Earnings Documents

  • About- Earnings Hot Zone Help Sheet.pdf
  • Classroom Details_ The Quarterly Profits Formula.pdf
  • Earnings E-Learning Module.pdf
  • Earnings Hot Zone – Settings.pdf
  • Q2 Glossary for Earnings Class.pdf
  • Q_A For Danielle_s Quarterly Profits Formula Class.pdf
  • Quarterly Profits – Earnings Class Q2 2021 V1.pdf
  • Quarterly Profits – Earnings Class Q2 2021 V2.pdf
  • The Quarterly Profits Formula Scans.pdf
  • Watchlist Columns.pdf
  • What did we learn checklist.pdf

Earnings Homework

  • Four Types of Options Trades.pdf
  • Glossary for Stock and Option Traders.pdf
  • How To Read Text Alerts.pdf
  • Risk checklist.pdf
  • Squeeze-Checklist.pdf
  • The Squeeze PPT.pdf
  • Understanding and Applying Trade Alerts.pdf

Earnings Strategy Class – Prerecorded

  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 1 All about Earnings.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 2 Key Facts to Know.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 3 Quarterly Trends.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 4 Three Distinct Opportunities.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 5 Using Your Tools.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 6-1 Run into Earnings Strategy.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 6-2 Run into Earnings, trading with Options.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 6-3 Run into Earnings Examples.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 7-1 Trading the Report Strategy.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 7-2 Trading the Report Using Options.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 7-3 Trading the Report Examples.mp4
  • QuarterlyProfits Chapter 8 Confluence and Conclusion.mp4

Earnings Strategy Class – Saturday Live Session

  • Danielle-04-10-2021-Part-1.mp4
  • Danielle-04-10-2021-Part-2.mp4
  • Danielle-04-10-2021-Part-3.mp4
  • Danielle-04-10-2021-Part-4.mp4

Fibonacci Folder

8_34 Moving Average Cross Indicator

  • FQ EMA Trigger for ThinkorSwim Manual.pdf

Indicator – IMPORTANT – Read Manual First

  • FibQueen_EMA_TriggerSTUDY.ts
  • FQ ebook-Demystify-Trading-Tools.pdf
  • FibQueen-Welcome-Packet-FINAL.pdf

Swing Trading Examples

  • FQ Royal Setup Writeup.pdf
  • Method Behind the Madness – AMZN final.pdf

Trading Futures – Examples

  • Day Trading the ES with Fibonacci.pdf
  • Futures with Fibonacci – final.pdf

Trading Plans

  • 10 Steps to Fibonacci Success final.pdf
  • BasicDayTradingPlan.pdf
  • BasicSwingTradingPlan.pdf
  • Danielle_s Trade Plan – August 2017.pdf
  • FQ – Preparing for the Trading Day.pdf

Using Different Triggers

  • Fibonacci Swing Trade Triggers and RAF.pdf
  • Trading the Break in Symmetry – FQ.pdf
  • Which Time Frame Trigger Are You Using – FQ.pdf
  • WEBINAR REPLAY Earnings Season Danielle_s 3 Setups To Predict Quarterly Profits.mp4

2 – Earnings Hot Zone Indicator

  • 1618110003448.png
  • About Earnings Hot Zone Indicator.png
  • About Earnings Volatility Indicator.png

Earnings Indicator Session

  • Indicators with Duncan Part 1.mp4
  • Indicators with Duncan Part 2.webm
  • ST_EarningsHotZoneSTUDY.ts
  • ST_EarningsVolatilitySTUDY.ts
  • Settings for Earnings Hot Zone Indicator.png
  • TOS_Indicator_Install_Simple.mp4
  • Troubleshooting within TOS .png
  • View TOS Installation Guide.png

3 – 3 Days Pro Live-Trading

  • 1646_ChatLog_04-14-2021__11.30.934_PM.txt
  • ChatLog_Thu Apr 15 2021.txt
  • Danielle-04-13-2021-Part-1.mp4
  • Danielle-04-13-2021-Part-2.mp4
  • Danielle-04-15-2021-Part-1.mp4
  • Danielle-04-15-2021-Part-2.mp4
  • Danielle-04-15-2021-Part-3.mp4
  • Danielle-04-16-2021-Part-1.mp4
  • Danielle-04-16-2021-Part-2.mp4

4 – 3 Days Elite Live-Trading

  • Butterflies 101.pdf
  • Danielle-Shay-04-20-2021-Elite-Part-1.mp4
  • Danielle-Shay-04-20-2021-Elite-Part-2.mp4
  • Danielle-Shay-04-21-2021-Elite-Part-1.mp4
  • Danielle-Shay-04-21-2021-Elite-Part-2.mp4
  • Danielle-Shay-04-21-2021-Elite-Part-3.mp4
  • Danielle-Shay-04-21-2021-Elite-Part-4.mp4
  • Danielle-Shay-04-21-2021-Elite-Part-5.mp4
  • Danielle-Shay-04-22-2021-Elite-Part-1.mp4
  • Danielle-Shay-04-22-2021-Elite-Part-2.mp4
  • Danielle’s Quarterly Profits Pro LT notes.pdf
  • 9fa4568b4ca9bd838012ab8f5ed5b249.jpg
  • 1617896532176.png
  • 1618105607872.png
  • SalesPage.txt
  • a97d5a4fb8705ea8b4b22f6f33269ef0.png
  • basic-block-graphic.png

Sales Page: _https://www.simplertrading.com/quarterly-profits-formula/


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