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9 Weeks of Training to Go from Absolute Beginner to Top 0.1% of All Publishers.

Week 1 – The Mindset

You will learn and develop the mindset and the approach towards publishing all 6 and 7-figure earner takes. Prepare for a complete paradigm shift on how you view publishing as a business.

Week 2 – Choosing Your Niche

Learn my unique, 3-step system to finding profitable, low competition niche and keywords on demand. It is by far the most accurate method, and no one else knows about this.

Week 3 – Creating Your Best-Selling Book

Week 3 is all about creating 5-star quality books that will stand out from your competition and sells for years. You will learn everything from customer research, hiring a ghostwriter, and designing the book cover.

Week 4 – Growing Your Fan Base

Dive deep into building raving fans that are HUNGRY to read and review your books. You will learn the best way to RAPIDLY build your email list at little to no cost.

Week 5 – Launching Your Best-Seller

Discover how exactly the Amazon algorithm works, and the #1 most effective book launch strategy that will rank your book and make it an Amazon best-seller.

Week 6 – Mastering Ads

This Amazon ad masterclass will show you step-by-step exactly how to create, optimize, and scale your ads, along with a secret ad platform that no one knows about.

Week 7 – Audiobooks and Going Beyond Amazon

Discover how to tap into the extremely profitable audiobook market. You will learn how to easily turn your book into an audiobook as well as diversifying your portfolio beyond Amazon for even more passive income.

Week 8 – Automation – Building Systems So You Can Be Free

You want to build passive income, not another 9-5 job. In this module you will learn exactly how to automate, systematize, and build your top-tier team so you can achieve true freedom.

Week 9 – Scaling Your Publishing Empire to 7-Figures

Who said publishing is just a side-hustle? In Week 9, you will learn the advanced strategies that took my business from $10k a month to $35k a month, as well as how to EXIT your business for multiple-6 or even 7-figures.


Inner Circle Facebook Mastermind Value $2,000

Join an energetic community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Learn directly from other 5 and 6-figure publishers, get inspired, ask questions, make friends and have fun!

Expert Mentorship on Demand Value $3,000

Get personalized mentorship from Sean and other experts who can help you solve your problems and provide direction. Includes monthly Q&A calls, recordings, livestreams and 24/7/365 support.

A Giant List of 150 Profitable Niches Value $2,000

Don’t know which niche to go into? How about saving some time with a cheatsheet of over 150 proven niches that we’ve found over 5 years of research?

DFY templates, Emails, and Cheatsheets Value $1,000

Save yourself hours of headache with our pre-written emails, done-for-you templates, contracts, and much more to make your publishing business nice and simple.

Insider Access to Top-Tier Team Value $2,000

Save years of your valuable time and money trying to find a good freelancer for writing, cover design, formatting, and any other tasks. Get access to our go-to freelancers that are proven to provide top-tier results.

Amazon Ads Masterclass Value $1,000

There are courses just on Amazon ads that charges $797 or more. With FSP, you will receive a masterclass on how to dominate with Amazon ads for no extra charge.

Low Content Accelerator Value $1,500

In this in-depth, bonus mini-course, you will learn how to start generating income with books that you can create for free.

ACX Creation for International Students Value $1,500

Do you live outside of US, UK, Canada, or Ireland but still want to tap into the high profitable audiobook market? You will learn exactly how to set up your company so you can legally publish on ACX.

Lifetime Updates Value $5,000

We don’t just sell courses, we are also in the trenches every single day building our own publishing business. This means whenever Amazon make any changes (which happens very often), we will know to update our lessons accordingly.

A Millionaire Mentor That Actually Walks The Talk Value $10,000

Let’s be real here. Most online “guru’s” teach things that they don’t even do themselves. This means that if you follow their tactics, you will never achieve any results. Sean became a millionaire at age 26 from actually publishing, not from selling courses. You will be learning the exact strategies Sean used to go from $0 to $1 Million.*

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