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Million Dollar Shop®

Your store is like a map…you’re either leading them to BUY or leading them to LEAVE!!!

Do you want your dreams to come true?

Seems like a silly question, right? Of COURSE, we all want our dreams to come true and we want a quicker, faster, easier way to get there…a map, someone to hold our hand as we walk through uncharted territory.

Just as YOU want YOUR dreams to come true, so do your customers!

You have to show your customers that you can solve their problem, help them achieve their dream WITH YOUR product.

If you can’t, they leave and you don’t get YOUR dream.

See in product creation, YOUR dream is ALL ABOUT HELPING THEM CREATE THEIRS!!!!

I sell printables in my store. I help people create their dream of being more organized, being less scattered, less overwhelmed.

So you COULD throw up a store (or a link to buy on your blog) and expect sales, but you’re not helping anyone reach their goals, OR you can take your dreams seriously right now and set up your shop in the right way, using the right method…Shopify.

Before I started on Shopify, I released a product and it bombed. I sold 3 copies.

You can admit that having an email list with 50,000 people on it and getting 3 sales is a total failure, right? I mean, it bombed HARD!

I put that SAME product on Shopify a few weeks later and got 52 sales!

The only difference I made between 3 sales and 52 sales was the platform I used to sell the item on.

Shopify got me 52 sales in that first baby launch!

That’s when everything changed for me. It was all about the platform and setting it up in a way that would GET SALES!

Because what’s the point of getting traffic to your site, if when they GET THERE, they DO…NOT…BUY!

That first month on Shopify, I ended up making an insane amount of money ($52,060)!

It’s been absolutely crazy!

For a girl who used to be homeless…for a girl who used to survive on only $18k/year with 2 kids to support after my ex-husband abandoned me. That girl now makes multi-millions/year in her Shopify store! I just couldn’t believe it.

Believe me when I say that your Shopify store is like a map. You need to LEAD your potential customers where to go.

But how do you do that?

How do you set up a Shopify store that actually converts? Run a Google search and you won’t find this type of training anywhere else. So how can you really KNOW what works and what doesn’t?

Answer…you ask someone who’s been in e-commerce for 24 years!

Me. 🙂 I can do this in my sleep! It’s CAKE! And remember, MY dream is dependent upon YOU meeting YOUR dream, just as YOUR dream is dependent on you meeting YOUR customers dreams. So you know that I’m gonna bust my butt to make SURE, absolute SURE, that you succeed in this course!!!!

Because MY dream has always been and will forever BE, getting every mom I possibly CAN, HOME with her kids. I believe every mom should have the option of staying home with her children, regardless of income. I do it. I’ve done it. And I wanna teach as many people as I possibly can how to do it too!

That’s my dream. What’s yours?

  • Do you want to work from home instead of leaving your kids with a babysitter all day?
  • Do you want to set up a passive income stream so that WHEN you ARE home, you actually get to spend time with those you came home FOR?
  • Do you want to set up a retirement fund, a college education, a savings account to travel with?
  • Do you want to bring your husband home from work so you can spend more time with him?

Whatever your dream is, I’m here to help you make it your reality! <3

Then it happened…

About a year ago, God convicted my heart (I’m gonna cry). I was looking around at other courses and I see the scam.

They get you to buy their course and sell it with a bunch of smoke and mirrors, making you think it’ll work for you, making you think it’s a solution to your problem (holding back tears), but the truth is, that you get in there and they give you JUST ENOUGH…the most smallest amount of information they CAN so that they can then, very sneakily, sell you on more personalized coaching.

More personalized coaching could look like a conference or spend the day with them in their home for $15k or another coaching package or an exclusive Facebook group or further training.

So that the jist of it looks like this:

Free webinar to wet your appetite with one good jewel in it to make you believe they know what they’re talking about and can solve your problem -> You get on their email list -> They pitch you an upsell or a course pretty quickly after -> You buy a course that gives you enough for today (“give a man a fish” mentality) -> You have to keep buying MORE FISH (they get more of your money)!!!! And they try to sell you a coaching program that costs way more than you can afford.

It was in that moment that God spoke straight to my heart. He convicted me that He didn’t want me to be a lady who “gives a man a fish”, He wants me to TEACH people HOW to fish.

The saying popped into my mind, “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

My JOB…tears, to GOD, the almighty LIVING GOD (!!!), my REQUIREMENT to HIM, is that I TEACH YOU HOW TO FISH!!!!

I’m not here to give you a fish and satisfy you today and keep selling you fish so I can keep getting your money.

I’m here to open up an entirely NEW PATH, a new chapter in your life, so that you can learn HOW to fish. You’ll learn HOW I do what I do and why I do it. Not, hey here’s some cool printables, make these.

I WANT YOU (so desperately in my heart) to succeed. Tears. I WANT YOU to have the life you dream of. To have everything you want because you deserve it. We only get one life, just one, and if you can do something FROM HOME, where you don’t have to leave your kids, and do something you love and are passionate about, WHILE making money, that’s the life I want to help you create.

That’s my purpose here on Earth. That’s literally why God put me here.

It’s why I’ve been through (tears) SOOO much in my life. Homeless, abandoned, everything. It was all to lead me HERE, right now, to teach you how to have a life others dream about. To give you a better life. One where you can be happy and not have to ever worry about finances ever again!

I want to give you that life. I want you to have it. Because life isn’t about making money or having a lot of it, even though I do, it’s about family, and friends, and being happy. Living the life YOU want and not being bound…shackled even, to a dollar amount.

I want to give you FREEDOM.

Freedom to travel, to build that college fund for your kids, to save for retirement, to buy a car or large purchase with cash. I want to give you that life because anyone who works hard enough to set up that kind of life, CAN have it.

I worked hard to get to where I am. No, setting up an empire on Shopify isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work. But when you get things set up, it IS passive. You get sales while you sleep.

I have TIME to create courses and spend time with my family and do all the things I love to do in life BECAUSE I make passive income. I want to have freedom over my time and if you’re reading this, I’m SURE you do too!

That’s how this course is different. It’s made with LOVE, as is everything I do. It’s made from a passionate place in my heart, with a desire for you to truly succeed. To not hide from you all my secret tricks, but to teach you HOW to fish so that you can have that life you dream of.

Who is this course for?

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels trying to make it online and want to create a more stable and lucrative path that NO ONE can take away from you!

The world wants you to spend all your time hustling your butt off.

But as a single mom, I knew I wanted more. Fed up, I started making my OWN products.

Something NO ONE can take away from me.

I make AMAZING money on Shopify alone, not even counting my blog and work 9-10 hours a week for both. Life is good and you know what, I don’t have to hustle to make it. Maybe you wont make that much. Maybe you’ll make half that or one-tenth of that, but you’ll do it on your OWN terms using your OWN strategy and your own passions and strengths.

This course is for you if you want to stop spinning your wheels right this second and invest in your long-term future.

If you want to be home with your kids. Work on the stuff YOU want to work on and have a fantastic life. Who knows…even help your husband quit his job!

It starts today and it starts inside of you. The second you say, “I’m sick and tired of hustling. I want to make more and work less.”

Unfortunately, some people try to go it themselves. This is a huge mistake and almost always leads to failing. Here, a student shares how they tried and failed at Shopify before coming across my stuff and now, after going through the course and implementing it, is rocking sales!

What You’ll Learn:

Your Shopify store is like an empire you’re creating. You CANNOT just slap up some two by fours and expect to have a solid structure to build on. You absolutely MUST build it in the right way.

There’s a lot of decisions you’ll need to make. A lot of things you’ll need to know how to set up. Things that work, things that don’t. You’ll need to know all that.

This course is like a roadmap, a blueprint if you will, to building your own empire on Shopify.

Without it, you won’t make nearly as much as you will if you have all your ducks in a row. After completing this course, you will have a solid foundation in which to build your products around.

And heads up, most all of your competitors won’t take the time to set all this up in the right way, so if you DO, you’re light years ahead of them and YOU get all the sales they miss out on!!!

I started out with ONE product and now have 198.

The cool thing is that once you’re all set up, it basically runs itself. In all of 2019, my store was completely run 100% on autopilot passively.

Each month, I’ve been making FANTASTIC income and it all started with everything I’m going to teach you in this course…setting up a proper foundation and getting your products on Shopify!

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