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Sounds Way Too Good To Be True…
Doesn’t It?

I don’t blame you for thinking that…in fact, it only took me 30 years of wasting so much time giving “free advice” while not “seeing” the real opportunity in front of me the entire time.

I invite you to stick with me through this letter so you can become financially indestructible with a simple shift that I promise is easier than your current model of doing business and growing wealthy.
Fact is: even if you’re the highest-paid Coach, Consultant, Expert, or Agency Owner….the Time for Money Trap is a Fool’s Game.
Not Designed to create real wealth…
Not designed to create real freedom…
Leverage and predictability are the real keys to becoming wealthy and stress-free no matter how much you get paid hourly or daily.

When I Looked At Closely…A Coach Or Consultant’s Entire Financial Stability Is Really A 1 Legged Stool That Can Topple At Any Moment

One personal crisis…a global economic depression…or pandemic away from losing the income…an entire client base…and take a TSUNAMI type destruction financially.

I’ve seen more fortunes get wiped away from the banks of some of the brightest, most famous “experts” who made a great living as consultants, speakers, and coaches…
…but did NOT own equity and receive distributions monthly from businesses they had helped along the way.
The private jet pictures become a sad memory…homes sent into foreclosure…marriages ended…and the “guru” begging to get back on seminar stages for pennies of what he or she was paid a decade prior.
You don’t have to believe me…I’ve seen it a million times…and have personally experienced glimpses of this myself.
Which is why I vowed to NOT become the “Dancing Bear” on the stage who only was paid WHILE dancing.
I owed it to my wife, my kids, my partners, and my future vision! (and so do you)
Just recently, a very well-known high-paid consultant, who also ran an agency, passed away suddenly way too young.
His wife left scrambling.
The income was high…but the Net Worth was not.
Without Recurring Revenue that DOES NOT depend on your monthly efforts or inputs…and equity that runs without you…you are vulnerable.
Especially right now with the economic uncertainty looming off in the distance.

Tony Robbins Was Guilty Of The 

“Dancing Bear” Trap

Even Tony Robbins openly admits that he fell victim to being a “dancing bear” for the first 12 years or so as the #1 Personal Development Coach in the world.

It wasn’t until he realized that his “personal platform” needed to become a machine towards building Recurring Revenue and Equity. 
The latest reports shared that Robbins has acquired 67 new companies this year alone. Think about that: the World’s Greatest motivational speaker is busy acquiring brands.
If you follow my Consulting For Equity Model, I’ll show you how to do this with zero money out of pocket AND getting paid every step of the way.

Tired Of Wasting Time Giving Free Advice 

It all became crystal clear to me after being frustrated with people asking me if I could answer a quick question, or cornering me with a “gotta minute”.

I was “nice” and would give “free advice”.
However, I was getting burnt out. Constantly finding myself giving free advice to people who meant well, but honestly weren’t going to do anything with it.
While as you may already know, a PAYING Client is 10X more likely to ACT, appreciate your wisdom, and, as you’ll see in a moment, GIVE you Equity in their business…than a freebie seeker.


While speaking on stage one day, I randomly told a client story that had happened recently…and didn’t think anything about it.

…after I was done with the talk…while heading to the bathroom; I literally was ambushed by an attendee who ran a $60,000,000 business…
…literally wanting to give me 30% of his business.
When I told him my version of “I’d love to help, but the way I do that now is with a half-day consulting for $25,000.” 
He didn’t blink and immediately wired the whole $25,000 the same day.
Here’s the crazy thing: he wasn’t the only one.
Multiple attendees had similar stories…all wanting more time together.
One by one, I didn’t give any free advice and just listened. Told them my 3 sentence response to working more in-depth on their business…(that I’ve refined even more since then)…and one by one…they happily jumped at $25,000 consulting half days…
Which led to 75 half-day consulting clients in the next 12 months…
Distributions from new partnerships started coming within 30-60 days…
Plus…many have a BIG PAYDAY coming when I help those businesses exit!

The NEW Model Of Consulting For Equity 

(CFE™) Was Born

Right before my eyes…during one of the most chaotic times in my business history.

Sounds too easy, doesn’t it?
I thought the same…until I sat back and laid out the structure of what I accidentally made happen.

To validate, test, and refine it, I started using the story framework I used on stage that one day…with 3 magic sentences to draw the RIGHT people strategically toward me…and began conversationally using it in every imaginable situation.
Whether it was:
  • One-on-one…
  • ​Sitting with a group enjoying a glass of wine…
  • ​On a business phone-call…
  • ​During ZOOM trainings…
  • ​During consultations…

I’m not kidding – EVERYWHERE! 

And it was as if fairy dust entered each scenario with the same RESULT. One person after another would say this: 
“Roland, how soon can I hire you for consulting?” 
Along with:
“Also, I know you are super busy and are working with a lot of businesses…but is there any way you’d consider becoming one of my partners?” 
You may be thinking “That’s You Roland…I can’t possibly do this”
…or: “I’ve done equity deals before and they never work out”
…or: “Where do I find clients like this?”
Here’s the short answer: I’ll show you (and give you templates, scripts, and frameworks) to attract the most successful clients.
Which, means MORE instant money & higher fees with better clients. Then use one of my six different half-day consulting frameworks based on what the client needs.
They’ll be compelled to ask YOU to take Equity in their business.
Your job IS NOT going to be SELLING people…but SIFTING and SORTING out your deals.
Instead of working for free…or transactionally…you have flipped the “FLOW” to instantly add one, two, three, or even four paydays of $2,500-$25,000 every month…
PLUS get paid monthly after that because of your resources & wisdom. (Not the amount of hours!)
If you can relate to everything above and would like personal help from myself and my team, then I’d like to invite you to join us for the:

Consulting For Equity (CFE™) Masterclass!
The Exact Method I Used To Add Over $30M in Equity Value While Getting Paid $1.1M in the Past 18 Months

With Consulting For Equity mindset…everything you do, starting today is designed to increase immediate Cash Flow…

….exponentially increase RECURRING REVENUE….
…and Leads To Increasing Your Future Equity Value and Net Worth within 30 days.
It works perfectly if you are generating leads and customers through: 
  • Book Funnels
  • ​5-Day Challenges
  • Podcasts You Host or You are A Guest On
  • ​Facebook Groups
  • ​Podcast Sponsorships
  • ​Speaking Engagements
  • ​Facebook or Youtube Ad Spend
  • ​Running seminars or Zoom Trainings…

It doesn’t matter… with CFE™ you’ll draw people toward you like a magnet asking:

“How Fast Can I Wire You Money?”

Pretty Cool, Right?

So, I wanted to share my exact CFE™ Method with 100 people before the end of Q1 (March) of 2022.

The minimum goal is to help you get ONE 6 Figure Deal Landed in the next 30-60 days with 7 figure future revenue and equity tied to it. While 2X-5X’ing your consulting fees, add predictable revenue, and shortcut your wealth by 10-30 years.

You, me, my hand-picked “Cadre” of Experts, along with other highly motivated coaches, consultants, or service providers will walk through my never-seen-before CFE™ Method.

Sales Page:_https://www.consultingforequity.io/1-private-sales-page1646416788669


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