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Ricky hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint


Ricky hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint (3.32 GB)

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  • Course Conclusion(MUST WATCH)

    • Course Completed – Thank You And Congratulations! (2).mp4
    • Sell My Course – Get 50% Commission Per Sale!.mp4

  • Module 0 – Welcome to Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint

    • Introduction Video (2).mp4

  • Module 1 – Shopify Store Setup For Youtube Ads

    • Connecting your conversion tracking codes.mp4
    • Connect payment gateways.mp4
    • Create Your Store.mp4
    • Crushing Your Images.mp4
    • Customer Tracking Updates.mp4
    • Email Abandoned Cart Recovery And Marketing.mp4
    • Exit Intent Hack.mp4
    • Free Automated Order Fulfillment.mp4
    • Managing Customer Reviews.mp4
    • Messenger Abandoned Cart Recovery.mp4
    • Persuasive Copy For Our Product Pages.mp4
    • Private Sourcing Agent For Branding.mp4
    • SMS Abandoned cart recovery.mp4
    • The Best Free Premium Theme.mp4

  • Module 2 – Winning Product Research For Youtube Ads

    • Aliexpress Winning Product Research.mp4
    • Amazon Winning Product Research.mp4
    • Facebook Winning Product Research.mp4
    • Google Product Research Hacks.mp4
    • Other Hacks To Find Winning Products.mp4
    • Purchase Product Research Free Hack.mp4
    • Shopify Store Winning Product Research.mp4
    • Spy On Facebook Ads Free hack.mp4
    • The New Best Combined Product Research Method DEEP RESEARCH 2020.mp4
    • Updated Facebook And Shopify Winning Product Research.mp4

  • Module 3 – Youtube Ads Introduction

    • Youtube Ads Columns Setup (2).mp4
    • Youtube Ads Conversion Tracking Tag (2).mp4
    • Youtube Ads Definitions And Descriptions (2).mp4
    • Youtube Ads Introduction Strategy (2).mp4

  • Module 5 – Youtube Ads Remarketing

    • Introduction To Youtube Ads Remarketing.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Remarketing Campaign Structure And Strategy.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Remarketing Scaling Strategy.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Remarketing Script.mp4


    • Facebook Ads Winning Product Case Study 2.mp4
    • Facebook Winning Product Case Study 1.mp4
    • How The Products Were Found REVEALED Case Study.mp4
    • Winning Google Marketing REVEALED Case Study.mp4
    • Winning Product FACEBOOK ADS REVEALED Case Study.mp4
    • Winning Product Store REVEALED Case Study.mp4

  • Youtube A-to-Z Marketing Mastery

    • Create A High Converting Youtube Ads Video Step-By-Step.mp4
    • Create Custom Intent Audiences In Seconds That Are Highly Qualified.mp4
    • Guide To Topic Audiences.mp4
    • Make Custom Affinity URL audiences.mp4
    • Make The Best Custom Affinity Audience.mp4
    • Troubleshoot Youtube Ads Campaigns.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Audiences Strategy.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Campaign All Keywords + Audiences.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Campaign All Topics + Audiences.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Campaign Competitor Keywords Only.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Campaign Keywords Only Setup.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Campaign Template Setup Part 2.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Cold Traffic Testing Strategy Part 1 – Starting Bids + Budget.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Laser Targeting Strategy.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Link Youtube Account.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Live Creation Of Campaigns.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Optimization Strategy.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Scaling Strategy.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Uploading Strategy For Maximum ROI.mp4
    • Youtube Ads Video Creation Strategy.mp4
    • Youtube Competitor Research.mp4
    • Youtube Keyword Research.mp4

Ricky hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint

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Ricky hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint Course

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