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DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIC CONSULTING ESSENTIALS. Learn a bullet-proof process for offering strategic consulting. Gain massive confidence. Create a winning career.

 need to be remote. I need to be futureproof.

I kept repeating those words to myself day after day.

By this time I was already building websites and basic funnels. I was able to create video and blog content for clients and drive traffic to their websites.

I knew advancing my career as a Digital Marketing Consultant was the answer I just needed more time to figure it all out.

The biggest problem was that I felt like I wasn’t getting paid for my work on the strategy side. Nor was I closing enough clients given how much I knew.

Something was really missing as I continued to pursue those elusive $10,000 months.

What I was lacking was a bulletproof process that got me paid what I was worth.

In the early parts of my career as a consultant, knowing how to advise clients was the easy part.

If you know anything about social media, content creation or digital marketing you can bring a lot of value to small business clients and up-and-coming influencers.

I always enjoyed listening to Gary Vee’s podcast trying to predict what he was going to recommend.

But for me I always struggled with everything surrounding the actual strategy of digital marketing. More of the business of Consulting. No one ever taught me how to “consult” so it was a bit of a process to figure that all out.

Writing lead surveys.  Conducting discovery calls. Presenting offers. Organizing client data. There is a fair amount to it.  But if it meant I could live and work remotely I knew I’d figure it out.

What Inside This Program

Learn the Core Components of Digital Marketing Strategic Consulting

First we learn to play the game. Who’s involved. The tools. The Platforms. The process. What exactly do we need to know about to develop great digital marketing strategies.

Learn How to Audit, Visualize and Present Online Funnels and Marketing Campaigns to your clients.

In this program I reveal exactly how to audit my clients websites and online businesses, develop a report and funnel visualization and finally present the recommended strategy.

Learn Rich’s Signature 9-Stage Strategic Consulting Process

After working with hundreds of different clients in a freelance scenario, I can promise you my process is elite. I want you to know every single step so you can follow safely in my footsteps.

Steal Rich’s High-Powered CRM Saving You Hours of Time

If you want to learn how to manage client info, discovery data, strategy data and more…then you’ll want to utilize the Digital Marketer’s CRM Mainframe I’ve built which you can incorporate instantly into your consultancy.

Go to the Next Level with Empowered Soft Skills

Learn the critical soft skills Consultants require to take their career to the next level.

Gain Privileged Access to a Private Forum of Digital Marketers

This program also includes access to our beloved private forum ‘The Rich+Niche Collective’ where 100+ other  passionate, open-minded, digital marketers are gathering, sharing ideas, experiences and tales of their journey.

10 Powerful Learning Outcomes You’ll Achieve from this Program

Learning Outcome #1
You’ll Learn the Essential Elements of Being a Digital Marketing Strategic Consultant
Learning Outcome #2
You’ll Learn a High-Value Client Ascension Process
Learning Outcome #3
You’l Learn How to Differentiate Strategy from Execution
Learning Outcome #4
You’ll Learn The Keys to Maximizing the Value of Every Client Relationship
Learning Outcome #5
You’ll Learn How to Intake Client Data and Host Discovery Calls Like a a Pro
Learning Outcome #6
You’ll Learn How to Conduct a Complete Digital Marketing Strategic Consultation
Learning Outcome #7
You’ll Learn How to Price Out Your Marketing Projects in Seconds
Learning Outcome #8
You’ll Learn All 88 Tasks that Make Up My Entire Scope of Work
Learning Outcome #9
You’ll Learn How to Read Client Social Styles and Communication Techniques
Learning Outcome #10
You’ll Learn How to Improve Your Executive Presence


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