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You CAN get paid what you deserve…

Hi, I’m Ramit Sethi, the author of the New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I’m a little different than other people who write about money and careers. Instead of telling you what you CAN’T do with your money (“No lattes, no jeans, no vacation”), I show you how to spend extravagantly on the things you love…and how to earn more money so you can pay for it guilt-free and stress-free.

And now I want to show you how to get paid what you deserve.

Introducing…The No-Stress Guide to Negotiating Your Salary

This is the first course to teach you how to take control and negotiate your salary at your current job, for your current boss…including the actual specific words to use in your negotiation.

Not just “tips” and “advice,” but the actual scripts that I’ve fanatically tested with hundreds of people.

This proven program walks you through every step to successfully raise your salary by thousands of dollars — with the exact emails to copy/paste and the word-for-word phrases to use.

I included hours of video, detailed before-and-after body-language analyses, ready-to-use scripts that show you the exact words to overcome objections (“We just don’t have the budget in this economy…”), and powerful case studies from students who are now making thousands of dollars more.

All so you can take control of your career and stop waiting for your boss to do it for you.

This program works for people in any industry, at any age, with any level of experience, male or female…even if you’ve never negotiated before.

What would an extra $5,000 mean to you?

I recently had a fascinating experience. I asked hundreds of people what an extra $5,000/year would mean to them. See if their responses resonate with you:

QUESTION: “What would a $5,000 raise mean to you?”

“Getting that raise would validate my skills, I’d feel like I actually was justified in feeling I belonged there and I’d be a little humbled too that my boss expects me to be worth it.” – Heather C.

“I would fell like I would finally have made it to being a grown up rather than constantly worrying whether I have enough money to keep working on paying on my student loans and keeping up with my debt pay off plan.” – Angie B.

“I would know that I am truly being paid what I am worth, not some arbitrary number that my employer came up with.” – Robert W.

“It would keep my wife from having to work ever again and she could focus on family matters.” – Chris H.

“I would have a new-found confidence regarding my worth – that I AM worthy of and capable of a decent salary. I would walk away knowing that my boss/company appreciate the work I do and want to keep me – regardless of the cost.” – Megan C.

“I’d feel like I could do anything. I’d feel confident that my financial future was secure because I’d know how to get the money I needed to make it that way. I’d feel free.” – Gareth L.

“If I could make more money I would feel like a better parent. I could invest more into my daughter’s college fund.” – Tasha

“I’d be proud to have stood my ground.” – Sandra

“I actually got an $9k pay rise late last year after asking for one….I felt awesome, made me feel valued and they really wanted me part of the team and I like knowing that my salary keeps increasing. I’m not stagnating in life.” – Sally B.

Pretty incredible. For most of us, $5,000/year would make a massive change in our lives, giving us that little edge to get to the next level.


I asked the SAME people to tell me why they hadn’t yet negotiated for a higher salary.

Look at these results. They almost make you want to cry:

QUESTION: “Why haven’t you negotiated your salary yet?”

“I’ve never asked for a raise. I’ve always assumed that if I deserved one, I would get one.” – Chad W.

“I don’t feel I have any reasons to justify a raise and I can probably be replaced easily.” – Darren

“Felt I should not during a recession.” – Bethany

“No use talking about raise. It is fixed 2% for every body every year.” – Syed

“Don’t feel in a position to negotiate. Lucky to have a job etc, (Sad I know!).” – Si C.

“Lack of confidence. Also, I have always been in sales and the sales manager usually says – Sell more.” – Jennifer C.

“To be perfectly honest, I’m concerned about appearing greedy.” – Jonathan G.

“Assumed that as an hourly employee a raise was extremely unlikely compared to someone who was paid salary.” – Katie H.

“Haven’t worked in my job long enough to ask for one.” – Daniel E.

“Raises at my company are strictly tied to a rating (1 – 5) we get at the end of the year. If you get a 5 (because you walked on water and one person get’s it out of 30, and is rotated through out the years) you get a 5% raise (max).” – Tulio T.

“Fresh out of college in May ’11, was so afraid of being unemployed, took the first “good” job and salary that came my way.” – Stephanie

“My mindset was “take what they give me.” Just terrible. Don’t rock the boat. Not feeling worthy of a raise beyond the meager increase they would give me.” – Sasha G.

“Too risky” – Anuj P.

“Small staff and limited budget” – Daniel G.

So let me get this straight. On one hand, a $5,000/year raise would make a huge difference in lifestyle — and it would make nearly every one of us appreciated for the work that we do.

Yet when I pointedly asked these readers why they hadn’t negotiated, they listed reason after reason why they “couldn’t” negotiate.

The economy. Fixed salaries. Fear.

Funny how in the same time period, others were negotiating their salary, leaving their peers in the dust.

So we know a $5,000 raise could mean a world of difference to us. Yet we accept excuse after excuse for not negotiating. Why?

Introducing The No-Stress Guide to Salary Negotiation

If you’ve ever wanted to become one of the top performers who can walk into their manager’s offices and walk out after negotiating their salary…this course may be for you.

If you’re tired of waiting for your boss to recognize your work and to magically raise your salary…and you’re ready to change the “waiting game,” this course is probably right for you.

And if you’re ready to take control of your life — realizing that this is not just about the money, but a new perspective on asking for what you deserve — this course is definitely right for you.

Now, first, what this course is NOT: This is not some random ebook with advice like “Dress professionally” and “Be confident.” Those are obvious and a waste of your time. In this course, you’ll learn material you cannot findon Google or by reading random books.

That’s because I spent years developing my own skills as a negotiator, interviewing against hiring managers at companies like Sun Microsystems (I beat out Stanford MBAs as a sophomore to land an offer…then negotiated my salary for a dramatic raise…as an intern), Google (where I secured a job offer as an Associate Product Marketing Manager, and ended up turning it down), Intuit, and a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund.

I took my learnings and combined them with some of the smartest negotiators on the planet, including my classmates at Stanford. Then I tested the material…and tested it again and again, collecting thousands and thousands of data points from my audience of 300,000+ monthly readers.

Finally, I packaged it up into videos and lessons, complete with the actual body language to use, the words to say, and even the vocal tone to model. All in HD video for you with full transcriptions.

This is the first course with the exact scripts, tactics, and psychological strategies to crack the code to earning a bigger paycheck. The No-Stress Guide to Salary Negotiation is a 14-day program to help you negotiate your salary, roles, responsibilities, benefits and get anything else you want out of your job

You’ll learn how to…

Master the Mindset of a Master Negotiator

  • The biggest myths about negotiating that hold nearly everyone back from getting paid what they deserve
  • The “mental traps” that people use to trick themselves into not negotiating — and precisely how to ovecome them
  • How to permanently adopt a “negotiator’s mindset” so you can ask for — and get — everything you deserve in your career

Quantify Your Value

  • The startling numbers behind how you’re almost certainly being underpaid
  • How to quantify your worth — even if your work isn’t quantifiable!
  • How to build your network of “feelers” so you know what the market is really willing to pay for your skills — no guesswork needed

The Rapid Action Steps to Becoming a Top Performer

  • How to rapidly change your boss’s impression of you from “adequate” or even “good”…to “indispensable” — with a timeline, email scripts, conversational scripts, and a step-by-step checklist
  • How to get use the psychological technique of “pre-commitment” to massively tilt the odds in your favor of a successful negotiation
  • How to use classic “mind-reading” techniques to hone in on what your boss wants — what will make him happy to raise your salary — and then deliver it in the most effective way. Hint: Just doing what he wants and praying for a raise rarely works!

Prepare Your Master Briefcase

  • How to “wow” your boss when you walk into the negotiating room (Hint: 80% of the work is done before you ever walk in the room)
  • The real secret behind the famous Briefcase Technique…and why it really works
  • Step-by-step instructions on how you can create a Briefcase — even if you don’t have any clever business ideas
  • How to strategically prepare your list of Asks so you maximize what you get

The Actual Words That Negotiation Masters Use

  • Watch the tactics that master negotiators use, including word-for-word scripts, actual before-and-after body-language analyses, deep psychological techniques, and “objection crushers” — all on video.
  • Word-for-word email scripts that have proven successful in multiple negotiations.
  • Objection Crushers: How to handle classic objections like “We don’t have the budget” and “This isn’t the right time.” Includes the words, body language, and psychological techniques to control on-the-spot anxiety.

Plus: The Negotiation Vault

  • Dozens of ready-to-use, word-for-word email and conversation scripts
  • Hours of video teardowns and practice negotiation sessions
  • Access to actual “Briefcases” that worked to secure 5-figure raises
  • Conversation Roadmap to naturally guide the conversation where you want it to go — perfect if you’re shy, perfect if you’re a first-time negotiator
  • Worksheets, timelines and action steps so you always know exactly what to do and when

This is the most complete, step-by-step guide on negotiating your salary anywhere. Not just random “tips,” but the actual phrases, techniques, and strategies that people from around the country have used to successfully negotiate thousands of dollars…in every imaginable industry.

That’s my philosophy. It would be easy to put together a 50-page ebook with obvious tips like “Get to the office early!” and “Always know your options!” What a waste of time. I wanted to do something different — something that would stand the test of time and help you get paid what you deserve.

I spent years developing my own skills as a negotiator, then years more packaging this into the most complete, step-by-step guide you can use. I included videos analyzing students’ body language, and doing minor tweaks that boost their effectiveness as negotiators. You can see their dramatic changes in just 10 minutes. You’ll be armed with the newest material that works — and you know it works, because it’s been tested with hundreds of other people.

Who the No-Stress Guide to Salary Negotiation Is For

This course isn’t for everyone. I’ll be candid about the students I’m looking for:

It may be right for you if:

It may be right for you if: