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Warning: do NOT read this if you have moral, ethical, or religious reasons against telling the tax man to kick rocks!

Investors wanted for a painful journey through all things capital gains, bitter pills, gut-wrenching truths, anger, potential dismay… 

… possible 0% capital gains tax treatment in exchange for tough decisions and future advisor fees.

I don’t need to tell you that taxes are killing your gains.

I want to help you avoid being one of these people who were smart enough to spot a mulitbag investment but too foolish or lazy to plan ahead.

Remember the guy from the GameStop fiasco?

Could have paid 0% on his millions.

How many stories have you heard about people turning a few thousand into a few million with crypto?

Every day, crypto turns people into millionaires.

Do you know how many pay 0% cap gains tax?

Almost NONE.


They don’t plan ahead.

There’s very little you can do after your investments become profitable.

If you want to slash your cap gains taxes, then you must be proactive.

Here’s your choice.

Putz around reading free blogs about cap gains taxes.


Bite the bullet and find out what it will take to achieve your goals.

Protecting Alpha contains most important information you need to understand about reducing your capital gains taxes (for Americans & Non-Americans).

Regardless of your nationality, you will learn:

✓ Secrets to “ethically rigging” your tax situation in your favor

✓ The number #1 mistake made by some tax pros about investments and capital gains

✓ The scary side of the tax advisor industry

✓ Insider secrets about “tax havens”

✓ The simple – sometimes even illogical – way to pay less in tax

✓ Undeniable proof that making the right investment with $50,000 (USD) will open every single tax strategy (regardless of your nationality / citizenship)

✓ The real reason you can never seem to find an actual answer when you google tax matters

✓ The one and only proven-effective way to eliminate estate taxes for generations

✓ How to work with an advisor with nine-figure clients even if you’re worth far less (I speak with this advisor almost daily and will share the strategies used by his wealthiest clients… you can probably afford the very same strategies!)

Non-Americans will learn:

✓ How to slash your taxes and move to (or remain in) a high tax country

✓ My favorite jurisdiction for non-Americans

✓ The bizarre way you are probably subject to US estate tax (with a top rate of 40%!)…. and the simple solution to avoid it

✓ The breakthrough solution I learned about from an advisor I will introduce you to… he pitched this idea to someone worth $20 BILLION

Americans will learn:

✓ The 100% legal way to pay 0% taxes on short & long term capital gains without giving up your US citizenship… (plus how to avoid a slimy marketing gimmick used to sell this strategy)

✓ A sneaky US expatriation strategy for married couples (and daring singles) that can be stacked with a trust or foundation for MASSIVE tax benefits

✓ Two insane ways the absolutely IRS screws US citizens

✓ My favorite jurisdiction for Americans

✓ The ultimate tax strategy for Americans who want to live in the US… (WARNING: this strategy does NOT come cheap!)

Look…. it’s one thing to know what is and what is NOT possible.

But I’ll introduce you to trustworthy professionals who help you accomplish your goals.

Protecting Alpha isn’t for information junkies.

It’s for people ready to take action.

Do NOT buy if you:

✘ expect me to teach you how to do your own taxes (I won’t… but I can help you find a qualified tax pro)

✘ expect a lot of content on your domestic tax situation (this course focuses international tax strategies)

✘ expect me to answer every last question on tax (people from all over the world buy this course. I genuinely don’t know how to solve every last person’s tax problems. But this course has the essential info you need regardless of what country you are from and will help you take the next step with confidence)



PS: I am a tax lawyer but I do not practice.

I am not looking for clients.

In fact, I don’t even do my own tax planning.

I know… it sounds crazy.

But here’s the thing…

International tax rules are very complex and they’re modified every single day.

I don’t have the desire to stay up to date with all of it. I prefer to focus on other interests.

So, who do I trust with my tax planning?

Click “I want this!” and find out.

PPS: The strategies covered in this course are powerful.

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