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This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Shortly, I’ll be releasing many more case study recordings with people who are bringing in HUGE numbers thanks to the methods revealed in Keegan’s video above.

AND we will be running a LIVE workshop with Keegan, that reveals even more about his step-by-step method of high affiliate profits using his NEW Automated Software for generating ads, voices, webpages, etc.

To gain full access to the Super Affiliate Secrets case study recordings, plus to be notified of when the workshop registration opens, make sure to sign up now.


0:58: His top student is making 70k per day right now!
2:54: “I brought in over $3MM in affiliate commissions.”
4:13: “One of the keys for me is to set and forget, get (profitable) ads to run for a long time.” [This will work even if you’re busy!]
5:32: This method still works, we discovered the formula one year ago and it’s still working. “That’s still how I run my ads, and it still succeeds.” (How we use AI voices and AI to insert the videos, etc.)
7:22: The brand new cutting-edge software (AI) that allows you to create videos based on the copy you put in the software (Very easy!)
8:43: There are over 300 students that are doing over $1k a week! Over 50 of them are making $1k a day! (One of them have done over $70k/day)
11:00: It’s a machine that lets you put in a dollar in and puts out AT LEAST a dollar and a penny out. (Reinvesting is one of the keys).
11:41: 80% or more of what the students are making are coming from ONE video (You’re ONE video ad away from success!)
16:47: The people who succeed are the persistent ones. “It took me over 6 months when I first got into YouTube.”
17:39: “Our most successful students are the ones who have _________.”
19:55: It doesn’t matter how old you are, if english is your first language (or if you are a complete newbie.)
24:37: Why saturation is NOT a problem. All the vendors figured out what converts. (And it will NEVER be a problem)
26:50: Free training coming up
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