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Now you can learn to speak a new language—with a near-native accent—in just 30 days.

Have you always dreamed of speaking another language? Traveling to Italy and striking up a conversation with the locals? Wowing your friends by ordering dinner in perfect French? Would you like to get a leg up in your career by speaking Spanish – or even Mandarin Chinese?

Now you can learn any new language—even if you found it impossible before—with Pimsleur’s proven method. With the exclusive Pimsleur Method, there’s no studying, no memorizing, no vocabulary, no complicated rules. You’ll be able to learn any language you want as you go about your day. You can learn on your way to work … while you’re out running errands … cooking dinner … or walking the dog … in just 30 minutes a day.

In fact, Pimsleur’s scientifically-proven Method is so powerful, you’ll actually start speaking a new language after just one lesson.

How is it possible? 50 years ago, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, a linguistics professor and researcher at Ohio State University and UCLA, discovered that the way to rapidly acquire a new language is by hearing the language used in everyday situations and interacting with it so it easily sticks in your mind.

Traditional Teaching Methods are the Kiss of Total Silence.

Through his research, Dr. Pimsleur found that traditional teaching methods like memorizing vocabulary, conjugating verbs, and practicing grammar actually SLOW DOWN your ability to learn. He called them the kiss of total silence because they made it nearly impossible to speak. It’s the reason learning a language feels so difficult, when it should feel totally natural.

It makes sense when you think about it. Have you ever seen a toddler memorizing vocabulary lists? Or picking out parts of speech in a sentence diagram? Of course not. Children learn language the way we were meant to—by listening. That’s because we are hardwired to remember sounds and store them in our memory automatically.

It’s the same way you pick up a song on the radio. You don’t have to study the lyrics or understand musical notes and chords to remember a song. Chances are, if you hear a song once you can sing along the next time you hear it.

Speak with Confidence.
Read like a Native.

The Pimsleur Method harnesses your natural ability to listen and learn so you can:

  • Understand what you hear
  • Respond easily and naturally
  • Speak a new language at an intermediate level in just 30 days
  • Pronounce words with a near-native accent
  • Amaze friends and family

There is nothing more exciting or enjoyable than speaking a new language.

to try Pimsleur’s Revolutionary Method Free and you can:

  • Enjoy your international travels on a completely different level
  • Take a first step to get a leg up in your career
  • Easily build rapport with people from other countries
  • Put colleagues or clients at ease by speaking to them in their native language
  • Impress friends by chatting with the waiter in perfect Italian
  • Surprise foreign friends or family by conversing with them in their own language
  • The possibilities are endless when you speak another language.

The Powerful Science Behind Dr. Pimsleur’s Approach. “Gracias!” “Merci!” “Grazie!”

Pimsleur’s revolutionary Method taps into your natural ability to learn through hearing and speaking so you can speak a new language quickly and easily. Through his years of research, Dr. Pimsleur discovered how to unlock the language learning centers of the mind and make learning new languages fast—even for adults.

Go from not knowing a single word to confidently speaking at an intermediate level in just 30 days.

We figured the best way to prove the Pimsleur Method will work for you, even if you have never taken a language before … feel like you have “no aptitude” for languages … or you did poorly in languages in school or with other programs … is to let you try Pimsleur absolutely FREE!

You’ll be able to see first-hand why millions have used Pimsleur’s scientifically-proven method — the absolute best way to learn a new language. It’s been featured on PBS and in The New York Times, Boston Herald, Washington Post, the LA Times and more.

In fact, top government agencies, the FBI, Fortune 500 companies, and the military have relied on Pimsleur when speaking a foreign language is critical.

To succeed with Pimsleur’s scientifically-proven method all you need to do is listen and respond for 30 minutes a day. It’s that easy!

The Four Secrets to Dr. Pimsleur’s Method

Dr. Pimsleur developed a 4-part, language-learning system that allows you to access the language-learning centers in your brain. His 4 principles make it possible for you to:

Permanently pick up new words and phrases.

Pimsleur called the technique that makes this possible “Graduated Interval Recall.” Through his research in linguistics, he discovered that mindless repetition of vocabulary words has a dulling affect on the brain. However, when words and phrases are repeated at specific time intervals, they automatically move from your short-term memory into your long-term memory.

Learn quickly and respond easily.

We’ve all experienced that tongue-tied feeling when we’re asked to respond to a question in a foreign language. Minutes tick by as you rack your brain for the right words. Dr. Pimsleur developed an arrangement for each lesson consisting of “mini-step challenges” he called “anticipation.” This exclusive technique erases the “fear factor” in conversing and makes it possible to respond naturally and effortlessly in a foreign language.

Speak at an intermediate level after only 30 days.

Although every language has hundreds of thousands of words, you only need to know about 1,500 of them to hold a basic conversation and sound like a native speaker – and only about 5,000 to speak fluently. These “core vocabulary” words are what your Pimsleur course will focus on so you can internalize the words before moving on. Once you master these words, expanding your vocabulary is easy.

Learn grammar by listening—not studying.

You don’t need to study grammar to speak correctly. Your internal language center intuitively knows when something sounds correct. For example, if someone said, “Him and I goed to the store” you would automatically know it isn’t correct. With Pimsleur, you’ll learn proper pronunciation and grammar through conversation – the same way you learned your first language.

These 4 scientifically-sequenced principles are what make the Pimsleur Method so hightly effective. The method can work for you just as it has for millions of others. All you need to do is listen and respond. It’s that easy!

You’re Free to learn Anywhere, Anytime.

Pimsleur Method is specifically designed so you can learn on the go. That means you can pick up Spanish on your way to work … Put yourself on track to become fluent in French while you cook dinner … Perfect your Italian accent while you walk the dog … Practice your German while you fold clothes … or even learn a hard language like Arabic or Korean while you workout.

It’s easy because you can play any Pimsleur lesson on the device of your choice — computer, tablet, iPod®, iPhone®, or other smartphone including Android™. The lessons are audio only—you never have to look at a screen and click on pictures, so you’re free to practice while driving, cooking, or walking the dog.

Each lesson takes just 30 minutes and you can even break up into sections throughout your day so it’s incredibly easy to stick with the program.

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