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Sound familiar?

You’ve invested thousands in business coaches and programs without any real progress, at least not at the SPEED you want. You feel you have to “push through” to create any results in your business. And if you are getting results, it feels like it’s EFFORT to get slow growth…

You feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions, and you just don’t know which one will get you where you want to go. How are you supposed to know which strategy, business model, or mentor is the right choice?

You’ve maybe even gone down the rabbit hole of learning about Human Design & what your chart is telling you, but you don’t know where to start with actually implementing your energetic blueprint into your business, so you’re not getting the results you know are possible.

The thought of living & doing business based on divine alignment freaks you out a bit. Letting go of the carefully curated “should dos” and just doing what you desire to do, feel called to do? Are designed to do? You can’t even imagine it.

Every time you sit down to write or to ideate, you end up not creating anything. You know you have a lot to share but don’t know how to bring it forward to magnetize those needing your work.

When you see other people achieving your goals- the 7-figure launches, inbox full of DMs, luxury CEO retreats- you wonder what the hell they have that you don’t? HINT: it’s not a better strategy or business coach.

To Unleash Your True Genius and Create Real Results In Your Business, You Have To Harness Your Unique Energetic Strategy

An unaligned business keeps you spinning your wheels without seeing any real growth; it leaves you feeling uninspired and stagnant. Until everything begins to feel like a chore and something you “have to do” rather than something you’re lit up and inspired by.

So you start to feel resistant to actually selling your offers and marketing your business because…well…you don’t feel that excited about any of it. And when you do launch, market, sell, or write…crickets. No magnetic effect, no shine. It all just falls flat. 

Then you start to overanalyze, overthink, and question your choices. Am I doing this right? Is there a better way? Am I making the right decision? Your uncertainty paralyzes you.

You’re unsure how to tap into what makes you different. This makes you question whether you have anything unique to offer the world. Even though deep down, you know you’re here to make a real difference.

The experts have made you feel like you need to force your magic into a container not meant for you. So instead of letting go and letting the magic happen, you question, question, question. You push, push, push. Pssst…epic results aren’t magnetized from this place.

The moment I discovered who I truly was and started living, working, & creating from a place of alignment with my design, the ceiling that I had been pushing up against shattered…

  • I built a brand in the online space that became widely known as “The Go-To Authority” in content, messaging & marketing.
  • My content blew up. Suddenly my posts had 20,000-30,000 reach & IG started pushing me to the explore feed.
  • I woke to daily DM’s from people saying, “Hey Phoebe, your stuff’s really resonating! I’m really interested in working with you! What are your 1:1 packages?” I booked out my 1:1 offers and have had a waitlist of people wanting to work with me ever since.
  • My business revenue tripled from the year prior *catapulting me to $1.2 million in 12 months (in year 4 of business)*


Align your business to your Unique Human Design so you can unlock your natural talents, attract dream clients ($$$) and create real results in business.


Learn the strategies that will enhance your natural energy flow and leverage your innate talents to stop swimming against the current and master real flow.

When you’re building a business that is in true alignment with your unique energetic blueprint, you won’t feel overwhelmed, bitter, resentful, or frustrated. This is the key to a business that actually feels fulfilling, easy, and joyful.


Create and deliver offers that are energetically sustainable for you, so that burnout is a thing of the past and not something that you ever need to worry about, ever again.

Learn how to tap into and access the energy that you didn’t know was actually available by hiring team members who are designed to support you and take action where you are not, so you can finally sit on the throne of your true genius (and be recognised for it!).


Master the energetics of magnet content, marketing, and your brand, so you can become magnetic to the clients who are designed to buy from you.

Let your energy do the work so that you reach more people, create consistent $, and quadruple your impact in the world.


Module One

Your Energetic Strategy

At the end of this module you will feel clear and confident on how to live in alignment with your energetic strategy as a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector. Master the art of initiating, responding, waiting for the invitation and waiting for a lunar cycle, so that you can experience your life in your signature.

 Module Two
Aligned Decision Making
Master the art of making *correct* decisions using the innate wisdom of your body, so that you don’t end up in regret or wondering what went wrong or why things didn’t work out. This goes a level beyond intuition and teaches you the mechanics of how to make aligned decisions in a business context. By far one of the most important and valuable things you will ever master.

Module Three

Unlocking Your Energetic Brand

Learn how to embody your brand’s true energetic essence and transform the shadow of your life’s work into your brand’s highest potential with our signature coaching framework, so you can unlock infinite magnetism and attract your soul mate clients and create ripples of impact.

Module Four

Activating Your Genius

Learn how your Genius sequence comes together and forms your incarnation cross (your life’s purpose) and how to activate your greater potential.

Module Five


Master showing up as your unique Marketing Archetype by learning how to harness your energetic signature in your copy, content and brand voice. This is Phoebe’s unique method taught to over 600+ students with staggering results and countless case studies.

Module Six


Learn Phoebe’s approach to niching with your Human Design so that you never feel boxed in or restricted again. Includes case study demos.

Module Seven

Life Purpose

A masterclass on the North & South Nodes and how you can work with them to uncover your life path and destiny, through the lens of Human Design.

Module Eight


By far Phoebe’s most requested and popular paid training on creating content based on your Profile Lines. This includes in-depth content prompts, explanations and case studies of thought leaders content. This training is responsible for my biggest social media growth and most explosive content (we’re talking over 1,000+ saves on each post) & 45+ requests to work with me in less than 3 weeks. Also includes my perspective on how to create content by Design based on your unique variables and definition. #ToBatchOrNotToBatch

Module Nine


Phoebe’s unique perspective on how to take your mercury gate and actually adapt it into a marketing message that resonates with your audience to inspire them into action. This includes over 5 trainings and a how-to process for you to try at home so you’re not left guessing. Perfect when accompanied by the 64 gates library!

Module Ten

Offers & Sales

End burnout and resentment once and for all by learning how to create offers leveraging where you have access to consistent energy and your profit potential. This will finally clarify the whole selling FROM vs selling TO saga.

Module Eleven

Business Models

Create an aligned, profitable business model that works for you based on your unique circuitry and definition so that you don’t want to burn it all down, again! We will show you if you are best designed to launch, have evergreen funnels working, recurring revenue streams etc.

Module Twelve

Working Environment

Discover your most optimal environment. This. Is. Gamechanging.

Module Thirteen

Work Flow, Habits & Collaboration

Learn how you best work and collaborate (or not!) with others, so you can harness your strengths, get to clarity faster and create more prosperous working relationships with your team, clients and other industry experts.

Module Fourteen

Team & Hiring

Find your perfect team and learn how to hire based on what you are missing, so that you never feel like you “can’t do it all alone”, rather feel actually supported by people who are engineered to energetically support AND complete you, so you can finally sit in the true throne of your genius!

Bonus Masterclass

Your Hidden Talent

A Masterclass on understanding the line of your Unconscious Mars and how this translates to the hidden talent in your vocation for abundance and prosperity.


As soon as you join Human Design For Business, you’ll get invited to a thriving private social network where you can connect with your peers, embarking on their experiment & deconditioning process—people in this community value personal growth, evolution, and truth. When we go alone, we go fast. When we go together, we go far. This will be one of the most loving and supportive online communities. You’ll feel supported every step of the way. Get ready to meet your next collaborator, podcast guest, or BFF

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