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What Is The 7 Figure Accelerator?

The 7 Figure Accelerator by Philip Johansen is an in-depth comprehensive affiliate marketing masterclass, Live coaching, and membership community of students that work together to build their online affiliate marketing business – with on-going training and evergreen skillsets taught by course creator Philip Johansen.

The 7 Figure Accelerator teaches how to make money online for beginners, seasoned affiliate marketers and people that want to use affiliate marketing as a side hustle all from the comfort of your home or via your device with a wifi-connection.

The courses mission is to teach people how to build an online affiliate marketing business. Not only will this course teach you that best way to make money online, it will give you insight on how to approach personal branding, growing your email list and leveraging social media (Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook) to drive free traffic to your offer or opportunity.

This is the last product that you will ever need to purchase on the subject of affiliate marketing and opportunity to produce income with high-ticket affiliate products. The secret? Philip shows you how high-ticket will be the key to faster success in affiliate marketing so you can make $1000-5000 a day.

7 Figure Accelerator gives you the option of a high-converting done for you funnel, built by Philip’s high level team along with high converting email campaign that converts at a higher percentage than most affiliate marketing programs.

Who is Philip Johansen?

Philip Johansen is a former plumber and a dedicated digital marketer. He works to help other entrepreneurs market their products, and create solutions that help up-and-coming marketers achieve success online.

Philip Johansen has created/co-created three award-winning digital products. He has manifested his goals and now earns in a month what he used to make in a year and is showing others how to do the same. His digital marketing solutions have positively impacted over 3,300 customers around the world. He has been able to provide financial support to his parents and immediate family in uncertain times. Philip Johansen is recognized as one of the fastest rising marketers in my affiliate marketing industry.

More information about Philip Johansen

Philip Johansen’s purpose

Philip’s main goal in life is to help others and he has found that the best way to do it is through the internet. Philip said, “havinga successful online business gives me the resources to impact so many more people than I could otherwise.”

The secret ingredient to his success

Philip Johansen has worked immensely hard for where he is today. When he came into this industry he had no choice but to make things work. Philip was terrified of failure and that is what motivated him to work harder and learn faster than ever before.

Hardships faced by Philip

English wasn’t his 1st language, so that made it harder to crack in the industry which was dominated by English speakers.

He was raised in a manner where he used to trust easily which ultimately cost him thousands of dollars, investing in certain coaching programs that turned out to be scams.

Philip’s family was working in traditional jobs and they started doubting his desire. Philip says that was the toughest part for him.

Philip Johansen’s advice for people who want to do affiliate marketing

“My advice is to treat it like the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

That the odds are completely stacked against you and that without constant imperfect action, you’ll fail for sure because if you do that for your 1st year or so, it can set you up for a lifetime of success”, Philip remarked.

Philip shares the best advice to someone trying to achieve success as an entrepreneur, “start by ‘defining your why’. He further states, “money can’t be the only why. It can be part, but it can’t be the primary reason because money will always come and go, so you need a deeper emotional reason to keep you motivated.”

What’s inside The 7 Figure Accelerator?

7 Figure Accelerator Members area

There’s a total of 328(!) videos in the members area.

The 7 Figure Accelerator training product is truly massive.

Don’t let this scare you away though, a ton of them are motivational videos and other juicy stuff. 

The actual main content that shows you what you have to do in order to get to $100k/month won’t take you more than a couple of hours to digest.

What I love about this course is that Philip is ridiculously in-depth. He will literally show you every single step of what you have to do. As an example, he will often show his computer screen and his phone at the same time like this:

This makes it very easy to follow the training and simply set things up as he does it himself.

I won’t go through exactly what he teaches in each module of course, but I will say this:

If you purchase this course and don’t make money, it’s because you are not doing what Philip is telling you to do. Simple as that.You will learn absolutely everything that you need to know in order to get a ton of traffic from both Instagram and TikTok.

Every single step that you need to take, is explained in a very easy to understand way.

From simply setting up your accounts, to coming up with a username, to figuring out what kind of content to post (note: You do NOT need to be creative at all, Philip will you show you how to come up with infinite ideas for coming up with content that has a very high chance of going viral, which means you can get a bunch of leads and sales) – literally everything is taught in here.

Not only will you learn exactly how to record your videos (that vary in length between typically speaking 7 to 15 seconds, literally) but you will also get scripts where you will learn some great sales tactics for you to use when people DM you on Instagram. These are tactics/scripts that Philip has used to make over $100,000 in a month.

Sales Page:_https://7figureacceleration.com/free1kdays-new


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