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Persona SEO Ignore keyword research; This is the future of SEO.

This game-changing technique will save you time while giving your writing genuine quality and breadth — and an endless supply of topics for your niche.

Solve your reader’s problems, solve your Google problems.

Persona SEO is about staying relevant and creating content that not only ranks well in Google but is actually popular with your audience. It passes that “high-quality original content” bar Google seeks.

We’ve seen AI writing tools spring up that have empowered new writers to flood into the online writing space. But you can easily defeat this new competition when you pay attention to the most crucial element — the one they are in too big of a rush to think about.

The most exciting part about this technique is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or a large investment. You can get started immediately and reap the benefits now.

What’s Inside

With Persona SEO, you’ll discover a strategy nobody else is talking about — a method that will remove the term keyword research from your vocabulary. You will learn what Persona SEO is exactly, and how it replaces keyword research. You’ll even gain insight into much of the brainstorming process.

Then you’ll dive into using AI, making the strategy easy to implement. This will add new levels of creativity to your writing. And with that, you’ll then learn how to find all the perfect topics to write about in your niche – no concern over search volume or competition.

The book will wrap up with a workflow that takes all the best practices of Persona SEO and gives you everything you need; your writing will fall neatly into place.

The Book + Video Bundle

The book goes deep on the topic, but if you want a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish the things I discuss in the book, get the bundle.

When you purchase the bundle you will also get access to a 4K video explaining how to do the things from the book using a few different AI tools such as ShortlyAI/Jarvis and Frase. Plus some extra tips not found in the book!

Ignore Keyword Research? Really, Chad?
I know. Keyword research is the advice you’ll see everywhere you look today. It must be the way — right?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be?

I think you know deep down there has to be a better way. It doesn’t feel natural to want to start a blog and then spend all your time trying to figure out which keywords have the most search volume and lowest competition, or how you should cluster them into a silo and map out entity relationships.

The answer is right in front of your eyes.

Persona SEO – the art of understanding your reader. Create the right content for your reader without losing precious time on keyword research. And without spending a ton of money on expensive keyword research tools.

I’ll even show you how to use AI to get started quickly.

One more note. This method doesn’t ignore search engine optimization. There’s a distinct difference from doing keyword research to find topics to write about, inevitably forcing you to take your website in directions you have no control over — and SEO — where you optimize what you wrote to appease uncle Google.

But You Don’t Have
If you love KW research and are really good at it, then combining KW research with Persona SEO and SEO optimization is a winning technique.

I merely wanted to be clear for those who dislike KW research or don’t necessarily have time to do it. The AI Content Dojo is HIGHLY successful and I do zero keyword research. It’s purely Persona SEO in action.

Excerpt From Chapter 2

It seems like keyword research is a modern invention for writing online… yet it feels like the granddaddy of blogging strategies.

As if it is a matter of fact you would use keyword research — especially at the beginning of launching your project — without questioning the practice.

I’ve briefly mentioned this in the previous chapter. The advice to do keyword research is so prevalent today that you almost can’t fathom not doing it. Everywhere you turn, a guru tells you how to find low competition keywords with good search volume.

Okay, fair enough strategy. But what happens when everyone from that niche jumps on the bandwagon and begins writing content about these keywords, competing with you for rankings and traffic?

The result is that your well-researched “low competition” keyword now has a lot of competition. So… what do you do then? Well, if you’re like most people, you move on and write about another keyword.

You want to make sure you’re not missing out on any opportunities by catering your content around the wrong keywords. Thus begins what I like to call the keyword hamster wheel.

It goes round n’ round, and you get nothing done, especially not for the reader. You’re just spinning your wheels trying to stay relevant. You work your tail off, some days getting nothing done but keyword research — when hitting that publish button is the most critical action a content writer can take.

The keyword hamster wheel is a dangerous trap — don’t get caught up in it.

The Problem With Keyword Research
Many online writers make the mistake of using keyword research as a crutch. Using such an approach, they are left spinning their wheels because no single keyword will truly reflect what they want to write about or how their reader sees themself on any given topic.

As strange as it may seem, online content creation is not solely about optimizing your page for keywords; it needs to be more than that.

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