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What Would The Ability To Speak With Confidence, Influence and Freedom Mean To You?

Let’s face it, your voice is the most powerful tool you have for communication.

In fact, if you want to be more successful and fulfilled in your life, few things are as impactful as improving your voice, and how you express and communicate using your voice.

Maybe you experience a voice problem or feel tension when you speak? Maybe you’re tired of losing your voice, or getting hoarse and feeling tired? Maybe you would like to be more confident and become more influential and impactful when you communicate?

How About Getting A Stronger, Richer, More Resonant And Attractive Voice?

The resonance of your voice has a direct relationship with how you resonate with other people.

A constricted voice goes hand in hand with a constricted personality. A timid voice goes hand in hand with a timid personality. A forceful voice goes hand in hand with a forceful personality.

You want to command the attention in the room when you want and need to. You want to be authoritative and take charge when you choose to. You want to be calming and soothing when you want to.

A rich, dynamic, resonant and free voice makes all the difference in every communication – whether coaching, teaching, presenting, parenting, dating, podcasting, you name it. You’ll be more successful in sales, negotiations, persuasion, business meetings, and more.

Become More Influential And Successful In Person, On Stage, On Video, In Audio Productions, As Well As In Virtual Meetings And On The Phone.

Yes, whether you communicate in a small room or on a big stage, in one-on-one meetings or in big groups, in virtual meetings or on social media, the freedom and resonance of you voice makes all the difference.

When we strengthen, empower and free your voice the way we do it here, you will experience greater confidence, impact and success in every area of communication.

A More Resonant Voice, A Freer And More Confident Personality, Affects Your Life In Every Area

Maybe you feel your voice is too nasal, weak or monotone?

Maybe you’d like to project better with less effort and be more authoritative?

Maybe you’d like to be able to speak for hours and hours without getting tired?

Maybe you’d like to get a deeper, richer and more resonant voice?

Maybe you would like to feel more confident to express overall?

How about being able to have a warm, comforting, seductive, inspiring, calming voice?

What if you become much more confident, you could command an audience in a more powerful way, you could resonate with and create a bond with another person in a more impactful way?

Yes, what if you’d become more alive, charismatic, and influential?

Yes, that and much more is what this training will give you. As a result, your career and life will likely be transformed.

The Bristow Voice Method Has Transformed 100,000’s Of Voices In 146 Countries

I’m Per Bristow and for two decades I have helped speakers and singers overcome voice, confidence, and performance problems.

Today, I’m going to provide you with the same process that has helped thousands, and that will give you a profound new awareness of this amazing instrument of yours that we call the “voice”.

It will make you far more confident, influential and successful when you communicate.

You may be aware that my Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone Home Study Program is the world’s most popular voice training for singers.

It has helped 100,000s of people in 132 countries, and there is no shortage of success stories on the Internet.

The Speak With Freedom program is the home study version of the Bristow Voice Method especially designed for speakers.

Just like the Sing With Freedom program, it has been designed to give you dramatic improvements within a short amount of time from the comfort of your home.

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