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Orgasmic Mastery Course by Taylor Johnson


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Orgasmic Mastery

A 5-week training to master your sexual energy, overcome premature ejaculation and supercharge your entire life.


► Living a sexual life that you know is below your true potential?

► Feeling like you can’t satisfy your partner?

► Feeling sexually anxious and/or incompetent?

► The disappointment that comes from ejaculating too quickly?


Are ready to take action to change their sex life for the rest of their life.

Over these 5 weeks, you’ll learn how to…

1. Master your Sexual Energy

And supercharge your entire life – including your creative projects, relationships, business and financial abundance.

2. Experience Multiple Orgasms

Master the art of non-ejaculatory orgasm, and choose what kind of orgasm you want to have.

3. Make Love for Hours

And overcome premature ejaculation. Be the man who blows his lover’s mind.

WHAT’S INSIDE Orgasmic Mastery Course?

5 Action-Oriented Modules that become available over the course of 5 weeks.

► WEEKLY group coaching sessions with me (live video conference)

► An online accountability group with all the men in this training

► Clearly outlined exercises for you to complete each week, including optional partner practices if you’re in a relationship.


Reprogram your sexual response system and create a powerful foundation for the rest of your life.

► Harness the power of your mind and it’s control over your entire sexual response system.

► Learn three physical practices that will immediately improve your ejaculatory control.

► Increase your capacity to experience more sexual pleasure without ejaculating.


Strengthen your pelvic floor and increase the amount of energy your system can hold.

► Master the art of kegel exercises (in a healthy way that doesn’t cause injury or increase premature ejaculation)

► Charge your system with a Sexual Qigong practice designed to increase your pleasure capacity & vitality.

► Learn an important (and short) yoga sequence for optimum pelvic floor health.


Master your arousal and learn techniques to move your sexual energy any way you like.

► Gain a comprehensive & embodied understanding of the microcosmic orbit, and apply it in your everyday life.

► Identify and remove anything in your life that’s preventing your energy from flowing freely.

► Practice a simple, powerful, and therapeutic self-massage of your pelvic floor & genitals.


Experience more pleasure than you’ve ever imagined. The pathway to “Tantric” and multiple orgasms is different from the pathway to the traditional ejaculation. Learn what makes the difference, and learn how to reach these higher states of orgasmic pleasure.

► Clearly understand the difference between ejaculatory orgasm and non-ejaculatory orgasm.

► Learn how to avoid blue balls for good – even if you have sex for an hour and don’t ejaculate.

► Learn two powerful techniques to transmute & integrate massive amounts of sexual energy (one from Tantra/Yoga, and the other from Taoist Sexuality)



Supercharge your entire life with powerful sexual energy… from your sexual relationships to your life purpose, creative pursuits, and the amount of money and abundance you’re able to create.

► Integrate your sexuality with your higher life vision & purpose with practical action steps.

► Transform stigma around anal stimulation and master your entire sexual anatomy.

► Fully embody your true sexual power.


► Understand the impact of porn on your intimate relationships & ability to control your ejaculation. – [Video Lesson]

► Unique partner practices in each module for you and your lover to do together. – [Video Lessons]


Your Mentor…

And why this Orgasmic Mastery Course was created…

My name is Taylor,

and I’m very familiar with the pain of premature ejaculation.

I used to be the guy who would ejaculate in 30 seconds, and it affected my relationships, my confidence, my happiness, and my identity as a man.

I even avoided women because I was afraid of the moment when I would ejaculate too quickly.

Fast forward a bunch of years…

Now I’ve had multiple lovers tell me that they wish I could make love with every woman in the world.

Mind blown. I used to be hopeless.

I never thought I’d be able to have sex for 5 minutes, nor did I ever imagine that making love for hours was possible.

Nobody told me that I could have multiple orgasms without ejaculating, and nobody told me that doing so would improve EVERY aspect of my life.


That’s why I’m here with you right now.

I’m telling you from personal experience that it is 100% possible to go from struggling with premature ejaculation to making love for as long as you want, while experiencing more pleasure than most men ever do.

The first time I helped a guy have a non-ejaculatory orgasm with his girlfriend (through coaching) was one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had… way more meaningful than any job I could ever get for any large corporation.

And… I’d like to help you.

I’ve literally spent $36,308 studying sex, relationship, Tantra, Qigong, Yoga etc… But you don’t have to spend anything close to that amount to experience massive results.

Everything in this course is the distillation of the most effective practices I’ve learned from studying sex around the world. It’s a step by step, exercise-based guide for you to re-program your entire sexual response system.


If you want to have the experience of laying with your lover, feeling on top of the world after making love for hours, this course is for you.

I look forward to seeing you inside.


Sales Page: _https://www.taylorjohnson.life/orgasmic-mastery-course/


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