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Plonking a Schitt’s Creek GIF into an email isn’t adding personality

You listen to a couple of podcasts, dunk some phrases into the sales page and call it a day…

That isn’t brand voice. 

You plonk a Schitt’s Creek GIF into a sales email…

That’s not adding personality.

Right now, you’re winging it.

And if you’re reading this paragraph thinking “Shit, that sounds like me”, you’re not alone 

The good news is…if you’re reading this, it means you give a shit

Brand voice feels like an intangible thing you can’t quite grasp…

Yet when a client asks if you can ‘get’ brand voice, you smile with clenched teeth and whisper: “Yes”.

It’s not your fault there’s no brand voice encyclopaedia or book that maps out what you need to do.

But your clients don’t pay you to wing it.

You know that nailing brand voice will help you: 

✔ Charge premium rates with an easy process

✔ Book clients easier (and get repeat projects without having to ask)

✔ Feel confident every damn time you share your Google Doc

✔ Crank out copy that actually sounds like your clients and wins them results

✔ Write copy that gets better results because the audience finally feels connected to your client’s personality

The Brand Voice Baller is designed to get you results fast

What’s inside?

  • 7 modules of bite-sized training videos so you have a simple process and exercises to add personality to copy, nail brand voice and write copy that feels more human (& like your client)

  • Over-the-shoulder walkthrough videos to see how I do it

  • My coveted interview and survey questions to ask your clients the right questions to find their voice

  • Real-life brand voice guide so you know exactly what they look like

  • A plug-and-play voice template so you can spend more time on voice and less on formatting

  • Step-by-step workbooks packed with exercises, prompts and tools

  • Edited-by-an-actual-human transcripts with headings and bullet points

  • Private podcast to get my British accent in your ears wherever you are

  • Closed captions on every video

My method was honed over 1,000s of hours working with real-life clients on positioning, messaging & brand voice

I’ve taught my simple process (zero science involved) to Copyhackers, Prerna & Mayank Malik inside their coaching program, led a breakout room inside The Copywriter Club AND to 150+ students

✔ Choose your language purposefully and intentionally, so you can scrap your thesaurus (and defend EVERY single word)

✔ Snag my framework to write your client’s brand voice guide so you can look like a organised rockstar and like you’ve got your copy shit together (oh, and save you a shit ton of time)

✔ Uncover how to find the right messaging for each project in a system that can be repeated over and over

✔ Differentiate your clients from their competitors AND turn their brands into unforgettable, client-attracting machines

✔ Intentionally choose language that resonates with both your client AND their audience because brand voice is more than just whether your client says ‘cos or cause

✔ Grab my cheat sheet to measuring voice with scientific precision (not guesswork) so you’ll never have to wing it again

Here’s what my brand voice students have said

”I no longer feel anxiety around having to master my potential client’s voices, because I now have a measurable way to do so.

One of the things that has been gnawing at the back of my mind was “how am I gonna take on writing projects for clients and I don’t yet know how to go about learning someone else’s voice?”

I didn’t think such a low cost product like the Buddy would go into detail on voice the way I needed it to. Boy, was I wrong!

Most of my knowledge on brand voice was through Googling so I had some self-doubt if I was even planning on doing it right for my service. But the Buddy confirmed that I was on the right track and gave me some more tools to add to the brand voice service I’d been planning to offer.

My favorite part was the “how to measure voice” worksheet because it gave us tangible ways to tackle this seemingly abstract concept. My other favorite part of the bundle was the real-life brand voice style guide example. It has definitely given me some ideas on how I can create my own templated version for my clients.”

Londya England, Copywriter

“The Buddy helped me write an entire brand voice guide for myself in a weekend.

I’ve been interested in brand voice for a while, but haven’t really seen any trainings on how to tactically gather brand voice data. I didn’t want to take a full course, but instead wanted something I could just come back and reference in the future.

I was ready to click buy as soon as I heard about the Buddy.

The Buddy exceeded my expectations. I like that it’s really practical and I almost view this as a swipe file that I can go back and reference over and over again.”

Grace Baldwin, Rhubarb Copy

But who’s the brains behind the brand voice baller?

That’ll be me, Nic. 

Jigsaw lovin’, dog strokin’ launch copywriter.

Maybe it’s my early obsession with Diagnosis Murder or John Grisham novels or it could be my 6 years working as a journalist…

But I’m trained to hunt for details overlooked by mere mortals.

Because the truth is… being a voice chameleon isn’t science or tools, just an ability to find detail.

My Baller cred comes from writing in the voice of a dominatrix grandma, teenage boy, and dozens of creatives—all while nailing their voice.

And yep, I’ve done it without staring at a screen endlessly, writing 1000s of variations of a headline or changing my personality.

BONUS: Unlock your story vault…

A bonus training and workbook designed to pull out your best stories so you can use them strategically to reel in customers.

You’ll use The Grandparent Test to ask the right questions (and I’ve given you some of my favourite ones too!).

Here’s what others have said…

“When I think brand voice expert, I think Nicola Moors. She knows a shite load about how to uncover any brand’s personality to write copy that is relatable and authentic. Which means more connections and more conversions.

If you’re a business owner, copywriter or a human who sells things, get the Brand Voice Buddy. Nic has packed so much value in there on how to write with serious personality — all for a crazy low price — it’s a no brainer.”

– Bree Weber, conversion copywriter

“Nicola is my secret weapon and has shaved WEEKS of time off the process of creating content. She’s the first copywriter I have ever had no edits or suggestions on how to tweak the copy.

The way she phrases everything sounds exactly like me (but better) and it’s been a game-changer. Working with Nicola is invaluable; it’s exactly what we needed and wanted.”

-Haley Burkhead, founder of Recurring Profit

The Brand Voice Baller is for you if…

  • Newbie copywriter who wants to up your game and leave a stream of happy clients in your dust (and a boosted confidence)

  • Copywriter looking to add brand voice guides as a service and write consistent messaging

  • Copywriters looking for a brand voice training that doesn’t take months to  make progress and get to the good stuff

  • Business owner who wants to sell more to the right-fit people (while reducing refund requests)

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners struggling who write your own copy and want to sound more YOU in your copy.

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