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[GroupBuy] Multiple Orgasms Mastery 🔥 & UNLOCK Multiple Orgasms For Yourself


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The “Multiple-Orgasm-Mastery” Formula

(this pleasure technique will make you unforgettable to a woman by giving her waves of orgasms in ONE sex session & having a hard-on all night! 


Activate Alpha Brain Waves for you & your queen (= a relaxed yet still wakeful state, akin to meditation) using calming sensual methods


Use the “Full-Body Orgasm Formula” & combine it with the “Edging Mastery Method” to lead her towards multiple orgasms


Separate your orgasm from ejaculation using the Body-Wave-Breathe Technique & the Million-Dollar-Point (to unlock multiple orgasms)


Alternate stimulation between G-Spot, A-Spot, U-Spot, Cervix and Nipples to unlock expanded orgasms.

(.. there’s literally only a few thousand men on this planet who know how to give a woman this type of pleasure and ecstasy.

Once you’ve learned it, it’s like holding the key 🔑 to a woman’s heart.

“This online program made it so clear what to do to give and have multiple orgasms”


The “Multiple Orgasm Mastery 🔥” Premium Online Program & Demonstration

Watch A World-Class Sex Coach Give Multiple Orgasms To A Nude Woman And Man (On Camera) 

Then Use These Skills To Impress A Woman In The Bedroom.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 3-Hour Online Program With World-Class Sex Coaches Adina & Jonti + 2 Nude Models (Value $597)

  • Q&A Session Insights (Value $197)

  • Life-time Access To The Online Program (Value $297)

  • VIP Group Access (Get special discounts, priority access to new events, ask questions, connect with like-minded people) 

  • BONUS #1:  Get Harder, Bigger & Last Longer” eBook (Value $47)

  • BONUS #2: “Secret G-Spot Orgasm Strokes”  Video Class (Value $47)

  • BONUS #3: “Please Her With Your Fingers Like A Pro” Video Class (Value $47)

  • BONUS #4: “2 Orgasms In 14 Minutes”  Orgasm Sound (Value $57)

  • BONUS #5: “Activate Alpha Brainwaves For Expanded Orgasms” (A 60-Minutes Powerful Binaural Frequency Session To Unlock More Orgasm Potential) (Value $57)

Here’s What You’ll See During The “Multiple Orgasm Mastery 🔥” Premium Online Program & Demonstration:

(that’s a tongue twister)

Part 1: Meet Your Sex Coaches & The Nude Couple

  • Meet Adina – your host of this erotic online program
  • Meet sex coach Jonti who’ll demonstrate the “Multiple-Orgasm” technique

  • Meet our brave nude female model who’ll experience the multiple-orgasm session

  • Meet our brave nude male model who’ll experience the multiple orgasm session & learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation

Part 2: Watch Her Unlock Multiple Orgasms 

  • Watch how sex coach Jonti prepare our nude female model for multiple orgasms activating her alpha brainwaves
  • Learn where to find the G-Spot, A-Spot, U-Spot & Cervix Orgasm point. (On camera demonstration of each point on our nude female model)
  • Listen, watch and follow simple step-by-step instructions of the multiple orgasm formula
  • See how sex coach Jonti unlocks Full-Body Expanded Orgasms in our nude female model (live on camera)
  • Watch how she experiences intense, long-lasting orgasms – again and again
  • Watch how to stimulate the G-Spot
  • Learn what makes a woman squirt
  • Watch how our female model has expanded, multiple orgasms

Part 3: Watch Him Unlock Multiple Orgasms

  • Watch how our female model learns to give multiple orgasms to a man
  • See how she learns to make him last longer NATURALLY
  • Watch as he learns to separate orgasm from ejaculation
  • Learn techniques to increase sexual stamina
  • Watch how she learns penis strokes to intensify his pleasure by 10x
  • Watch how our male model has expanded, multiple orgasms

Part 4: Q&A Session Insights With  Sex Coaches & Nude Models

  • In this section we’ll answer questions such as: 
  • Did the models experience multiple orgasms? What did it feel like for them?
  • this is your time to get quality insights on all things erection, stamina, lasting power and etc

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