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Finally, The Only Sustainable Strategy to Build a Massive Catalog of Creative Projects Without the Need for Willpower, External Motivation, or Natural Talent

(Even if you’ve tried every other creative work process out there and none of them worked for you—guaranteed)

Using my proprietary ‘NUDON’ formula, coupled with the habit of Automatic Discipline, you will discover how to build a daily work practice that allows you to finish your most-important projects, despite the daily turbulence of life. You will grow a massive body of work in a short time—all through a simple, daily practice anyone can follow …and it’s GUARANTEED.

Hello Creator,

I’m August Birch. I’m a writer, creator, and teacher. I help creative folks like you make more work that sells and sell more work they make.

For the past 20 years I’ve been building and marketing little businesses. I’ve started and (and failed-at) more business opportunities than most people will try in a lifetime (so you don’t have to repeat my mistakes).

As a creative person, I’ve always struggled with shiny-object syndrome.

There were always new, more-exciting, and (seemingly) better projects to start than the project I was currently working on. The new ideas were never a problem.

The problem was sticking with the best ideas all the way to completion.

I spent hundreds of hours on projects I never finished. I’m embarrassed to admit it now, but my hard drive is filled with dozens (if not hundreds) of old, unfinished projects from the dark days.

I had big dreams, huge aspirations, and important goals, but I got stuck on this relentless hamster wheel of starting… and re-starting. I just couldn’t force myself to ship the projects I started.

Not only did I waste a bunch of time that I’ll never get back, I wasn’t helping my audience either. I was stuck, frustrated, and filled with self-doubt.

Here, I had all this knowledge and the ability to help the people in my tribe, but I couldn’t force myself to finish the projects to help them.

And as we all know, if you don’t ship your best work, the work doesn’t exist.

Ten years ago I got fed up with repeating the same habits and hoping for a different result. I decided enough was enough and I started developing a work process, where I could finish the projects I start, without relying on willpower to get me there.

“Your Momentum Maker course is the most important one you’ve created so far!”

All your great advice and instructions in your previous courses (and I have them all, except for the Mini-Launch one), depend on an individual’s motivation and habits.

Unless one can follow-through and keep going, nothing gets finished and shipped.

What worked immediately for me as I went through your course, was joining up an “unbreakable moment” with a current permanent habit.

For me, the “cue” habit is my daily morning journal writing which I’ve been doing for the past twenty years, without fail.

So, instead of writing three pages in my journal as I try to do each day, I stop at two pages, and immediately jump over to my laptop to begin (or continue) a writing project for publication.
It worked, even in my first try. I had been languishing about doing any more writing for my bi-weekly newsletter. This time, however, I jumped on it and get the next issue done. (I even gave you credit in that and other issues of the newsletter.)

The second thing that worked immediately for me was from your bonus module, “Upside Down Goal Setting.”  I did my Ten-Year Goals… but in my case, since I’m 76-years old, ten years is a stretch. Who knows if I’ll still be kicking at 86?  So, I decided that a 1 to 3 -year goal work better for me.

Fortunately, despite my age, I still have the motivation of a 36-year-old (the age that I thought was most perfect).

-Ken West, Author

If you can make coffee you can finish your creative projects

I knew if I finished and shipped my work I could get closer to reaching the goals I wanted in my life.

Since 2018 I’ve honed and perfected this work process even more and I’m now ready to share it with you.

I call this program Momentum Maker.

You see, willpower is extremely weak. We have finite amount of it, and our willpower is affected by many different external factors.

I needed a way to develop Automatic Discipline—a permanent, daily work process, where I’d finish my projects on a regular basis, despite my level of motivation that day, or if I even felt like working at all.

Momentum Maker is the secret sauce to finish what you start.

This is the exact recipe I wish I had when I started this journey over 20 years ago. I don’t want you to experience the same amount of pain I went through with my creative practice.

It’s hard enough being in our business. We need a few ‘wins’ to help us get our work finished, so we can make a few steps closer to our goals.

How do I know this?

(I’m just an average guy with big dreams and a desire to help other creators get what they want)

Hi, I’m August Birch. I’m a writer, creator, father, husband, and marketing coach from Michigan. For years I struggled to get my fledgling information publishing business off the ground, but couldn’t find a way to finish my most-important work on a regular basis.

I had all these ideas for helping my tribe, but no matter how hard I tried to muscle-through each idea, I couldn’t finish the projects I started. I wasn’t born with any measurable gifts or talents. All I had was a burning desire to help others achieve what they want in life.

The problem was I had almost nothing to offer my clients… even when they kept asking, “I love your work. Do you have anything else I can buy?”

Then, over many years I developed the ‘NUDON’ work formula. Now I’m able to finish a steady stream of new projects, without relying on willpower or motivation to finish them.

I now operate my international publishing business in more than 110 different countries and I run most of the operation from my pocket. I have specific, non-negotiable projects to finish every day, automatically, and this one work process has helped me build a massive body of work.

I now write 1.5-2 million words a year without working 16 hour days, or pulling all-nighters. Just a steady daily work process, with a large body of work that accumulates over time.

To discover the exact same work process that took me ten years of trial-and-error to perfect, enroll in my Momentum Maker program.

By piggybacking your new, daily work process on top of an existing habit (as simple as making coffee every morning) you can build a body of work that helps you achieve your goals.

I’ll see you inside!

Introducing: Momentum Maker

In this five-module program you’ll discover exactly how to build the habit of Automatic Discipline, coupled with a non-negotiable set of strong goals.

Using the NUDON formula you’ll finally finish the projects you start and build a massive body of work, over time… all while completing just four key tasks per day.

This hybrid system of productivity, project management, and goal-setting will help you build a life-long work practice that will help you achieve your long-term goals without struggling to get there.

Enroll today and begin your transformation immediately.

Here’s a little peek of what’s inside:

  • One simple, little formula that will transform the way you work and help you finish projects quickly (without working yourself to the bone)
  • A sneaky way to use the current myth of goal setting to your advantage (and how you can out-produce the others in your space)
  • How to engineer willpower with Automatic Discipline (to help you complete your tasks each day even if you’re not motivated)
  • Build a permanent habit of daily creative work (it’s almost like hypnotizing yourself into production mode)
  • Why the old method of goal-setting doesn’t work (and a new way to set big goals you can actually reach)
  • Four simple, daily tasks that will give you the life you want (even if you don’t have all the answers)
  • One special moment every day that will become the core of your productivity process
  • A simple framework to set your long-term goals, coupled with a weekly check-in process (so you can recalibrate and stay on target)

Without the right work strategy, all the goal-setting in the world won’t get you very far

  • This isn’t some over-complicated system with 150 moving parts (where only the most-dedicated people will succeed)
  • Whether you work in linear, or scatterbrained fashion you can adapt the system to work for you (unlike some of the most-famous systems on the market)
  • The one weekly meeting you must have with yourself (and how to use this special meeting to keep your projects on track and moving-forward)
  • The five-step, can’t miss work strategy to finish even the most-difficult projects (even if you don’t feel like working)
  • Why this one special workspace will help you triple your productivity (and make your permanent, Automatic Discipline easier to develop)
  • The actual number of days required to build a permanent work habit (and why the common wisdom is way off)
  • How to failure-proof your creative practice by never running out of new offers for your clients (which will give you a lot more opportunities for success in your market)

What’s the NUDON Formula?

The NUDON formula is the core of the Momentum Maker creative work process. Although it sounds like an exotic pasta dish, it’s really a simple acronym to help you remember the Momentum Maker process:
  • North Star
  • Unbreakable Moment
  • Daily work practice
  • One project
  • Never quit

When combined, these five elements become an unstoppable force of creative productivity. You will develop the mechanisms in place to build a massive body of work, like the true professional you are.

As creatives it can be very difficult to finish our best work. There are so many new ideas that come to us daily, it’s easy to get sidetracked with ‘shiny object syndrome.’

We get stuck on the endless hamster wheel of starting new projects repeatedly, and never finishing anything.

If we don’t finish our projects they don’t exist in the eyes of our clients. It’s our duty to finish our work so we can serve our clients at the highest level possible.

Momentum Maker is a process for getting the work done so we can start the next project.

Here’s what you get when you enroll:

  1. An introduction module that explains the theory behind Momentum Maker and why it works so much better than the other strategies out there
  2. A quick-start module to help you build your daily, Automatic Discipline habit, so you can finish your important projects even if you don’t feel motivated
  3. A full module on the NUDON formula. You’ll discover each step of the process and how to integrate your long term goals and projects into your work day
  4. An implementation module, where we build your daily practice together, using the NUDON formula as our guide
  5. A next-steps module that answers most common questions, gives you success strategies moving-forward, and helps you eliminate time-sucking tasks from your day

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