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A program for the person who wants to show up in every situation with unshakable confidence, personal power, and authenticity

Is the psychological pandemic cheating you of your greatness?

From wars to viruses to economic crises: chaos has been the only constant in recent years.

The disruption this has caused to the world is obvious.

But less obvious is what it has done to our inner world.

If in the past few months you’ve found yourself retracting, going off balance, or struggling to:

  • Stay calm and worry-free in the face of challenge and adversity…
  • Keep up your focus and determination for your biggest personal and professional goals…
  • Pivot and adapt to drastically different expectations and circumstances…
  • Negotiate or articulate your desires, persuasively and resourcefully…
  • Or even if your sense of confidence, security, and self-belief has taken a hit…

Then you’re one of billions affected by the psychological pandemic.

The good news is, the antidote is already inside you.

The Total Self-Confidence program with Paul McKenna, the world’s no. 1 hypnotherapist, is an inward journey back to the most confident, courageous version of you.

The you who’s unfazed by all external chaos.

The you who’s freed from the negative conditioning, doubts, and insecurities imposed on you.

The you with the absolute personal power to evolve, achieve, and show the world who you really are.

A science-based roadmap back to your fullest confidence, courage, and determination

The Total Self-Confidence program guides you through Paul McKenna’s signature science-based system for igniting your unconditional resilience and self-belief:

The same one that has earned him universal acclaim among international business leaders, Hollywood celebrities, and millions worldwide.

Just like how a world-class athlete or musician instinctively transcends fear, uncertainty, and adversity, and performs at their peak in any circumstance…

You too are rewired to channel your peak disposition into every moment, every personal mission, and every interaction.

The way you talk and carry yourself. Solve problems. Tackle your goals. Speak to people, crowds or individuals. And the way you ask for anything, whether it’s a raise or date:

Everything changes when you reclaim your Total Self-Confidence

3 leading-edge hypnotic technologies: one brand new you

  1. Clinical hypnosis

    Through a series of deep hypnosis techniques, you’re taken directly to the control center of your brain. Here you’ll communicate with your subconscious mind, and switch off emotions impacting your confidence and self-belief: including fear, insecurity, anger, guilt, sadness, and self-doubt.

    You’ll also experience three of Paul’s signature Hypnotic Trance audios: specially engineered to engage both your left and right brain, and accelerate your path to the best version of you.

  2. Psychosensory therapy

    This revolutionary form of therapy stimulates all your senses – including touch and eye movements – to create profound and lasting changes in how you think, feel, and operate.

    You’ll be guided through ‘havening’, one of the most accessible yet powerful forms of psychosensory therapy, that releases the grip of negative emotional patterns and memories that hold you back from growth and forward movement.

  3. Neuro-linguistic programming

    Just like a computer, your mind determines how you think and behave through a series of programs. Neuro-linguistic programming helps you gain awareness and control of these programs, so you can amplify the ones that serve you, and deactivate the ones that don’t.

    Paul’s neuro-linguistic programming techniques in Total Self-Confidence are designed to give you a powerful and permanent confidence boost by addressing your patterns and habits in areas like your work, your relationships, and your personal growth.

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