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[GroupBuy] Mike Rubini – Reverse engineering through technical scraping


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Data is the new oil water

Every company needs data.

If you have the same data your competitors have, at most, you will have the same results.

1. Improve operations centralizing data

Data is all over the places. Most likely, your team uses an increasing number of tools to get their job done. Scraping allows you to put it in one central location, even when APIs are not available.

2. Improve your product

Take unique data sets to improve your product and build new features.

3. Improve your marketing

Data collection is a key part of technical marketing. Get leads exploiting alternative sources.

Course curriculum

Intro Basics of data extraction (4 videos)  Available now!
  • 1.  Is scraping legal?
  • 2.  Data extraction methods
  • 3.  Scraping DOM with code (PHP)
  • 4.  Scraping DOM without code
  • 5.  Extract data visually, without code
1 Scraping Instagram for profit (3 videos)  Available now!
  • 1.  Deep dive #1
  • 2.  Deep dive #2
  • 3.  Putting it all together
2 Scraping Shopify for profit (2 videos, more coming)  Available now!
  • 1.  Collecting keywords on the Shopify app store
  • 2.  Fetching results, ratings and reviews from the Shopify App Store
3 Find leads with technical marketing (5 videos)  Available now!
  • 1.  Scraping competitor reviews (with code)
  • 2.  Exporting leads to a spreadsheet (with code)
  • 3.  Scraping competitor reviews (without code)
  • 4.  Using the power of Google to find lists of leads
  • 5.  Finding leads through technology lookups
4 Proxying requests (3 videos)  Available now!
  • 1.  Intro to proxies
  • 2.  Proxying requests (no code)
  • 3.  Setting up a data collector (no code)

What’s inside

Deep dives with Mike

Rather than teach you with whiteboards, in the course I show you how I would approach collecting different sets of data in different situations.

That’s why this course uses the concept of deep dives: I’m going in with you, raw & unplanned, to teach you where to look for data and how to extract it.

About your instructor

I’m Mike. I’ve been building multiple software products from scratch, with no outside investments, no team, and even no CS degree.

All of my products are around the idea of collecting third-party data for profit. They include a competitive intelligence tool for e-commerce, a trend spotting tool, and more.

Sales Page:_https://learn.mikerubini.com/reverse-engineering-through-technical-scraping

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