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We Teach Men How To Become More Desirable, Forge Elite Networks, And Live A High-Status Lifestyle In Less Than 40 Days.

Learn how to meet incredible women, make high status friends, and attend exclusive venues…

Without compromising your time or integrity.

Say goodbye to cold approach, apps, and inauthentic methods of meeting people.

Men of Action is Your

“Local Celebrity Blueprint”

“Over the past 20 years I’ve spent more than $25k on various programs and MOA is better than all combined.”

– Jefferey

“FINALLY threw an event in my home city. Was UBER SUCCESSFUL!!”

– Christian

“Had a Model DM me today saing my events are the best. Everything I know about throwing events comes from MOA.”

– John

“Michael the MOA progam is too lethal lol. You’re a genius.”

– Billy

The High Status Networking System

(How it works)

Design Your Abundant
Action Blueprint

Implement the Celebrity

Execute The Red
Rope Protocol

Rinse and Repeat For Your
High Status Lifestyle

John’s social circle goes from “OK” to elite during COVID

“We started throwing [our events] up on our social media, and the responses we got were incredible. The people who were in our DM’s, the people who were coming back to us, the following we were getting.”

From “cold contacting” to mansions in the Hamptons: How Jon created an elite social circle

“A lot of people who might be watching this might be on the edge of wanting to join your program. They see what the results are, but they might not think it’s possible for them. And I promise you, Michael sets up steps for you to start making these things happen in your life and the choice is yours whether or not you wanna do it. But it’s inarguable if it works.”

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