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Become Too Good To Ignore. Create A Content Empire & Earn Dollars…Not Just Likes.

Discover the exact content system used to generate $5 million in recurring annual revenue, create a community of 14 million with ZERO ad spend, and add 815,000 new followers in less than 12 months.

Unlock Content Empire OS Today

Musk. Zuckerberg. Jobs. Gates.

Like the conquerors of legend – Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and others…

These founders set out to create their own modern empires…

And they did it.

But here’s the cold, uncomfortable truth.

Most founders are trying to build an empire while playing in a sandbox.

Because even if they don’t have aspirations as big as Jobs or Musk…

They still have to SHOW UP like they’re planning to decimate the opposition and leave a legacy that will last for generations.

Otherwise, they’ll be overtaken and left in the dust by the competition.

Over the past 14 years I’ve managed to build not just one, but THREE modest empires.

My first I sold for 8-figures.

The second I’ve scaled to $5M ARR and a community of 14 million with ZERO ad spend.

And my third is currently growing at 30% per month, and is regularly getting featured by major sources as a “brand to follow.”

How did I do it?

With Content

That’s right…

The importance of content cannot be overstated.

Content increases your surface area for acquiring new clients, making incredible connections, growing a thriving community and generating large amounts of cash.

But content isn’t just about building an audience and growing a following…

It’s a conduit that allows you to increase your impact and grow your brand to new heights.

However most founders suck at creating content.

And it’s limiting their growth and the potential of their brand.

Luckily, you’re about to discover the closest thing to an empire-building cheat code. 

Over the past 14 years, I’ve also spent millions to sit under leading experts from YouTube, Complex, Google, Morning Brew, NowThis, BuzzFeed, and Meta…

Learned the best frameworks for scaling content, scaling brands, and building revenue…

Invested 40,000+ hours into developing mastery of these frameworks…

And created over 36,000 pieces of content.

The combination of my experience and efforts has allowed me to distill the process of creating a Content Empire into a simple, straightforward series of systems.

And these systems are so refined,they will work for almost anyone.

Provided they show up with the tenacity and willingness to put in the work.


Are you ready to start building your own Content Empire?

What You’ll Discover in Content Empire OS

My proven system for becoming “omnipresent” and unignorable online

The 3 key components essential for a profitable personal brand.

My step-by-step system for creating a 60-day content cue in less than 1 hour

How to unlock the Mastery Mindset and dominate your niche

My personal system for creating 30 pieces of content in 30 minutes

The best ways to grow your personal newsletter

Tools and processes for SLASHING your content creation time

What’s Inside: 


Distribution Revolution

“Attention is the new oil” and your personal brand is the pipeline to tap into this billion-dollar resource.

Discover the framework of Content OS that will serve as your “master plan” when you build your own Content Empire.


Content OS

Building your personal brand is more than just posting a bunch online…

It’s a complex endeavor made up of core components like:

  • Niche
  • Audience
  • Content Categories

Discover how you can develop each of these areas so that every single thing you post brings you one step closer to your Content Empire.


Niche OS

You’re competing with every other brand for the new most valuable resource…


You need to stand out and draw in your ideal audience.

Discover how you can become #1 in your category and leave your competition in the dust.


Mastery Mindset

Mindset is one of the most overlooked components of creating your own Content Empire.

Discover how you can unlock the living legend inside of you and leave a legacy.


How to Create 30 Pieces of Content in 30 Minutes

This is where the rubber meets the road.

It’s time to take action and start creating content.

Discover my 30 Pieces of Content in 30 Minutes strategy, and map out a plan to create your first 60 days of content.


Founder OS Content Idea Machine

Coming up with new content ideas is one of the biggest challenges of posting regularly.

In this lesson I’ll reveal my personal Content Idea Machine.

You’ll never struggle to come up with content ideas again.


The 5-Year Reflection

Discover a simple exercise that allows you to confidently write about topics that will resonate with your audience.

This exercise will also give you even more content ideas, allowing you to map out MONTHS’ worth of content in as little as 30 minutes.


Founder Flywheel

There’s more to creating a Content Empire than simply posting the right content.

Discover my Founder Flywheel, which is how I tie my content strategy in with my overarching vision and goals for building my brands.

Once you see the “Matrix” of how content fits in with your goals, your success becomes practically guaranteed.


Omnipresent OS

Discover my compounding content system, which makes your content show up EVERYWHERE.


Copywriting OS

Discover how to write memorable, impactful and persuasive copy.

If you can master this skill, you’ll instantly shoot up to the top 10% of content creators.


280 Powerful Hooks

Discover 280 POWERFUL Proven Hooks that you can use to create killer content that will resonate with your ideal audience member.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – leverage these hooks to build your Content Empire even faster.


(Bonus) Lesson #12 – Thread System

Discover my Thread System, which serves as the foundation for ALL of my content.

Copy and paste this system to 10x your content creation.


(Bonus) Lesson #13 – Powerful Content Creation Tools

Automate. Eliminate. Delegate.

Discover my personal tool stack and get twice as much done in half the time.

Work smarter…not harder.


(Bonus) Lesson #14 – Content Empire Checklist

Follow this proven checklist and make your Content Empire a reality.

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