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[GroupBuy] Magic Source Codes by Cat Howell


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Magic not only helped me to make it big in my business and find a soulmate partner, but it also saved my life.

After experiencing a depression letting me know I had outgrown old skin, and trying every modality and trick under the sun to “cure”myself, I was actively suicidal and in dark waters. Magic recalibrated me back to wellbeing by providing me with the tools needed to navigate the chaos and back into my own path of least resistance.

Prior to alchemy I operated on overwhelm all the time, was deeply insecure, didn’t value myself and felt trapped in my circumstances. Now, I create as I please, my days are filled with play, and I am in a safe, trusting and loving relationship with myself.

This is the journey I want to take you on as well.

It is so much bigger and more than rituals and conjurings – it is a practice of self discovery and transformation.

My own practice is unique in that it is heavily infused and based on the concepts of the Flow Protocols that I have used to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them to find success and wellbeing.

It is virtuous but also combines pleasure.

Inside you will discover personal essays, real life examples and trainings that will show you how to unlock the source codes of magic.


  • RITUALS & CONJURINGS– from my personal grimoire – discover techniques I use to beat burnout, find clarity, and step into abundance
  • FIVE DAYS OF TRAINING– Replays from the solf out Magic Source Codes five day workshop hosted by Cat Howell – self paced
  • GUIDED PATHWORKINGS – exclusive guided pathworkings to help you turn emotional states into real-life alchemy. (VALUED $197)
  • BONUS! – Purchase today and get a signed copy of Magic Source Codes paperback (shipping July 2022)!


Discover new tools to help you navigate all areas of your life and manifest financial, relational and creative desires.

Understand yourself better and grow and expand as a person.

Connect with your own energy source and the interconnected super-highway that we all exist within.

If you are drawn to the concepts of manifestation, law of attraction or alchemy then Magic Source Codes is for you!

If you are a starseed child, an entrepreneur, a high creative or intuitive then this is for you!

If you have long suspected yourself an alchemist but have feared your powers up until this point, this is for you!

If you desire more from life, this this is for you!

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