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[GroupBuy] LinkedIn Mastery – A Proven Framework to Make $20K/Month With LinkedIn


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I used this framework to make $22,184.27 my first 30 days in business

Don’t believe me? Here’s some proof:

Here’s a screen recording of my checking account statement showing all the deposits (can’t fake those numbers with right click inspect)


How do you know it was my first 30 days in business?

Because autopilot growth LLC was incorporated on the 1st of February, and here’s my stripe account showing $0 collected in January


How’d I do it?

A LOT of

  1. Sending LinkedIn connection requests (and no, the limit is not 100 per week)
  2. Sending LinkedIn messages
  3. Group messages
  4. Running live events
  5. sending inmails
  6. sending open inmails
  7. running LinkedIn ads
  8. trying all the linkedin automation tools
  9. testing out different profile optimizations…

And ultimately? Figuring out what gets people on the phone and what doesn’t.

Once you have the framework:
You don’t have to spend hours every week doing manual outreach to personalize your messages. You can automate personalization

You’ll actually get really high connection rates

What You Will Find Inside LinkedIn Mastery:

  1. How to pick a profitable niche $$$
  2. How to get hundreds of replies from top prospects in your niche
  3. How to book meetings
  4. How to close deals
  5. How to automate LinkedIn so you print money on autopilot
  6. How to send invoices and collect payments
  7. How to write a killer offer
  8. How to hire a good VA for cheap so you can stop wasting time on boring admin tasks

My Guarantee:

If you follow this framework and you don’t earn $2500 within 30 days, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Not only that, but you’ll 100% make the money back in savings on software

Why You Should Buy Right Now, Not Later

I will be adding a ton of valuable content to the framework over the next few months:

  1. An automation tool to get thousands of connections per month on LinkedIn
  2. The best content from all of the other top LinkedIn courses, broken down and improved for you
  3. Webinars with the top outbound experts
  4. More sure-fire sales scripts
  5. LinkedIn live event hacks
  6. All the top lessons my students learned on the way to $20K MRR

Still not ready to buy?

I am only allowing 90 more people

We sold 60 seats in one day.

If you want to get lifetime access to an always up-to-date framework of the best LinkedIn strategies to make $$$

I’d grab it while you can

(“I want this” button near the top of the page if you’re on desktop)

Sales Page:_https://linkedinlegend.gumroad.com/l/linkedin-mastery

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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