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What is it?

The Power Couple Masterclass is a comprehensive step-by-step video program that will show you how to attract, build & sustain a high level intimate relationship or partnership.

Who is it for?

The Power Couple Masterclass is for singles or couples who are committed to creating a truly extraordinary and rare partnership, built on individual and joint empowerment, fair exchange and purpose.

How does it work?

1. Join the program and get instant access
2. Complete the video modules
3. Each module is 15-30 minutes approx.
4. Download the exclusive tools
5. Complete your Relationship Master Plan
6. Enjoy an extraordinary relationship

What’s Included?

Our Very Best Power Couple Secrets:

✔ How to transform any relationship into a Power Couple
✔ How to find, filter, and seduce your perfect partner
✔ How to overcome common relationship fantasies
✔ How to avoid common relationship traps
✔ A new and empowering look into the old traditions
✔ How to both find your inspired life purpose & mission
✔ How to get everything you want from your partner, while giving them everything they want from you
✔ How to increase real trust, not just blind faith
✔ How to manage arguments so they make you stronger
✔ How to establish loving fair exchange in the household
✔ How to cultivate everlasting love & gratitude
✔ How to manage joint finances like the masters
✔ How to dissolve guilt, shame & baggage from the past
✔ How to breakthrough jealousy & threats of infidelity
✔ How to handle complex sexual dynamics
✔ How to increase relationship longevity & fulfilment

Our Game Changing Tools & Downloads:

✔ The Couples Fair Exchange Calculator
✔ The Couples Relationship Review Tool
✔ The Couples Argument Log Tool
✔ The Couples Master Plan Form

We’ve Made It A No Brainer…

✔ Instant & Lifetime Access
✔ 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
✔ 6+ hours of HD Video Training
✔ Step-by-step Instructions
✔ Easy to Follow & Complete
✔ Available on All Devices
✔ AirPlay & Stream it “Netflix & Chill” Style

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