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The Lifelong Success System is the ultimate solution to just about any problem you face…

  • Zap stubborn obstacles with ease!
  • Get things done on time, every time!
  • Finally! Break free from the past!
  • Make your perfect future a reality!
  • Control your destiny – right down to every detail!
  • Achieve financial wealth – on your own terms!
  • Feel peace, joy, and contentedness all the time!
  • Banish negative emotions like anger, fear, and grief – forever!
  • Win at life – and everything you ever put your mind to!
  • Enjoy health and happiness for the rest of your life!

If You Read Nothing Else, Read This!

Igor Ledochowski’s Lifelong Success is more than just a “self-help program.” It is a complete personal development system that will instantly help you:

  • Break any bad habit you struggle with – drinking, smoking, or even sexual addiction… make more money, save more money, and achieve wealth beyond your wildest imagination…
  • Supercharge your relationships, be instantly likeable, never feel lonely again… create genuine romance in your life, feel sexy at 40, 50 or 60… program your body to be healthy, find relief from chronic health problems…
  • Discover the ultimate key to success, unlock every door in life… zap stubborn obstacles, charge ahead with confidence… discover your inner genius, think like the greatest inventors in history, tap into your deep imaginative powers…
  • Design your perfect future, make it a reality… feel amazingly good – perfectly happy and content – every day of your life… and much, much more!

All you have to do is put on some stereo headphones, sit back, and relax. It’s that easy to begin enjoying a new level of success and happiness that has been unattainable… until now.

After the first few days, I’m sure you’ll agree that the 60 minutes (or less) that you spend with Lifetime Success will become your most treasured, most enjoyable, most highly anticipated minutes of the day!

Because you’ll be instantly transported, instantly changed, into the person you’ve always wanted to be. And success – the success that you want – will become inevitable, practically guaranteed!

Try it and see for yourself if it’s not the most complete, most powerful, most effective self-hypnotic success system you’ve ever tried.

Smarter, Richer, and Happier than You’ve Ever Been Before!

As you may know, it is my personal goal to help as many people as I possibly can in our lifetime. And so when I began to create the Lifelong Success system…

I intentionally designed it to be as simple and effortless as possible!

This is not because change is easy. Sometimes it requires a lot of work!

But what I realized is that most people lack the inner drive to make all the changes they need to make on their own. They take two steps forward… and two steps back… and often find themselves in the same place that they started from.

The Lifelong Success System changes this because all you have to do is listen to each program and let the Guided Inner Focus Technique (GIFT) work its magic. It will change how you think, which will make everything you do feel easy and effortless.

You will then begin to make outward changes… and become a better, more successful person… virtually on autopilot!

Put Your Mind on the Fast-Track to Success

In my many years of teaching, coaching, and working with people one on one (and even coaching Fortune 500 companies), I’ve actually discovered that the “Lone Ranger” brand of self-improvement can actually backfire.


By relying on bad advice and then reinforcing the wrong thinking patterns. You see, just because you’ve read a bunch of self-help books does not mean you’re feeding your brain the right kinds of thoughts.

And so I took very special care to make sure that the guided inner focus sessions in Lifelong Success were powerful, positive, and totally effective.

Which means that if you’ve been accidentally self-sabotaging by following bad advice or reinforcing negative thinking patterns – well, that’ll all be fixed now.

Because the guided inner focus sessions will unwind any harmful thinking patterns you’re currently stuck on, and will replace them with positive thinking patterns that will empower you and move you forward.

In as little as a week from starting the Lifelong Success System, you may even notice that your thought process has improved, that your mind has become stronger, smarter, and more focused.

You will know this because you’ll immediately realize that your behavioral responses are now conducive to getting your way in situations where before your results were “hit or miss”– and that you’re in control of your circumstances and steering your life in the way you want it to go.

The Lazy Man’s Way to a Triumphant Life

Let’s face it. We’re all just a little bit lazy, aren’t we? The things we intend to do sometimes just never get done.

Or we may start something and then not stick with it for the long-haul.

Fortunately, the Lifelong Success System is the easiest way I know of to create a triumphant life. Simply listen to the specially designed program and you’ll become smarter, richer, and happier than you’ve ever been.

Introducing the Lifelong Success System:
Your Proven Path to Health, Wealth & Happiness!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover when you begin to
“work” your way through the system…

Module #1: The Key to Lifelong Success

  • The difference between people who are failures and people who are successes (It’s not what you think)
  • The “success snowball” – The simple cycle that takes you from success to success at continually higher levels of achievement
  • Your mind an undersized bonsai? Find out how people artificially limit their brain power – and how to instantly unleash your untapped mental potential
  • 3 Mind Killers – Are you committing any of these mental sins?
  • The Brain Switch that Changes Everything: Discover a simple little trick to transform negative stress into positive stress
  • Cancer caused by your brain? Discover the amazing power of the mind-body connection and how to use it to your advantage

Module #2: Yes! You Can Be Rich!

  • What you should never do to get rich (Unfortunately, this is the one thing most often taught by wealth gurus)
  • What money really is – plus, how this will positively affect your ability to get rich (Hint: Money is not dollars, or even silver or gold. Once you understand this, you’ll see wealth far differently than you do today)
  • Think Like the Wealthy! Discover 2 profound ideas that are ignored by the poor and middle-class but embraced by the super-rich
  • Is it really possible to create a “machine” that legally “prints” money? Absolutely. I know this sounds completely ludicrous, but it’s entirely possible
  • 5 incorrect beliefs about money that most people have – and how to banish them from your mind forever
  • A simple realization about how your wealth blueprint is formed (Once you understand this strange secret – and follow the simple written exercise – you’ll be able to reprogram your mind with rich thinking patterns faster than you would have ever imagined)
  • Crazy But True: Your wealth blueprint determines how much money you’re allowed to keep. Discover how to break through these artificial limits
  • The simple way to get rich. If you’ve ever been confused by ROI or any other financial mumbo-jumbo, then you’ll appreciate this very simple way to get rich, laid out in clear layman’s terms
  • Can fractions make you rich? You’ll be amazed when you learn the simple principle the rich use to get richer – but the middle class use to drain their bank accounts to the dregs
  • The 3-stage cycle that guarantees wealth. Follow each step in the wealth cycle… and repeat. It’s that simple

Module #3: Your Perfect Future

  • “The Personality Matrix”: Discover the three different types of goals – and the one that will really take you where you want to go in life
  • How to craft bullet-proof goals every single time
  • How to tell if you’re moving in the wrong direction – plus some easy ways to self-correct so you get back on track
  • How “true goals” overcome the weaknesses that are inherent in the kinds of ordinary goals that most people are taught to use
  • What you can learn from serial entrepreneurs who get stuck in perpetual boom/bust cycles (Hint: If there’s a conflict between your conscious and subconscious mind, the subconscious mind ALWAYS wins!)
  • Is there such a thing as a “dirty goal?” Yes. And I will not only explain what this is, but also how to avoid such counterproductive goals
  • How to set “true goals” that make your eventual success practically inevitable (With a “true goal,” you actually activate your inner mind and bring all your inner resources to bear on what you want to achieve. Very powerful)
  • The secret to integrating “true goals” and “action goals” for fast and dramatic results (No matter how big the dream you want to achieve, this blended goal-setting process will make you unstoppable)

Module #4: The Mind of a Winner

  • The one basic characteristic common to all winners (This characteristic is the foundation for all other traits of the mind of a winner)
  • The 3 world views that make it impossible to develop the mind of a winner(Are you inadvertently self-sabotaging when it comes to your own success? Find out in this module)
  • How to create your own “luck” (Skeptical? I was too… until I learned the fascinating research behind it)
  • 13 easy-to-follow guidelines that practically guarantee you’ll adopt the right mindset for winning in every area of life (These “master keys” unlock your potential in ways you’ve never imagined!)
  • A simple mental switch that empowers you to deal with just about any crisis, no matter how severe (This is so powerful, it could actually save your life)
  • An exercise you can do while sitting down that will strengthen your mental muscles – and give you the resiliency you’ll need for dealing with any kind of unexpected circumstance
  • How to avoid discouragement as you seek to become a better person (One common source of motivation ends in disaster; but there’s another source that will propel you on to ever greater levels of achievement)

Module #5: Break Any Bad Habit

  • Revealed for the first time! My easy 7-step process for breaking any bad habit!
  • How a beaten down path in a forest illustrates how brain conditioning works, plus how to use this understanding to your advantage anytime you want to change your behavior for the better
  • Free at Last! How bad habits are formed – and the simple secret to unwinding them (It doesn’t matter how hopeless you feel, you can be free of your bad habits!)
  • How to quit bad habits cold turkey and never relapse again. Quitting is only Step #1. It’s Step #2 that “locks in” the change for good
  • The “rocket fuel” you can manufacture yourself that will instantly force change – even if your mind is resistant!
  • 2 essential strategies for making positive changes. Use these together as a powerful one-two punch that knocks out bad habits cold

Module #6: How to Feel Like a Million Bucks

  • What self-esteem really is (When you understand this, you’ll be able to feel good about yourself without ever tearing down another person)
  • How to face even the harshest of criticisms and still feel good about who you are (Use this technique to stay calm and objective – and not be affected by ego-driven people)
  • Discover how to develop unshakable self-esteem (Follow these 2 easy steps and you’ll be rock solid in no time)
  • The biggest enemy of all success (This enemy cripples millions of good people and prevents them from ever experiencing inner peace)
  • The shocking truth about why we admire the people we do (Once you understand this, you’ll actually be able to become like those you admire!)
  • An easy and systematic way to build self-confidence (As you do this, you’ll find that your self-esteem naturally grows stronger, too)

Module #7: Get Motivated! Get Stuff Done!

  • How you can instantly kick yourself into action with a piece of paper and a pen (Never underestimate the power of simple ideas!)
  • How to be so intensely self-motivated that it would take a team of riot police to stop you! (Once you discover the secrets to developing inner motivation, you’ll be practically unstoppable)
  • How to make sure you get the important things done first – and that the unimportant things don’t sidetrack you from doing what counts
  • 3 sneaky attitudes that keep you from being productive – and how to “flip” those attitudes around so they propel you forward
  • What the “flow state” is – and 3 steps for entering your flow state whenever you want (You’ll be absolutely amazed by how much you can achieve when you enter the flow state!)
  • How to organize your to-do list for maximum productivity
  • How to use your imagination to get more done faster. (Do you have an active imagination? Good! You’ll be able to use it to do those things you know you must do, but have been resisting)
  • 16 “Super Drivers”– What are Super Drivers? Find out what they are, plus how to build a Super Driver into every goal you have so they’re automatically self-motivating

Module #8: Finally Break Free of the Past

  • What “the past” really means. And how to use this surprising information to your advantage
  • The 4 key negative emotions that trap us into re-living the past – and how to release them
  • Ever see a 60-year-old person who acted as if she were 90? Discover the strange reason this happens – and how it might explain your inability to live fully in the present
  • The single biggest secret for letting go of the past (This secret will allow you to release the negative emotion that’s been keeping you stuck for months or even years)
  • A lesson from a 5-year-old child that could turn you into a billionaire
  • How “giving up” and accepting the hand that fate deals you can actually make you stronger and more courageous than if you tried to fight against it
  • How to overcome fear and anger… guilt and shame… sadness and grief… and other negative emotions that have kept you living in the past

Module #9: Perfect Health

  • Doctors don’t heal? No. Your body heals itself with the guidance of a doctor. Find out what this means to you
  • Thoughts that Kill! Discover negative thinking patterns that literally destroy your body from the top down
  • Can an empty idea cure you of sickness? Absolutely. I share all the details of this incredible phenomenon around the 5 minute, 45 second mark
  • A simple exercise you can try for yourself that can instantly unlock the healing power of your brain (About 30-80% of people who practice this exercise show measurable improvements in their health!)
  • The biggest secret for using your mental powers to make positive, healthy changes in your body

Module #10: Always in Control

  • The fine line between excitement and fear (Don’t want to feel fear? You don’t have to. All it takes is a little tweak to change fear into excitement, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it)
  • Your early warning system – how to understand it and use it for your benefit
  • 3 ways people avoid dealing with their emotions (Understanding how you avoid your emotions is the beginning of mastering your emotions)
  • How to make negative emotions vanish, never to trouble you again!
  • Every emotion contains a hidden lesson – and I’m going to show you how to discover and apply these lessons so you are a calmer and happier than you’ve ever been
  • The 9 Steps to rid yourself of any emotion – Use these steps anytime you’ve got nagging emotions that simply must be dealt with
  • How to break free of guilt and shame
  • The 2-minute “Secret of the Masters” that guarantees more self-confidence, more health, and more happiness – no matter what life throws at you!

Module #11: Fantastic Relationships for Life

  • 4 rules for fantastic relationships that will make you instantly popular, likable, and even admired (Plus, 4 additional guidelines that naturally create trust and rapport with any person you ever meet)
  • How to win friends and influence people (This is the stuff Dale Carnegie himself would be teaching if he were alive today!)
  • How to “be right” without harming your relationships (There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about pushing for your particular point of view. I explain the difference)
  • How to use the Pygmalion Effect to develop healthy, fulfilling relationships that last a lifetime
  • Rules for fighting (As strange as it sounds, fighting is acceptable in some cultures. Here are some principles to guide you to resolution should you end up in a fight with a friend or family member)
  • The 2 biggest relationship killers of all time (Did you know there’s a doctor who can listen to couples for just 15 minutes and know whether or not they’ll stay together based on these 2 “killers”?)
  • Why you should never assume anything about WHY somebody responds to you in a way that’s hurtful or offensive

Module #12: Unleash Your Full Potential

  • The unusual way in which Nobel prize winners think – plus, how you can model them to naturally improve your intelligence
  • 3 reasons why you lose your “genius potential”
  • The little-known secret behind developing your own personal genius (Do this one simple thing and you’ll unlock the inner genius that’s hiding inside of you)
  • What you have in common with super-genius autistic savants (Good news! You don’t have to be born a savant to get your genius abilities to emerge)
  • How some of the greatest inventors and scientists in history made their breakthrough discoveries and innovations (Did you know you can make genius happen almost on command? I provide all the fascinating details in this module)
  • Would you believe that unlocking your inner genius is as easy as sleeping? It’s true! And anybody can do it
  • The most famous inventions of all timehow they were invented, and how you can have creative breakthroughs of your own
  • 4 easy steps that will instantly unlock your inner genius

And all this is just a taste! There’s much, much more.

As you can see, I’ve held nothing back. I’m revealing every last shred of information that you’ll need to be successful… for the rest of your life.

Now, you might wonder, How did I come up with these particular topics?

First, I listened to you. And I made sure to address all the major problems people like you emailed me about.

And secondly, I asked myself a question: “If I was going to go to a school to be successful in life, what kind of courses would I like?”

That’s how I came up with the 12 different modules.

Each module contains 2 one-hour sessions. So with each module, you actually get a whole hour of teaching on that particular subject, and then you get an extremely powerful guided inner focus session that enhances your subconscious thought, further expanding and improving your mind.

The One-Two Punch that Will Force Your Mind to Become Stronger, Tougher, And Smarter

Each module in Lifelong Success is like a one-two punch. The first track gives you the knowledge. The second track embeds that knowledge deep in your subconscious mind – and even improves your brain function.

Think of driving a stake into the earth. The first time you pound the stake, it breaks the ground and goes a little way into the earth. The second and further times you pound the stake, it goes deeper and deeper as it penetrates the soil.

The first track in each module is like hitting the stake the first time. It puts the information into your conscious mind.

The second track is like hitting the stake the second and further times. It drives the information into your subconscious mind where it begins to subtly yet profoundly improve how you think and how your brain operates.

I can think of no faster or more effective way for creating the kind of rapid changes that are necessary for quick success.

Special Mind Technology Speeds Up Your Mental Growth

Now, as you listen to these guided inner focus sessions, you may notice I’ve done something else to make them even more effective. I’ve actually included a special mind technology that will cause your brain to grow and develop and form new neural pathways.

So you will be getting a guided inner focus session with a soothing background noise. And below the surface, unheard by the naked ear, this special mind technology will be causing your brain to stretch, expand, and grow.

To get the most out of this special mind technology, you’ll want to make sure you’re listening with stereo headphones. Without getting too scientific, here’s how it works:

There are two different inaudible tones being played in the background. One of these tones is being fed through the right earpiece and the second tone is being fed through the left earpiece.

By feeding you two different frequency tones, your brain must process and reconcile them. This forces your brain to actually grow and form new neural pathways. What’s more, it will put you into a super-learning state faster than you can even imagine.

Please keep in mind that because these guided inner focus sessions are so powerfully effective, you absolutely cannot listen to them while driving a car or operating machinery of any kind. You can of course listen to the first teaching session of any module while driving.

Over 23 Hours of Life-Changing Knowledge & Subconscious Learning For You To Choose From!

The Lifelong Success System is one of the most powerful and life-changing programs I’ve ever created. And it’s an amazing value.

Firstly there is one quick-start session to help you get the most out of the system.

And then each module contains:

  • An introduction overview video for that module
  • Then comes the main strategies & techniques training
  • Following from that is the Subconscious Mind Programming G.I.F.T.
  • You then have the full transcripts of the main training
  • Plus an executive summary of the module
  • And a key points handout for the module

Even better, the program has been designed so that you can focus on any area that you want. There’s no “fixed order” you must follow, though I do recommend you follow the system in the order it was created the first time you go through it.

Of course, repetition will be key to getting the maximum results out of the Lifetime Success System – particularly using the powerful G.I.F.T.s!

Now, I want to reward you for taking action to improve your life, so I’m also giving away…

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