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Learn Military Close Combat Training – Captain Chris Pizzo


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What you’ll learn

  • Technique & Targeting Fundamentals: The biggest difference in the street/battlefield is not only how and where you hit, but more importantly…when you hit.
  • The Forward Drive: The methodology and critical importance of driving in and through your attacker.
  • Shoulder Smash & Irish Whip: Escape, evade, or continue the attack until you are out of danger.
  • Fight Finishers: Survival is kill or get killed. Learn the full gamut of finishing techniques that will disable your attacker from harming you or others.
  • The Ranger Choke: Banned in every combat sport including UFC, this is the ultimate shortcut fight move.
  • The Chin Jab: With no defense available, learn THE most dangerous hand-to-hand combat technique ever created in history.
  • Dirty Ground Fighting: Learn how to eliminate your fear of being down on the pavement, and turn the tide of battle back to your favor.
  • Fight To Win: How to use Close Combat in real life to ABSOLUTELY dominate any possible violent encounter.
  • The Onslaught Bum Rush: How do you defend against against a bigger, stronger opponent charging at you, fists flying? It’s a lot simpler than you might think.
  • Beating Bear Hugs, Head Locks, & Chokes: Be it in an alleyway, bar, road rage incident, or even just an unwanted advance, learn how to get out and stay out.
  • Surviving Knife Attacks: Being attacked with a knife is the highest, most common fear. This is the ONLY proven “no practice needed” defense needed.
  • “Gangsta” Gun Removal: The secret truth about gun defenses, and how to snatch a firearm out of someone’s hand so faster than ANYONE can pull a trigger.