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Here’s what you might not know

Everybody’s talking about cold emails, right?

We’ve all heard of a copywriter or consultant who got a client from a cold email.

Or uses cold emails as their main lead generation/prospecting method.

But what almost no one understands about cold emails is the concept of finding the right lead.

It’s not how long (or short) your cold email is that makes it a winner. Nope, rather it’s making sure you’re cold emailing the right person (aka your ideal client) for your offer.

And that happens even if your cold email feels really-not-short — as long as you’ve found your ideal client to cold email

Sending cold emails has some incredible side effects

1 – Control your client flow vs an unpredictable referral network

You don’t have to worry if your referral network will deliver. Like, on your schedule instead of your mortgage’s “due on the 1st” schedule.

Instead, you send a cold email — to your ideal client — and get a new client. It’s a direct cause-and-effect where you control your client flow.

2 – Hand-pick your next project (so it’s an exact fit for you)

You don’t have to wonder what projects your ideal client will offer you, because you’ve already planted the seed about the precise projects you’re best suited for.

Or if you don’t know what projects you like and you need your first client, you control how quickly you sign that first client.

You can play the field and sample projects at will, instead of having to rely on some mystical referral network to offer up different projects, so you can try those out and see if you like those better than the gigs you’ve landed.

3 – Ditch the annoying, red-flag waving client that drives you bonkers… and is stressing you out

You know the one that makes you hate yourself for putting up with their crap. Yes, them. Finally, you say “Good riddance,” to them.

Because you can get another client like that. *snap*

4 – No more stress-tumor wondering where your next client comes from

Rather, you control the in-flow of your clients, neatly lining them up. So no white space exists in your calendar.

Or you know exactly how much available time you have for new projects…

… and exactly how to fill that space.

Inside this workshop, you’ll get:

  • The 4 big (secret) places to find your ideal client
  • How to know WHO is your ideal client (even if you’ve never had a client before)
  • Step-by-step process to finding your ideal client’s email address
  • Get a never-before-released cold email template, so you don’t need a cold email draft for this workshop!
  • Replay of the workshop
  • Conquer the OMG-sweaty-armpit fear just before you click “send”
  • 2 weeks of email support from me on finding your lead AFTER you get the workshop (so all your q’s get answered)

This workshop is the quickest and easiest way to start sending cold emails ASAP.

Imagine what your business would be like if…

You fired the client you dread working with and got a new client within the week to replace that red-flag, annoying one

You *finally* know who your ideal client is

It’s not scary to try out different projects without having to niche down (just yet), so you dabble to your heart’s content

A swagger in your step from knowing that prospects really need your help (i.e., what you offer is super-valuable and it’s needed)

You know exactly HOW you help your prospect and HOW to sell to them without feeling sleazy


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