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Kyle Milligan, John Grimes – Landing The Big Fish + Email Playbook


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Jordan Grimes’ Landing The BIG Fish


You’re just a few clicks away from discovering everything you need to find and catch the highest paying clients (no matter what niche you’re in)…

Inside you’ll discover…

  • How To Find And Land Big Fish Clients…
  • ​J Grimes’ #1 Way To Get Clients On The Phone…
  • The #1 reason everyone you reach out to is ghosting you
  • ​What to do when they do ghost you
  • ​Where to find your dream clients (and how to research them)
  • ​​How to know *who* in the company to reach out to
  • ​How to land big fish even in a saturated market
  • ​What to tell clients if you’re “new in the game”
  • ​The right mindset to have to show up like a boss
  • ​Why you lack confidence (and how to fix it)
  • ​​How to uncover the burning desire in your prospect (so you can solve it)
  • ​​The easiest, and quickest way to close the deal and secure the bag
  • ​​How to structure your copywriting offer (including terms and prices)
  • ​​And so much more!

This level of information would cost any other copywriter thousands of dollars to unlock…

But you can gain access today for a mere $97.

Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Jordan Grimes’ Landing The BIG Fish

Not only will you get access to Jordan Grimes’ Landing The BIG Fish but each month, we host another LIVE class and bring you lessons, templates, formulas, and how-to’s from a proven expert in our field. Future classes will cover…

  • Headlines
  • ​Landing Pages
  • ​More Email Training
  • ​Sales Page Body Copy
  • ​​Sales Page Offer Copy
  • ​​The “Beats of a Sales Letter!”
  • ​​And more!


Access To Upcoming Live Classes

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You automatically receive access to every LIVE Copy Squad Class… Ever.

Each class delivers a direct no B.S. approach to sharpening your copywriting skills so you can make a helluva lot more money in less time!

Access To Every Live Class Recording… EVER

You have unlimited access to every Copy Squad Live Class Recording.

  • The Ultimate Email Copywriting Class
  • The Breaking Into Copywriting Blueprint
  • Becoming A Short Form Copy Master
  • ​How to Write Million Dollar Emails
  • ​​And Many MORE To Come!

That way, you can re-visit and internalize the lessons right when you need them the most.

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When you join Copy Squad Lite today, you’re invited to join our brand-new Discord Community!

Ask for feedback on your copy, get clarification on a client email, network with A-list copywriters, and more. No question is off-limits when you’re in the Squad!

The Copy Squad is full of veterans who have written several 7-figure blockbusters, Copy Chiefs from other pubs, as well as newbie writers starting out.

Everyone is willing to help you out.

Get Take Their Money (for FREE)

If a book could be “Top G,” then Take Their Money takes the title. Everyone from publishers to internet celebrities rave about its influence on their marketing and sales.

The book shows you how to amplify The Four Emotional Triggers That Drive Prospects to Buy, with their alter-egos. Along with every other trick I learned while working for one of the most successful direct response companies in history…

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Along with an entire community, you get an ever-growing list of FREE resources.

To start, you’re going to get a NESB cheat sheet. Inside you’ll find a list of words you can effortlessly inject into your copy…

And trigger emotional responses in your readers so they’ll scale barbed wire to buy from you.

You’ll get the templates, formulas, and real-life examples that go with each Live Class.

Every Sales Letter I’ve Ever Broken Down Along with My Personal Notes

Next to writing copy, reading copy is the single greatest thing you can do to skyrocket your skills.

Not reading about copy. Reading copy.

That’s why every other Tuesday, I get together with the Copy Squad Inner Circle to break down million-dollar sales letters.

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