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This is more than a career, it’s financial freedom…

From: Kate Riley

Hi there!

I’ve been publishing fiction since 2011, earning six-figures every year, but it’s only now that I’m finally revealing the inner-workings of my business.

The truth is, when you know exactly how to create a series of bestselling stories, tap into in-demand tropes that guarantee your book sells with little-to-no paid advertising, publishing fiction is an unbeatable, long-term money-maker. 

Some call it a 6-figure formula—and you’re about to gain access to a surefire launchpad that will show you exactly how to skyrocket your income and establish yourself as a bestselling indie author.

There’s a reason I have stayed true to fiction publishing for over a decade years and after you launch your first book, so will you.  

You see, once you have a strong foundation in place, your books will make money for years to come.  

And best of all, this isn’t a business that can be destroyed by spammers, nor will markets ever be saturated because there’s always a way to put a fresh spin on in-demand tropes. 

In fact, with the training you’re about to receive, every book you publish will be a long-term earner. They’re like money in the bank!

What better feeling than building an empire of beloved books that go on to make money for many years to come?

No Paid Advertising Required

Self Publishing Boss is all about showing you how to take a grass-routes approach to making money in fiction publishing.

That means you won’t have to spend money on Amazon or Facebook ads to get your business off the ground.  You can choose to inject paid advertising into your platform when you’re ready to level up, but until then it’s simply not needed.

This will set you on the path towards your first 6-figure year.

This is a course where the curtain is pulled ALL the way back. There’ll be no guesswork involved.

I even reveal my most profitable genres and provide an overview of each one. I also teach you how to plot, or if you plan to outsource the content, I’ll guide you towards finding the best ghostwriter for your business (plus tips on how to qualify them and save money in the process!)

But best of all? I will always have your back, every step of the way.

And because I keep a close pulse on the market, whenever I uncover an up & coming genre or a heavy-hitting trope, I’ll let you in on the secret. 🙂

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