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Who is this course for?

This course is for those who want a easy to follow step by step program to help them:

  • Dissolve negative thoughts of the past or future.
  • Dissolve deep and negative emotions
  • Be untouched by life’s situations
  • Live in the peace and power of the present moment
  • Use their mind instead of the mind using them.

If you said yes to one or more of the above mentioned points, then read on…

What You Will Learn Here In 6 weeks!

Week 1: Understanding mindfulness

In the easiest way possible, you are taught what exactly is mindfulness, why it is a natural ability, how and why to practice non judgement, and non resistance. How to create solutions in life instead of pain and suffering. How to create peace in the present moment, and how to come back to the present moment if your mind has taken you away into powerless past-future thinking.

Week 2: Dissolving negative thoughts

Through breath focus and an exercise I call “Tagging thoughts” you learn how to disarm and dissolve a negative thought as soon as it arises. You can also use this method to dissolve thoughts and distractions that take you away from the peace of life and the present moment.

Week 3: Dissolving negative emotions

Through the knowledge of something we call the “Pain body” and a practice called “Dissolving the pain body”, one learns how to witness and release current pain, negative emotions, negative reactions, past traumas, fears and limiting beliefs from one’s life for good.

Week 4: Rooting in the body

Through a practice known as body awareness or Yoga nidra, one is guided deep into the body to experience profound states of rooting and relaxation, which although is beneficial at the surface level, it also has prolonged positive effects on the brain and levels of calm in the future.

Week 5: Body Healing

Through a process of accessing the subtle life force energy or vibration moving through the body, our students are able to root themselves strongly in their own energy so no storm can uproot them. This builds strength to deal with life very calmly. It really is magical. This feeling of life force energy, is like flooding the body cells with conscious energy which releases trapped negative energy and heals the body as well, like an energy bath.

Week 6: 90 day challenge

In week six you discover a powerful 30 minute mindfulness meditation structure which is given to you to practice for a total of 90 days. This is where the true results of the course begin to form. The first 6 weeks were learning, and then the 90 day challenge is where one has to deeply apply what has been learnt, and it is in this application that magic happens.

Who is this course not for?

This course is not for the lazy or the one’s looking for overnight self mastery. It is not for those not willing to invest in their growth everyday. It is not for those who prefer to stay a victim and not do whatever it takes to master one’s self, and therefore one’s life.

How You Benefit

6 weeks of comprehensive knowledge and practice:

This course is broken down into 6 weeks of lessons, with weekly homework for practice and developing these life skills Lessons range from theoretical explanation of what mindfulness is, all the facets of the mindful way of life, dissolving negative thoughts, and emotions, becoming rooted in one’s own personal power, alongside practical guidance on how to permanently achieve each of the above mentioned states.

Easy to follow formats:

Self mastery doesn’t get easier than this with simple easy to follow video lessons, downloadable guided meditations for each week, and a comprehensive and printable workbook.

Facebook support group

All students of this course have access to sending in questions they need answers to, however to make the process even more easier, a Facebook community of the Living In Freedom students is created where I will be answering questions, offering support and appearing LIVE on the group to help students as much as I can.

Self Paced and drip content

This course is self paced, which means you can complete it on your own pace at home. Once you finish week one, then you are given access to week 2. The content is given in drips so you do not overwhelm yourself, and pace your learning.

Please note that this is a 6 weeks deep training that has yielded incredible result for hundreds of students.This course is not for those dabbling, but only for those who are serious and willing to stick to the program and follow it to the tee.
Please note Synchroshakti academy does not offer a refund for this in-depth healing course, as healing is an individual process totally determined by the student’s dedication to and daily practice of the material.

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